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  1. Are they still unsure how long the vaccine will last though? In a few months time they will need to start with the boosters for the elderly and vulnerable, and if any of those decide not to have it, they will show as double jabbed , although may not be immune, depending on the length of immunisation.
  2. Me too mate. Moving house soon and have boxed up my couple of thousand programmes going back to 1969. Be loathed to get rid really, but will I ever read them again ? haven't touched them in about 10 years when I gave up buying them.
  3. Wonder why the motorway appears closed on all the aerial footage of Exeters ground.
  4. If anyone brushes past me in the concourse , I'm going to throw myself to the floor screaming.
  5. But that turnstile trick was never used. Trust me. that's not to say the figures,weren't fiddled after. I remember that game where everyone laughed well, because about 5 minutes after they came back with an 'updated attendance' which was closer, but still not close enough. Must have been around 1990.
  6. I do like their training kits though, quite classy.
  7. Would that have been a red in a League game?
  8. Best wishes Mick. Best header of a ball I have ever seen. Never forget that Newport game in 1982, big Mick scoring what was going to be our last ever goal.
  9. Huddersfield seem to change theirs every three years or so.
  10. No Nahki, when I said you can piss in the pool, I didnt mean from the springboard.
  11. The Government have spent the last 16 months "giving a **** about our health". Basically , they are now handing it over to us, as organisations and individuals to manage this situation ourselves.
  12. Just strikes me, as with the laser pen last week, some fans feel we have to cheat to win this thing.
  13. You say that but the Germans kept one forward high up the field towards the end , right on the last defender to stop the backpassing. Would work a treat today to stop the constant passing across the back line. Also loved the ref at free kicks stepping out the 10 yards. Kept waiting for the spray to come out his pocket. Also the crowd waving Union Jacks.
  14. Surprised nobody has mentioned Peter Cormack. A glittering Liverpool career, Scotland caps, then a swansong at the Gate.
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