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  1. Manor Farm are a cup team, that is all they worry about. Don't know if it still the case but Lashenko used to contribute a lot towards the players wages. The difference between winning and losing on Saturday was something in the region of £1400. Anyway Paulton v Manor Farm in the league on Saturday, can Paulton make it 3 wins against BMF in 12 days after the 2 cup wins.
  2. Indeed agree completely. Pathetic from Stones and Sancho tbf.
  3. 2 absolutely pointless bookings for England.
  4. Yate away to Dover, Bath away to Banbury
  5. Watched both teams in pre season and the difference was immeasurable. City streets ahead of Cardiff on what I saw. Be interesting to see if any of the 1st team squad have been playing for Cardiff in their League games. Apart from 1 game our teams have been very young.
  6. Not even the best English centre back at Villa. Konsa is better imo. Being left footed is the only reason I can think of for him being picked.
  7. Millwalls game management is killing the game big time. Every decision there are a couple of players around the ref disguising the time wasting. Using a towel to dry the ball with no intention of taking a long throw. Need a strong ref..
  8. Jed Wallace only fit enough for the bench for Millwall. Positive for us..
  9. Good decision to give Cam Pring a "rest". Coming along nicely but time for a break for him.
  10. The basement League is so very poor, they are only 4 points off a play off spot.
  11. No idea. I know a few years ago when sky used to show the figures it was around 60 mins, which to me was still on the low side. You pay more and more for less and less action these days..
  12. Shocking stat that during West Brom games the ball is in play for between 41 & 45 mins.
  13. You can take your drink in a plastic glass onto the terraces at non League level. Well Manor Farm, Frome, Paulton level anyway.
  14. Can see where you are coming from but wouldn't drop Weimann for an away game. He is far more effective away from home where he can find more space.
  15. Obviously forgot the Cotterill promotion season then. Very settled side that one.
  16. To be Iain Bairded. "I was walking down the street when a driver wound down the window and Iain Bairded me" - gesture with the middle finger
  17. Back in the day on sky games, they used to give the figure for ball being in play. At times it was down around the 58 min mark. They then stopped showing it. I agree the term "game management" bugs the life out of me. I think 70 mins ball in play is definitely on the high side.
  18. 4-0 away win in Hungary is a fantastic result to be fair. If HK had his shooting boots on could have been six or seven, which considering their recent results is fantastic.
  19. Mason Mount has been particularly poor in this first half.
  20. Will probably take in Shepton Mallet versus Taunton in the FA Cup on Saturday.
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