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  1. Violence of any kind has no place in a civilised society. Unfortunately we don't live in one. RIP little lad.
  2. Not a good day for us today. Very disappointed, especially with needless bookings!
  3. A win today would be very good for us, but I'd quite happily except a point now. Fingers crossed for the former. I'm really looking forward to this game (not sure why). COYR!!
  4. And normal service is resumed at the Mem.
  5. Sad news, poor John. Fond memories of him playing for us. My best wishes to him and his family.
  6. One what Marcus? Is that libellous......? Long live OTIB, and well done to all involved in maintaining it, you do a grand job!
  7. Thanks MJP3, always interesting to look at player stats. Regarding work rate, back in the day, I used to judge that on how dirty their kit (particularly shorts - they were white then) was after 90 mins. The occasional appearance of blood was also deemed a sign of a job well done.
  8. Thanks Ivor. I'll make sure to add that to my stats scrapbook. By the way, they've also got Diddy, whilst we have Downsey. That says enough in itself.
  9. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery Nige. Hope to see you back soon, in the meantime, take it easy.
  10. To be honest Fordy, I wouldn't be surprised to see the club announce that Nige will be on extended sick leave, pending a decision on his future, and in the meantime Curtis Fleming will oversee first team affairs. Simply that.
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