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  1. Now that was tough to take. Really tough. Nothing more to add at this point.
  2. Well, that's the crux of a wider issue isn't it Rob.
  3. I'll throw in a recent Premium Bonds win (£25), and a book of Green Shield stamps (full!). Can Dave Fevs or Mr Pops confirm what fraction of a Tillson that will secure us?. In the meantime, watch out SL. The takeover looks imminent!!
  4. Quite right Graham. Until we can offload some expensive under achievers we're quite limited in terms of reshaping the squad, never mind developing it to the standard needed to challenge at the top. Should SL have literally bought us out of the Championship earlier in his tenure, pre FFP etc????.....
  5. I take your point, it's terrible for the lad and he deserves our sympathy and support. However, footballers are expensive assets at the best of times, and given the current state of our current squad, you have to question how much longer we can afford to keep him at the club. Such a shame as, when fit, he's clearly one of our better players.
  6. We lost at home to the top team, which I ordinarily would have expected of any team looking to survive in the division this season. Naturally I'm as frustrated as anyone else regarding the home win malady. However, that win will come for sure, and will be a sweet tonic when it does. Onward.
  7. We had nothing but bad luck at Wembley, compounded by poor showings on the part of our "star" players. That day still rankles with me because of the above. As for the spectacular winning goal - well on another day it may just as easily have ended up in Row Z. Thems the breaks.
  8. I like the cut of the man's jib.
  9. The sooner they go the better. I'm not interested in any so-called rivalry, that's well in the past now. One team in Bristol - the sooner that's literally the case, the better.
  10. Any number of South Korean players, including..... Lee Bum-Young, Lee Dong-Gook, etc You get the idea.
  11. All hail...Gus Cassius Caesar!
  12. Nice one Harry! I'm presuming he's the eyes and ears of official GasTV then?. The pundits don't half use some colourful language mind. I guess this is all part of the "Joeyfication" of the 15ers??.
  13. As Karen Carpenter* once sang, "We've only just begun". *You may need to consult an elderly relative.
  14. Well done to all the boys and girls who made the long trip today, by the way. Good job!
  15. He's answered his critics in the best possible way today. Let's hope he does a few more times. Well done Chris. Lovely finish, winning goal. Point made.
  16. Twentieth, with a minus eight goal difference. Sweet.
  17. Excellent win! Well played lads!! We are 9th in the Championship tonight. Which, by my reckoning, is massively over-achieving. COYR!!
  18. You couldn't make it up. Still, plenty of time yet....
  19. So he won't be alloa'd to play for the next three games then!
  20. I'll take a point now. Another surprise away win would be ace though
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