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  1. They accept Food vouchers as part payment. Talk to your personal account manager about it.
  2. Agree absolutely dreadful. I swear he got more excited every time Scotland got a corner than us. I reckon he might have actually ran on the pitch if Scotland had scored.
  3. How many games did Portugal win when they one Euro 2016?
  4. Who would sell a player to us with half the fee based on if we get promoted to the premier league?
  5. Only 13 teams are labelled. The others have the grey circles but who are they? Only half a story here.
  6. I thought he'd moved to Canada and left the monarchy?
  7. I'd probably keep Rene Gilmartin he's really good at cycling and also for the Robins TV commentry.
  8. What is that New Zealand goalie doing these days? Markovic or something. Sign him up.
  9. Which other teams will be interested in him? Surely everyone would look at his injury record and run a mile.
  10. We haven't won a home game since January v Huddersfield
  11. As much as Diedhiou can't trap a ball, isn't it also a failure of all the coaches and managers he has worked under? I would literally have had him practicing his control all week every week until he could do it.
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