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  1. First time in the Dolman for a while but it reminded me of being on a busy train station, where the person seems to be talking with a peg on their nose, through a piece of tracing paper.
  2. He actually booked the Villa fans didnt he ? Then clapped them when they chanted his name.
  3. How the **** do I know? Ask the bloke who wrote it.
  4. And I see their game against Forest last night was postponed due to a Covid outbreak in the Villa camp. Presume our game isn't in doubt?
  5. Took me a while, but I guess he is referring to snipers, for whenever Grealish gets the ball. (If he is back from holiday)
  6. You must have two by two accounts.
  7. Because the prices are astronomically high.
  8. Are they still unsure how long the vaccine will last though? In a few months time they will need to start with the boosters for the elderly and vulnerable, and if any of those decide not to have it, they will show as double jabbed , although may not be immune, depending on the length of immunisation.
  9. Me too mate. Moving house soon and have boxed up my couple of thousand programmes going back to 1969. Be loathed to get rid really, but will I ever read them again ? haven't touched them in about 10 years when I gave up buying them.
  10. Wonder why the motorway appears closed on all the aerial footage of Exeters ground.
  11. If anyone brushes past me in the concourse , I'm going to throw myself to the floor screaming.
  12. But that turnstile trick was never used. Trust me. that's not to say the figures,weren't fiddled after. I remember that game where everyone laughed well, because about 5 minutes after they came back with an 'updated attendance' which was closer, but still not close enough. Must have been around 1990.
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