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  1. As someone who was promoting his actions above all else it becomes pretty obvious he decided that it was time to move on before the muck hit the fan
  2. Looking at the ages that is one hell of a young squad. Or an opportunity to supplement with some genuine quality experience
  3. They haven’t got a clue about anything above league 1 if they somehow fluked a promotion to the championship Wally would shit himself at the wage demands. He’s got a few quid compared to the average man in the street but nothing like enough to fund even a year of championship wages with their attendances and income. In some ways I would love them to get promoted just to see how big the gap in monetary terms is
  4. Seems a total lack of spirit and togetherness in the squad. When the youngsters have started or come on you don’t see much encouragement or help from the experienced members of the squad. Aside from the fist pumps between Bentley and defenders when a clearance etc is made there doesn’t seem to be any team spirit at all.
  5. Given their form give it a couple of weeks and they will be in danger of being relegated on points per game if the season ended up being finished early.
  6. I think now we know why Josh Brownhill went in January
  7. The original story was published by the athletic as I understand it Gregor looked a bit deeper and discovered that Williams wasn’t the only one unhappy with the medical team
  8. As I understand it his piece about joe Williams dissatisfaction with his treatment has ruffled ashtons feathers somewhat. I think Gregor goes a bit beyond the local hack and isn’t afraid to ask the awkward questions
  9. His interview suggested that he realises he is in the last chance saloon hope he’s got the ambition in him to achieve what we all believe he’s capable of. He does need to do it in the right areas though and not keep losing the ball around the half way line and put us under pressure
  10. Ref hasn’t read the script here he’s given a penalty to fleetwood not the fewers
  11. This has been rumbling on for years and allegedly involves youth players as well at previous clubs
  12. Hilarious their team is bottom of the league with a manager with one of the worst records in football league history and they are worried about a poster. You couldn’t make it up
  13. Spot the difference. Mind the Chasm Mi
  14. Steve lansdown has a private plane
  15. Really sorry to hear this. RIP and condolences to your family. I had some great trips with junior reds in the 90’s and made some great friends. In the days when the club was built on volunteers like your mum and dad.
  16. @Mr PopodopolousIf it is recurring then it is by its nature not exceptional it is surely just a new source of income.
  17. Seems Jack Grealish showing his usual class. Does a video telling people to stay in then goes out gets pissed and smashed his car into parked cars
  18. @Mr Popodopolous as I think you have identified later the stadium sale proceeds have not been received in cash at the year end hence the debtor "other loans receivable". The reason for this may well be that the transaction wasnt completed prior to the year end so the accounting entry would have been debit other loans receivable with the proceeds amount, credit profit/loss on disposal of fixed assets for the proceeds. Then to get to the actual profit on disposal there would have been a credit to fixed asset cost (in the balance sheet fixed assets note) with a debit to profit/loss on disposal of fixed assets then a debit to depreciation on fixed assets (in the balance sheet fixed assets note) with a credit to profit/loss on disposal of fixed assets this then leaves the profit on disposal of fixed asset in the profit and loss account and the debtor other loans receivable in the balance sheet. Is the other loans receivable amount shown as a current asset? If so then it should be repayable within a year of the balance sheet date.
  19. Bear with me but our goals conceded is much more of a concern than goal scoring and is the main reason we are not higher in the table. Regardless of the opinions about our ineffective midfield we have sold massive strength from our defence and not replaced it. Forgive the rough transfer fees but I’m sure there not far away sales flint £6m bryan £7m Kelly £15m webster £20m total approx £48m we have signed hunt £2m kalas £7m Dasilva £3m total £12m Net spend -£36m It seems the project is killing our defensive strength. Is it any wonder we let in more goals than we should?
  20. Just to put the gap into perspective we had an injured loan player in with our fans today who’s transfer fees over his career exceed the value of the tent dwellers stadium
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