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  1. Was one of the worst performances I've seen of City in a long time sadly. It was glaringly obvious within 5 mins or so, with the amount of back passes to Bentley that they lacked the quality and confidence against a very good West Brom team. I can take teams playing better than us, being better than us, but I can't take lack of effort. Simpson when he came on looked useless. Dasilva for the first goal I didn't think tracked back anywhere near as quickly as he should've done. And they could've been 5 up at half time. Talking of half time, the fan who collapsed, hope he recovers, couldn't quite believe what I was hearing when the west brom 'fans' to the left started chanting "he's gonna die in a minute". Truly shocking, unless I misheard it somehow? 2nd half was equally as bad as the first, but they utilised the wings much much better than we did. Their number 5 centre back, Bartley, was an absolute beast. Didn't expect anything from the game, however I do expect effort. Which I felt we lacked in almost every position. Martin up top barely did a thing. We couldn't wait to hoof it or pass back. Calling for Nige to go, still baffles me, for many reasons highlighted over this last week. He's a proven manager, who needs time. He also needs some funds to improve what is a rather shite team. Whether he'll get that, remains to be seen, but feel it's incredibly unfair to judge him when he's dealing with so much crap really. I genuinely can't see how any other manager would get a tune out of this squad. Disappointing to hear the fans getting toxic, it should be aimed at the players way more than the manager, given the money they earn and the woeful performance they've given. Edit - on a positive, had one of the best curries I've ever had in a lush pub called The Royal Oak, which was a pub/curry house. Spoke to some really friendly WBA fans in there too, which is always nice not having to worry about wearing your teams colours etc.
  2. It's mental isn't it. Like, don't feel sorry for him at all, as he's the real winner really, isn't he. Gets paid off obscene amounts of money for doing and below-par job.
  3. Yeah I heard the same earlier. Instantly made me think that some of our fans calling for him to go, had better be careful what they wish for... If he goes now, we really are screwed. With him at the helm, we still have a chance to turn things around.
  4. Easily pleased? Not really, I'm just not deluded, thanks. Sigh. Not sure why I'll bother but I'll bite... We shouldn't have lost tonight like we did, at all. That's all down to the players mentality. Pearson is by far the best manager we've had at the helm in a VERY long time. He's having to try and get the best out of a team that is lacking in quality and depth. We've got one or two promising youngsters, but 4 years of the previous regime isn't going to be wiped out and cleared in the blink of an eye, when he's been told he has no money to spend. And with covid, lots of clubs aren't spending in the Championship due to the losses incurred. Our home record is dire, but there isn't a second that I've doubted Pearson, I'm grateful he's here. Some fans need to get off their high horse and lower their expectations, especially given the circumstances of last season with no fans. The typical over reactions on here are shamefully predictable. There isn't a fan on here that is happy we've lost, we all wanted and expected to not lose come 90 mins. We haven't. You must be out of your mind to want the manager sacked on the back of that. I really do wish some people could see the bigger picture, the long game. But one thing we can agree on, the home form needs to change, and quickly.
  5. It's predictable shit like this, that is almost as bad as what's just happened on the pitch. Get a grip ffs. Embarrassing. Losing when 1 up in 90 mins is unacceptable, but you want him gone? Pathetic.
  6. My thoughts exactly. That guy ordered the killing and dismemberment of a well known journalist. All because he spoke out against them. Whichever way you look at it, with other club owners etc, nothing stands out more than 1 person single handedly paying and ordering someone to be murdered. Whilst I know the geordies were desperate to get Ashley out, I'd be massively disappointed if this happened to our club.
  7. After theycommitted state sponsored murder in the Turkish embassy with a journalist who they didn't like, I'm amazed that anyone can be OK with this.
  8. Doesn't that make it a city, not a town then?
  9. Does he not have a proven CV? You can laugh, but you're the one looking like a mug calling for the manager to be sacked after we've DRAWN a game ffs.
  10. Haven't quite worked out how to multi quote, so apologies. Decent football given what we were left with under Johnson and Holden. At least you can see the plan, see what he's trying to do. And some of our play has been decent, much better than last few years at least. Theres always going to be 'off' games, tonight we weren't brilliant, but I still found us playing some decent stuff at times.
  11. With his proven CV, I don't recall us having too many managers with promotions to the Premier league
  12. Absolutely ******* embarrassing. How on earth can you say you wouldn't be upset about one of the best managers we've had, be gone? Yet previous managers with far worse CV's have been given crazy amount of time to turn things around. We're finally playing decent football. I like the direction we're heading. The progress our youngsters are making is absolutely fantastic to watch. We were unlucky tonight in my view, both teams had chances to get more goals than they did. To question the manager is embarrassing, and so typical of some of our fans. Rome wasn't built in a day.
  13. Thing is, it's being discussed still, purely because of the consequences its had on our football club. It's set us back years, so of course we're still going to discuss it, as it's one of the most important things that's happened to our club in recent years. LJ/MA spent an absolute fortune on players, now we barely have a pot to piss in, but we've got an absolute class manager in (finally), so it's all going to be talking points still, one that I think brings in good discussions.
  14. Akira

    Time keeping

    True, that it's not an immediate complaint after if your team wins, however even during the game, I can't stand the running down of the clock. Watching a game as a neutral yesterday just highlighted to me, without any bias, how pathetic it is, and the fact the refs do nothing about it either. @Port Said Red you'll never stop players stopping the flow, however you can well be sure that if they know it isn't running the clock down, it will be reduced quite significantly, especially if it equates to fouls, bookings etc. I'm glad it's brought about some interesting debate, especially with cup game length etc. It's something that should be looked at, whilst I agree it causes a headache for those at the top, working out what they should do regarding TV schedules etc, it never seems to be an issue with rugby? There can be stoppages of 10 mins at a time if it goes to the TMO etc, so I'm sure something could be worked out. Ultimately, I guess it's part of my frustration with modern day football, the players rolling around, the Keepers not allowed to be touched, soft free kicks everywhere. If refs were mic'd up, and there was a time keeper, I'd bloody love football a heck of a lot more!
  15. Akira

    Time keeping

    Some interesting points made. The link given above, averaging around 55 mins or so is shocking though really! Whilst I get that having a time keeper will certainly make the event longer, not having one ruins so much of the game for me. If the game was reduced from 90 to 75 mins, but that's 75 mins of actual ball in play, that might balance it out somewhat?
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