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  1. The bottom 3 will remain as they are
  2. Isn't Madonna selling a 3D model of her vagina with NFT. Might stick to premium bonds personally
  3. Wasn't it Ian Porterfield who scored for Sunderland ?
  4. Back in the day the only one I missed was to go gliding with ATC at RAF Locking
  5. I think he should let Chelsea play using their own club identity not someone else's. What a knob.
  6. Some on here need moderating a lot more than Tommy ever did
  7. Injured when it got stuck in her own mouth
  8. Possibly as theres bound to be Labour involved.
  9. Give it a wide berth especially with the Partygate scandal rumbling on.
  10. Was shocked to read it. RIP
  11. 3 of tonight's bottom 4 will go down but not Everton I think.
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