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  1. When it’s laid out on paper the club did recruit the right players. should of, could of and would of I think... depressing.....
  2. I thought all the 23’s we saw last season looked capable in this league. Now we got quality coming through we need the right blend of experience to bring out there best. As we’ve heard many years ago you don’t win anything with kids. Yes of course some might drown. It was difficult last for them in a struggling side, that’s history now learn from It and move forward. Exciting to see, one can’t wait to watch these lads develop next season into championship players. The key for me is having the right blend.
  3. That’s unfair, Marin was unlucky, it just didn’t work out for him. England youth player great prospect. Let’s not for forget, Danny Wilson’s team also had good quality strikers at the club. Hard to break through. He had one chance hit the post. Then we never saw him again. I remember a conversation I had with other ex players of that time and friends of Marvin. We talked about that match what would of happened if that shot went in... It could of been a different outcome. Some players make it, most don’t. He still played at a good level.
  4. Bang on, are movement is so bad, we go nowhere fast.
  5. Ooo yeah come on, let us see this list NP..
  6. Keep him for one more year.
  7. I agree with TM, can he improve with under NP?
  8. I’d keep Baker, one year deal, with an option for one more if he plays a percentage of games.
  9. Our biggest problem is us fickle fans ripping kids apart.
  10. Also disappointing that a player if true the move is, when selected to be a professional. Not to play disinterested. I’m not sure he’s been poor though. Just other teams know that he’s the danger.
  11. Think the captains armband is too much for him.
  12. Agreed, why can’t they get it right? Is it that they don’t care, or not understand how to or are are they just thick as pig shit? Why not go man for man to keep it simple. Or are they doing that already?
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