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  1. Assumed that it was Nathaniel Williams and not Joe. Not sure if it was.
  2. Atkinson isn't a first ball winning centre back in my opinion.
  3. Possibly but I think they will give it to big Dunc until the end of the season.
  4. Was just looking at the Stoke squad and imagine that a couple may have to go either perm or loan. Now I am not in the we need a new forward camp, but if the club were, I would be looking at someone like Sam Surridge at Stoke. Just looking back through and only getting a few minutes here and there. They bought it from Bournemouth for £5m. He is on the bench today along with fellow forwards Steven Fletcher and highly rated Tyres Campbell. So they have plenty of options so can't see Surridge getting much game time there.
  5. What people who constantly slate him need to remember is that he hasn't had the full professional academy upbringing. He is still pretty raw and can see him carry on improving as he has a lot of top attributes.
  6. Always believe in the stats, backed at 17 on Betfair, just laid off now at 5.4 for guaranteed profit whatever happens next.
  7. Better bringing the ball out of defence than actually defending for me. Has some flaws that he needs to work on in his defensive side of the game.
  8. See there were 12 yellow cards in the Cardiff v Blackburn game. A game behind closed doors as well.
  9. There are a lot of stats punters out there and they will be all over this come the weekend. (City's record at Craven Cottage in recent times). Friday / Saturday when these stats are usually well advertised, I would expect the odds for a City win to be shorter than they are now come kick off time on Saturday.
  10. I know someone who has been referee at a couple of Cardiff under 18's games including against City where they bagged 6. He reckons they are very impressive, I wonder if some of those are playing for the Cardiff under 23 team.
  11. Soady playing today as Paultons game at Taunton tonight has been called off.
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