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  1. Was it given offside from the corner or a subsequent touch?
  2. Fair comment. Because it affects every aspect of my life on a daily basis and just about every person I ever speak to is clueless or apathetic, seemingly believing politics is a reality TV show every 5 years. For me it's a daily event. In this case, the people of Sunderland, including Sunderland fans, supported their own economic decline yet are seemingly more bothered by their manager. That juxtaposition is curious. If you don't see any humour in the comment, that's fine. Apologies if it bothers you.
  3. Really? He's played 80 times in 4 seasons and been subbed early (or sent off) 20 times. So I heard this week.
  4. Brilliant Stanley. My evening covered
  5. They did build it, it was called RMS Olympic.
  6. He might be immortal though. He's nearly 50 and not a single grey hair.
  7. There's no past tense. He still thinks it.
  8. We can all celebrate that football is the winner tonight.
  9. I'm undecided. If I give my mechanic the wife's Toyota Yaris, she still ain't winning any races in it.
  10. Indeed. He thought LJ wasn't experienced enough and let him persuade him. Goodness knows how Ashton persuaded him too. I'd feel nauseous after 5 mins with Ashton. Amazing what some people can lap up.
  11. And the medical team. Painful leg? I say hit it with a hammer. Can I apply for the role of head physio?
  12. I love Border Collies. I have 2. Intelligent beasts that make other breeds seem like senseless bags of fur. Nige the same - he's watching the mess and will sort it.
  13. They aren't very clever people. They voted Brexit, yet depend on international trade for virtually every job in the town.
  14. Horfield's facilities in July? He might be able to see the ground from his cell.
  15. Well, if SL wants to tell NP how things at a football club should work, he should look forward to NP advising him on draw-down pensions, shares and annuities.
  16. Our players believe they are as good as their pay cheque. NP knows this. Therein is the problem.
  17. Maybe NP is getting the max from them. Maybe DH did too. I'm starting to feel that way.
  18. For those without the spare 8 mins... "The youngsters are doing their very best and we should be proud of them". "The others are lazy incompetent barstewards".
  19. We could have anyone that agrees with SL that we have a great squad. Just need to find someone who does.
  20. It's work tomorrow. Make sure you're clean and sober before the morning
  21. Didn't think we were so sensitive?
  22. More City gaslighting, to go with their Robins TV commentary.
  23. He's got a washing machine though. Clean things up in defence?
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