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  1. But the poster I was replying to said we're 2nd from bottom, so used that as a stick to beat Pearson with. Pearson has done a good job so far in clearing out the shit slowly from this football club, bringing in the right people and actually bringing players through from our academy. Bad apples he ships out, and I have a lot of time for him, as I can see what he's trying to do. Rome wasn't built in a day. Don't forget what the football was like under our previous managers, with some of the signings we made, it set this club back years...
  2. 2nd from bottom? You having a laugh? We've played 2 games. TWO. And you think the manager should be sacked from 2 results?
  3. Get a grip, you're embarrassing yourself.
  4. Absolutely shocking decision for the pen. The delay by the player to go down is up there with some of the worst imo, looked Neymar-esque! The only thing he has in common with Neymar. But the standard of officiating today was utter shite. Genuinely don't know how it's so bad, when it's meant tk be one of the best and most competitive leagues in the world. Ref's are well below the standard needed.
  5. Thanks. That's absolutely awful news. Fingers crossed he makes a good recovery
  6. Can someone please summarise what's happened? Really don't want to click/view the rovers website, especially if it then leaves cookies on my phone and me then seeing rovers adverts on other websites!
  7. I don't even think that's brave, I see that as common sense and the right thing to do, something FIFA just can't grasp.
  8. I completely agree, but the anger should be more directed at the FA, the EFL and the PL. The reason the prices are so god damn high is because of the players and their ridiculous wage demands. The sooner a cap is made on wages, the better. Then prices on tickets can drop, clubs won't be in such a financial mess trying to reach the promised land by overspending as often, and you'll pack more stadiums as more locals will be able to afford going. Whilst we have a billionaire owner, this isn't entirely the clubs fault. Yes, they could lower them, yes I think they should lower them, but as we've already found out with our finances, we run very close to the wire as it is, reducing ticket prices won't really help the club. Sadly, doesn't seem likely any wage cap will come into play for a long, long time, if ever. Can't ever see ticket prices dropping, unless relegated.
  9. Akira


    Watched the 2 part documentary on Paul Gascoigne on BBC iplayer last night, thought it was really good. I'm 34, so much of his playing career was just too early for me sadly, I started watching around Euro 96. Some of the early game footage I've never seen, looked incredibly silky and skillful. Being young, had no idea of the scandal and underhanded tactics of the tabloids, which without a doubt played a part in driving Gazza to the brink. If you've not seen it yet, definitely worth watching. Piers Morgan features in this, had no idea he played his vile part in the downfall of Gazza, trying to set up situations to create a story, horrid, horrid man. Anyone else seen it? Thoughts?
  10. Don't think its odd at all to disagree with a country's government and their actions so much that you no longer wish to stay there. The conflict is nothing of the players doing, you're correct, but you're very much surpressed by living in Russia, you don't have the freedom of speech you get elsewhere, and by staying, suggests you're happy and support the regime. He obviously isn't totally skint being a professional footballer, so it's not as if he doesn't have the funds to move if he so wished.
  11. No, but he clearly feels comfortable with the situation, otherwise he'd of moved back or elsewhere. I for one wouldn't feel comfortable living in Russia, knowing what they'd just done and continue to terrorise and invade another country for no legitimate reason.
  12. Of all the reasons to follow another countries football, this is up there with the very best reasons, fair play to you!
  13. Absolutely mind blowing and totally wrong really isn't it!
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