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  1. At the lowest point in the “Lansdownian epoch” of Bristol City FC history, I wish a fond farewell to the many new “friends” I have made, since July 5th , six weeks ago, following LJ’s departure, when giving my views on our owner and making my recommendations on how and who he should appoint as new manager. At the time most people still believed that he was sincere in wanting Premiership football. My new “friends” : @Monkeh @Port Said Red @Chappers @RoystonFoote'snephew @bcfcfinker @SecretSam and especially @TonyTonyTony and @WayOutWest I wish you well if you are going to continue praising Steve Lansdown and his buffoons. These lovely new friends expressed the view, sometimes in horrible personal childish terms, that I was wrong to criticise our esteemed billionaire for the way he has run our football Club. They were perfectly content with the interview process for a new manager (we now know it’s been the saddest, most shambolic example of interviewing in football) when I was urging SL to head-hunt Hughton or a noted foreign coach and do it decisively. I pointed out that If we genuinely wanted Premiership football we should head-hunt someone of that calibre and having done our homework offer them what was needed to reach our goal. My new “friends” urged me to be patient, that the “Board” knew what they were doing. Our owner was a successful business man, who was I to criticise him unless I was going to cough up millions of quids like him? They told me what a marvellous chap Steve Lansdown is in putting millions into our Club (while quietly increasing his ownership to 97%). I pointed out that SL had a poor record in appointing managers, with a success rate of 2 in 8, believing that this was because of his lack of football knowledge and his conservative attitude to those who might threaten his control ( I give you Steve Cotterill). I now add arrogance to the list of his faults in treating us fans with total contempt. They said no, no, no, he’s a marvellous chap look at all he has done for us, where would we be without him? Well we know now that we will not be in the Premiership while he is still around. It’s too intimidating for him to manage. He is therefore IMHO the single biggest obstacle to full success for BCFC. It seems he gives more importance to Bristol Rugby (the tenants at the ground sustained for 125 years by BCFC fans) than to our Football Club, in signing an outstanding coach. Why is this? Arrogance, obstinacy? This was such an opportunity he missed. I thought that capitalists, successful billionaire business men, were people that took advantage of a crisis, rather than running away from them. If our Club was so brilliantly run as my friends told me, we should have had the means to get a top coach more easily, without having to compete with other Clubs that were struggling more than us under Covid. So our brave “Board”, who say yes to SL, have put a decent man in an invidious position (this has been done more cynically and cruelly than what happened to Tinnion, in my view) where it will be almost impossible for him to succeed, given the so-called Premiership ambitions. So I wish my “friends” a jolly time with our Feudal Lord. Get ready for more kicks in the goolies. I bid a fond adieu to people I genuinely respect on here
  2. You're an adult. You should be able to manage it. And it's pretty obvious that what SL wants, SL gets. So why pretend that 4 people on our Board have equal say
  3. Oh. Spoilsport. The Dolman Pragmatist eh. You've got the right name to remain sane living in Bristol(?) Too much of that chillin' going on in the West Country. Look at Bristol City FC..........But seriously ............. Dean might just not be willing to play Lansdown's game. About time someone did something along those lines.
  4. Throughout all this the "Board" (ha,ha) have behaved arrogantly, assuming what they want will happen without any proper planning. What they are doing to Dean is not only arrogant, it's also IMHO more cruel than what happened to Tinman. When Tinman got the job we were trying to get to the Championship. Dean will start the job in the context of all the lies about wanting the Prem
  5. What do the "Board" do if, having been offered the poisoned chalice like Tinman, Dean, being the decent chap we all know him to be, decides it's too risky??
  6. You got the job in PR at City. We didn't think you needed an interview
  7. It's going to be hilarious to hear what he says, not only only regarding the Head Coach pantomime but also remembering how he told us a few years back how brilliant a defensive coach McAllistair was and that Pembo had to go as a result. Can't see that "we're racing to the bottom" is going to figure, although it's an accurate description of the present situation.
  8. How about that bloke on the Dolman turnstile - knows the Club?
  9. Impeccable spelling. Sure sign that this is for real
  10. So let me get this straight. Holden - defensive coach, McAlistair- defensive coach and Ashley Williams - defensive coach. Clean sheet every game, no problem. Walk the league 46 points. No, it's another load of bollocks.
  11. What the Major said was that appointing Ancelotti (Hughton would be our Ancelotti) has transformed the players already there at Everton into winners. Do you agree?
  12. I'm sorry mate we don't have a Board, we have an owner
  13. A month or so ago you and others were telling me - just be patient, our brilliant owner and his "Board" (ha ha) know what they are doing
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