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  1. Steve lansdown has a private plane
  2. Really sorry to hear this. RIP and condolences to your family. I had some great trips with junior reds in the 90’s and made some great friends. In the days when the club was built on volunteers like your mum and dad.
  3. @Mr PopodopolousIf it is recurring then it is by its nature not exceptional it is surely just a new source of income.
  4. Seems Jack Grealish showing his usual class. Does a video telling people to stay in then goes out gets pissed and smashed his car into parked cars
  5. @Mr Popodopolous Yes tangible assets note
  6. @Mr Popodopolous as I think you have identified later the stadium sale proceeds have not been received in cash at the year end hence the debtor "other loans receivable". The reason for this may well be that the transaction wasnt completed prior to the year end so the accounting entry would have been debit other loans receivable with the proceeds amount, credit profit/loss on disposal of fixed assets for the proceeds. Then to get to the actual profit on disposal there would have been a credit to fixed asset cost (in the balance sheet fixed assets note) with a debit to profit/loss on d
  7. Bear with me but our goals conceded is much more of a concern than goal scoring and is the main reason we are not higher in the table. Regardless of the opinions about our ineffective midfield we have sold massive strength from our defence and not replaced it. Forgive the rough transfer fees but I’m sure there not far away sales flint £6m bryan £7m Kelly £15m webster £20m total approx £48m we have signed hunt £2m kalas £7m Dasilva £3m total £12m Net spend -£36m It seems the project is killing our defensive strength. Is it an
  8. Just to put the gap into perspective we had an injured loan player in with our fans today who’s transfer fees over his career exceed the value of the tent dwellers stadium
  9. I saw somewhere that before today our points per game in games when baker has started is the same as West Brom’s points per game over the season. The games where he hasn’t started the points per game is considerably less. Unfortunately I can’t find the details right now
  10. Very interesting @Mr Popodopolous seems villa intend trying to spend to stay up but if that doesn’t work you’ve got to expect severe penalties on relegation surely to the extent of further relegation to league 1 or below. Even if they stay up you have to hope that premier league penalties would be very severe otherwise what’s the point of the rules?
  11. You don’t think their manager leaving will have any effect on them then?
  12. Yes Portishead is massively red probably at least 90:10 city to gas here nowadays. Probably 80:20 when I was growing up here but now it’s wall to wall city shirts at the schools and local football clubs from what I see. Discounting the usual premier league glory hunters. i would be interested in a travel group for away games
  13. Interesting didn’t know they both had. Think I knew Wilbs had a preference for another playing contract up north. But didn’t know about Wade
  14. Exactly what we needed even at this stage of his career. You can see he has the hunger, ability and attitude. A genuine winner and warrior with no little quality. His reading of the game is excellent and he seems a real leader pushing everyone on. Better than I expected by some distance
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