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  1. I heard on R5L last night, that when the emergency was reported, medics from both clubs raced to deal with it. I can only assume, following the harrowing Christian Erikksen incident, that the game cannot continue if the clubs medics are not immediately ready to attend a player in an emergency. May be a new directive, and sounds logical but only a guess.
  2. Hmm. " Grandad, what did you do when you were young? " " Well dear, I played in goal for San Marino in 2021 against England" " Wow, did you win ? "
  3. When you talk about statistically being the 7th worst team in the League, you are basically ignoring the fact that, even in the games we are picking up points, ie Stoke, Barnsley, etc we are still very, very poor. I refuse to believe there are two worse sides than us this season, let alone five, and the upcoming games against Derby and Hull will prove that.
  4. I wonder what would happen if the Gas ever had to face 9 men ? How many would they score eh?
  5. Took me a while. I thought that was the score, not the KO time.
  6. But the club would want a cut of the profits, or a rent to pitch the stall, so they would have to sell pies for much more than outside. Having said that, I have just had a Clarks pie in work, delivered to us in a van, for £1.10.
  7. Thats harsh. How many stadiums do you think have outlets selling Mexican food and Jamaican goat curry. May be expensive , but limited choice it definitely isn't.
  8. Had a chicken balti pie, and while the pie was delicious, City scored while I was buying it.
  9. Can anyone remember what the ads were that were too bright? If, like me the answer is no, then it patently doesn't work as an advertising medium.
  10. Ever thought that maybe, Blackburn won the toss and chose to play that way? I think the team winning the toss either chooses ends or kicks off. City will always attack the Atyeo first half given the chance.
  11. You sound as though you have made up your mind on NP, and are willing him to fail now, and that equates to hoping City lose to prove your point.
  12. What an enjoyable first half. Williams, Scott outstanding . Nice to see us play fast attacking football. Keep it up boys.
  13. Maybe , but an emergency evacution is an emergency evacuation in any language, or location. Should be standardized one way or the other.
  14. You can't call them actress anymore. They are all actors.
  15. They eased off in the second half last time though.
  16. Perhaps if we kicked off at 1, and our opponants about an hour later, would that work?
  17. One thing sticks out for me. One nil up at half time against ten men, and he tells the team to shut up shop second half. Regardless whether a side is competent enough to do this (we aren't ), its a very negative and anti-football thing to do. Not for me.
  18. Coming back on the coach yesterday a meme was doing the rounds. " I love you, but I hate you. I want to throw you off a cliff, then rush to the bottom to catch you." Isn't that exactly how we all feel about this football club of ours ?
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