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  1. And have O'Leary in goal ? Behave.
  2. Another goal and another assist tonight against WBA no less
  3. Funny how none of our opposition players ever look " tired " though.
  4. My thoughts ? Stand on the feckin touchline shouting instructions.
  5. So Paulton fans going for the show are inbreds, yet you yourself are going for the show?
  6. So is someone going to explain the answer please?
  7. Also they wouldnt hear the tannoy in an emergency .
  8. Yes, my abiding memory is , like most TV shows, how a 30 minute programme took about 4 hours to film.
  9. Being an aquaintance of a City director at the time, I can confirm that the board felt exactly the same way.
  10. That doesnt explain the relative success of Norwich, Swansea, Bournemouth etc who are all pretty much out in the sticks. I don't think location makes one jot of difference to a player joining. Money on offer is the only thing these guys take into account.
  11. Add Cardiff and Sunderland to that list and its just about the perfect Saturday
  12. Its the lager shower when we score that stopped me watching England anywhere at the Gate.
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