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  1. Rooster


    DH has made a lot of decisions in the short time he’s been in job according to MA
  2. Why do i have radio bristol and the official soundtrack at the same time? And buffering circle.
  3. Since I posted this in a rush please forgive me but I can't get Tim out of my head.He's sat behind me for 25 years+ (enclosure and sorry, section 20)He's of an age and if portering he cannot help but put his self in danger so no way to stay safe.I really don't want to phone Southmead just for this,so if you know Tim or anyone at Southmaed please post an update
  4. Tim sits behind me in the South stand block 19.He is still a porter and I pray he's safe!
  5. Free drinks at brew dog https://m.facebook.com/21251598643/posts/10159250583718644/?substory_index=0
  6. If it ain't broke then don't fix it, you cretins!
  7. as a share holder(1982 + the next time + more than likely this time),season ticket holder,CITY 2000 member and supporters club member, I would not agree with any move from Ashton Gate. The ground is perfectly adequate for our needs.A move to a soul less area with no pubs or shops would make the trip to watch a game not the event it is today. :sport5:
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