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  1. You wouldnt have messed with big Joe though
  2. His source was Duncan Castles apparently
  3. i guess Peter Hargreaves would have to agree to a deal like naming the stadium and wasnt he on record years ago about SL spending a bit of money on the club ?
  4. Yep I want Bournemouth down
  5. i will give you a clue same team as a current Premier League manager ! @Badger08 will know
  6. i was lucky enough to play under SOD for another team great man great coaching ideas just didnt work here
  7. what utter rubbish im afraid there is always a cheap option ! im much cheaper that Klopp
  8. All the best for the future Lee sorry it hasnt worked out
  9. He is looking after his 1 last big payday
  10. not going to lie but i might actually part with some cash on it this year
  11. I fully understand your point of view but i honestly think we are getting worse i hate to say
  12. have you seen our performances lately ? we wont be in touch much longer if we carry on
  13. that really is absolutely horrendus
  14. yea to be fair id flash that off if i had it as well !!
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