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  1. Id pay for a couple and would not mind the club making a small profit.
  2. I think it's a great suggestion, we have lost so.many over the last few years. Maybe a topic for the supporters club and trust to raise with the club? Even if its only a tree where you could hang stars on with names like at St Peters hospice, hell the shop could even sale the stars!
  3. Don't even have to stay in Newcastle, great nights out to be had in whiteley Bay and tynemouth!
  4. Weekend in Newcastle is great, sorry Mr happy
  5. Wow, just wow So because you spend a few quid (individuals choice) following your team you should be allowed to invade the pitch? Its pathetic to see grown men doing this and the quicker it stops the better
  6. Piss poor game. Not even championship quality
  7. Let's not count our chickens too early, our past performances in attracting and developing youngsters is nothing to write home about. Admittedly it looks better now but still no guarantee this, or future crops of youngsters will see a n increase in championship level performers
  8. Glass houses and all that. We've been here as a club remember
  9. Bit unlucky really. Enjoyed the game some talent on view, some obviously ahead of others, thought Conway was the outstanding one for us
  10. Well done Reading, can't see most of the other greedy bastards agreeing though
  11. Sunderland for me, easy 45 minute flight and a weekend in newcastle
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