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  1. I expect we will have candidates from all over the world, then after a rigorous review we will go with semenyo.
  2. Why are you all so concerned about retaining your seat if you ask for a refund? Lots of people on here have said they won't be going again (when we can) so there will be buddles of seats to chose from.
  3. Hasn't he heard of a Mobile!
  4. I once had a cold pie. That was a let down.
  5. The bar is open all game as far as I know. Haven't you seen the concourse loyal?
  6. You missed off his two other prem teams.
  7. Not that I can see. Been deleted maybe?
  8. The financial backing was in the form of player wages. I thought Brighton broke FFP when getting promoted
  9. I will explain (fwiw I'd prefer Hughton) but Cook has got teams promoted on smaller budgets. It's fair to say Hughton at Newcastle and Brighton had large financial backing.
  10. Wouldnt Villa have stayed up on goalscored even without the extra point?
  11. Fred EnvironmentWastedisposalEngineer
  12. I'd love it more if he was here Wednesday for the game v Preston
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