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  1. That's a lovely tribute Legs. Condolences to you and yours, and to your Dad, farewell fellow Red and rest easy. OTIB. COYR.
  2. Well done Andi. What a thrill to score for your country! Good luck to him.
  3. Could anyone please provide me with a definitive answer as to what season City players first had their names on the back of their shirts?
  4. Good luck to him. There's nothing more to say really......
  5. Looks like Joey might be getting an interview for the Burnley job.....
  6. Well said Dave. There really is no need for the level of personal attack that some people aim at our own players.
  7. Let them have their minute in the sun. You can only beat what's in front of you, and it's clear to see what that was today. Extraordinary scoreline and I'd certainly be miffed if I was a Northampton fan.
  8. Fifty five points and 17th it is then. Not bad, all told. Here's to next season and further improvement. Take care my fellow Reds, and safe journey home for those bold travellers today. Oh - and cheers Nige!
  9. And therein lies one of the many reasons why we're finishing 17th.
  10. Some sharper finishing from us may have helped, but there you are. That's football and a good indicator, if nothing else, of why both teams are placed where they are at the end of this season. Goals win football matches, simple as that.
  11. They were wrong then, so they'll still be wrong now. That's the beauty of it Uno.
  12. I didn't know she played for Huddersfield as well. Fair play Toffs!
  13. We need to keep him for sure. Excellent at this level and the definition of professional, so a great example to those around him.
  14. I remain confident in NP's ability to build a decent squad, irrespective of any financial restrictions. He's not the problem, its a much bigger issue about the club as a whole that concerns me. Bristol City should have made the top flight by now, under SL's ownership. As I've said before, the chance was missed early on, and now we find ourselves in a much more restricted world in football, where factors such as FFP, parachute payments etc mean that getting out of the Championship is much more difficult than it could (and should) have been.
  15. Steady on Major! Dunkirk spirit and all that, old boy?
  16. I couldn't believe either when I first saw them Dave!
  17. Yes indeed Pops. Interesting that he's had his best season by miles with us, this season. Can't be anything to do with the coaching can it???!!
  18. Well I wish NP all the very best then...............
  19. Yes indeed Downend. Also, the thing about Roy Keane is that, even as just a fan, you know that he would happily go into the dressing room and tell those Man United players that they think they're better than they are, and that they are simply not good enough or passionate enough to represent the club that he loves. I rather suspect that he'd also be quite clear with the owners about how poor recruitment has been in recent years. Not acceptable. Get it sorted. Wish I had the cahunnas that Keane has got.
  20. Quite right Red. I was a little kid in the 1970s and had Liverpool as well as City stuff. Love City but still have a soft spot for the Anfielders. Incidentally, thats one of the elements that made "that night" in the FA Cup special for me.
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