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  1. Cheers Stan. Loving the podcasts more than ever!
  2. A fantastic finish to a stressful afternoon, but it highlighted our greatest problem imo - we cannot reliably pass or retain posession. This leads to us spending 70% of the game chasing the ball or having to work harder than them. Even if we are down on skill and tactics, why do we insist on passing to players who already have an opposing player on their shoulder - in midfield!? The likelihood of pass completion much of the time is minimal.
  3. I'm switching to SSN. Closer to the end there.
  4. Well, well, well.... Who'da thought?
  5. Reading that lineup... is like reading poetry.
  6. Popped on to the forum for the first time in ages and this is the first post I've read. So sad. One of the forum's best ever posters. Love to his friends and family
  7. Was it given offside from the corner or a subsequent touch?
  8. Fair comment. Because it affects every aspect of my life on a daily basis and just about every person I ever speak to is clueless or apathetic, seemingly believing politics is a reality TV show every 5 years. For me it's a daily event. In this case, the people of Sunderland, including Sunderland fans, supported their own economic decline yet are seemingly more bothered by their manager. That juxtaposition is curious. If you don't see any humour in the comment, that's fine. Apologies if it bothers you.
  9. Really? He's played 80 times in 4 seasons and been subbed early (or sent off) 20 times. So I heard this week.
  10. Brilliant Stanley. My evening covered
  11. They did build it, it was called RMS Olympic.
  12. He might be immortal though. He's nearly 50 and not a single grey hair.
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