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  1. There is a song by Lustra called Scotty Doesn't know . Adapting that song to Scotty has to know Scotty has to know but he's not stopping he keeps scoring scotty has to know Scotty has to know Scotty has to know.
  2. Battle of the Alamo, Got there late only place to watch was in the enclosure surrounded by Baggies supporters, scored just before half time a yes shout was met with dirty looks, half time one baggies supporters turned round and said "you haven't won yet" and watch Albion go second half. Well after watching them hit the post and cross bar 7 times and clearing off the line it was all summed up at the end by seeing Gerry Gow vertially crawling along and totally knackered City gave there all. The baggies supporter turned to me at the end and said with that luck you are going up.
  3. City squad I think 1964-1965, 1 Mike Gibson 2 Tony Ford 3 Alex Briggs , 4 ? But next left is Gordon Parr, 5 Jack Connor 6 Gordon Low 7 Ray Savino, 8 Greatest City player John Atyeo, 9 Terry Bush 10 Brian Clarke, 11 Lou Peters . Interestingly next to Atyeo is Chris Garland . Fred Ford on right was manager Les Beardsley in the white coat . Anyone name the others .
  4. Welch Sweeney Merrick Hunter Bell Whitehead Gow Tinnion Cole Cheesley Atyeo
  5. And the others I missed were Peters not Rogers . The chant would go up Ouch takes a corner when Peters took corners. Jack Connor and Briggs at the back as well .
  6. Yes you are right it was Gordon Low who partnered Parr at the heart of the defence .
  7. Fred Ford was manager 1960 to 1967. Took them up to Division 2 ( championship now ) in 1965 with a 2-0 win over Oldham my second home game . Then had a chance to take them to League 1 with City in the promotion mix but they lost to Southampton, another promotion challenger over Easter , first clash of fans in the East End that day, Finished there promotion push. Unlucky for Ford, Ayteo retired and left a hole that they didn’t fill and struggled for goals . Struggled the following season and Ford got the sack. It was Dicks who took over in 1967 a struggling side and for the next four or five seasons, battling relegation was the norm . The first side I saw was Gibson, Drury, Ford, Crowe, Parr, Bartley, Savino, Rogers , Clark, Atyeo, Derrick
  8. Glasgow Rangers close to signing a midfielder is that Nagy.
  9. Steve Cottrell on Sky Sports News now talking about getting Covid and how it affected him.
  10. Sad news , the manager that revived the fortunes of the club in the early 80s. Remember the 3-0 Freight Rover success over Bolton at Wembley and his post match interview hugging the cup and breaking down showed how much he loved the club . RIP Terry.
  11. What I found interesting was that he was in a back five but once the wing backs pushed forward he tended to be on the left side of the three. A position he seldom played at City. Maybe if he was used similarly for City the young players at left wing backs may of had more support and Taylor Moore playing on the right side may have been more confident in his natural position.
  12. Your are right I should of said the FA Cup run with a win over Leeds United. Don Gillies greatest day .
  13. Dicks was saved from the sack by two league cup runs when City were beaten by Spurs and Notts Forest in the semi finals. Especially the League cup run when City lost to Spurs .
  14. City's greatest manager has to be Harry Thickett , England international came to City bought back the star of the time Billy Wedlock. then took them to be Division 2 champions with an unbeaten 14 game run. Then topped that with finishing as runners up in Division 1 and reaching an FA cup final. Remember my grandad once saying they called him the Whiskey manager ,, never told more than that.
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