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  1. Shame about the weather mate! Man in Space still there!
  2. Would be great Oz. I think the sun down there may have got to you though!!!
  3. Staying out of the relegation battle would be good enough. As for cautiously optimistic, I'll take mid table. It's been made very clear that to do things the right way will take time. I guess it's simply a case of how long the patience lasts and obviously if we're not challenging for promotion by Christmas, some people will already be calling for change. Glory hunters beware!
  4. Wouldn't put it past them for the first song played at the minimal next season to be Britney Spears "Hit me baby, one more time". Oops, they did it again...... Tinpot to the last.
  5. Sadly the "family" club has never seemed more ironic. What shame that club continue to bring (on and off the field) to our city. The sooner they go the better. Nobody needs them.
  6. Priceless. Cue the BEP - "Ever popular Gas go viral!", meanwhile "City ticket fiasco!". Or similar.
  7. Journalism at best is something of an art form and sadly is very under represented in today's media. I dont blame anyone for not wanting to listen to questions which, if they don't answer themselves, are overtly leading or frequently delivered with a sarcastic tone. ( I'm not singling out GG). NP is extremely experienced in dealing with the media and I'm sure he knows the difference between engaging in a conversation because there's something worth discussing, and just being available because a journalist needs to produce some sort of copy to feed the 24 hour coverage that we apparently demand.
  8. Well, we all know how much the politics stink on this one. All will be brushed aside come the time I'm sure. Lineker's nauseating grin will be on top form, and Clive Tyldesley will be full of his usual nonsensical drivel. I'm sure we can do the English thing though and quietly remove ourselves before the whole debacle reaches fever pitch.
  9. How very tragic. Condolences to the Gould family and their friends. RIP Lewis.
  10. During my lifetime there have been a total of eighteen England managers (inclusive of those in caretaker roles). Only one has succeeded in winning a major tournament. Might I suggest that we look forward to a time when this country can produce players good enough to win another tournament?. Of course there are some good English players, we've consistently produced them. But not enough of them are or have been good enough to compete at international level with the best nations. I don't see the point in sacking Southgate because England have still to win only their second major tournament. Manager number 19 will come along at some point, and I gaurantee, yes even it were Pep, he will be no more successful than Southgate and still less successful than Ramsay. This is England. We're pretty good actually. But we're also well short of a lot of other international sides.
  11. We were blessed to have that man at our club. My City hero.
  12. You had me there Banned. Thought you said raffle - which led me to tombola - which inevitably led me to......
  13. Rugged and versatile is the donkey jacket. Much like myself, some might say. So it's a "Yes" from me.
  14. Suffice to say that should he be capable of doing that Phantom, he wont be playing for us!
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