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  1. Make sure you get one with metal blades but be careful what you flush down it. Plastic blades and you will end up in the poop. We use a couple in France. Last one I bought cost circa €600 and has lasted probably 8 years if not more.
  2. Saw Quo at the Colston back circa 1974/75. They were backed by a band called Montrose who were absolutely great.
  3. They'll be looking a tad drawn when they're finished
  4. This isn't the one but same colour in much better condition with a set of mags on it. Known as The Shaggin Wagin.
  5. Condensed Version Nottingham Forest: Tonight at 7:45pm
  6. That's for me to know and you to find out steveybaby !!
  7. Tell me what ? Don't tell me she is a he
  8. £1.26 is change in my pocket. Purses are for Gasheads !!
  9. Taxes ? I thought I was meant to pay for taxis
  10. I've got £16.26 in my wallet if that helps
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