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  1. these are the sort of games we need to grind out and win
  2. that's because you were not in the dressing room
  3. We cant afford one at the moment thats the trouble . I personally feel we are turning from Chicken shit to Chicken salad slowly
  4. But we haven't got the money to buy a new striker because of years of miss management the reason these players are shit as you say they are is because of years of miss management we are caught between a rock and a hard place at the moment
  5. great news returning from bad health is the best signing of the season for me
  6. we have come on leaps and bounds in weeks
  7. as long as i can keep seeing small (at least) improvements game on game i will be happy
  8. Cant coach crap and the man management has been good said not good enough goodbye
  9. What would you have done different ? honestly this squad is not good
  10. i agree 100% with the youth that does excite me but until they are proven can you class the squad as awesome ?
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