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  1. Can see where you are coming from but wouldn't drop Weimann for an away game. He is far more effective away from home where he can find more space.
  2. Obviously forgot the Cotterill promotion season then. Very settled side that one.
  3. To be Iain Bairded. "I was walking down the street when a driver wound down the window and Iain Bairded me" - gesture with the middle finger
  4. Back in the day on sky games, they used to give the figure for ball being in play. At times it was down around the 58 min mark. They then stopped showing it. I agree the term "game management" bugs the life out of me. I think 70 mins ball in play is definitely on the high side.
  5. 4-0 away win in Hungary is a fantastic result to be fair. If HK had his shooting boots on could have been six or seven, which considering their recent results is fantastic.
  6. Mason Mount has been particularly poor in this first half.
  7. Will probably take in Shepton Mallet versus Taunton in the FA Cup on Saturday.
  8. So they should with the budget they have.
  9. Good first half, very well organised. I know people used to go on about how good Fam was at defending set pieces but Chris Martin been every bit as good in this first half.
  10. Can see this being to the detriment of Bruno. When they play together for Portugal, Bruno is non existent. Bruno is the set piece taker, I expect this will change now at Utd. Can't see Bruno being happy at all and he is the player that has dragged Utd back up to what was the 2nd best team in the Premier League last season.
  11. Shepton beating Melksham away, huge shock that one.
  12. Agreed. First couple of games they were letting things go, it had to be meaningful contact for them to blow for a foul. Judging by tonight that isn't going to last long and they are going to revert to type.
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