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  1. I am currently reading the book on Gerry Gow " He,s here he,s there", and while it is a story obviously on Gerry and his life, it strikes me the similarities of the workings of Dicks and Sillett in the early 70s to today, regarding building a team from the bottom introducing youngsters regularly. Anyway there is a chapter called " we have ourselves a team " where Dicks only realises, in about 1975 that his side is complete after a couple of players wreck a hotel kitchen on an away game. He asked rhem next day that anyone who wasn't responsible could leave the room, and no-one moved , so he said he would fine every one of them. Only one player got up and left saying he was'nt involved. Bobby Gould. He was sold a few months later, but that was when Dicks knew they were a team, not just a collection of players.
  2. Thought they looked like anagrams, then I realised the first one is an anagram of en beach. Not hopeful of his commitment towards the end of a season.
  3. How do Northampton play this second half. All out defence to hold on or get the 4th to kill it off?
  4. Ist 20 goal a season scorer ?
  5. The queue for the gents cubicle has certainly lengthed at half time.
  6. Beach towels. Surely the club are missing a trick because they would sell bucketloads.
  7. Believe it or not, Real Madrid have a club shop in the middle of Barcelona.
  8. All I know is, I never want to see Sam Bell there again.
  9. Feels like I've hated him longer.
  10. Still amazed that Anderson isn't in it.
  11. Scott Murray and Louis Carey found the grass is greener at AG. Back within months.
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