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  1. Anywhere but near the squad thankfully
  2. Just Warnock and our dinasaur to go now then
  3. what an absolute load of bollocks. the pc brigade have been out again
  4. we can’t keep making excuses for the manager, Atkinson, james, tanner, baker, simpson, king are his signings, arguably our best players this season are massengo, kalas and bentley, blame johnson for them! pring and scott were already here. itstime he shaped up or out
  5. I expected a team with a bit if bottle and some fight
  6. 10 mins in and how many times have we given the ball away?
  7. I would say the sign of a good coach is points won (especially at home!)
  8. I just don't see much or very little improvement under this regime. Just different excuses after each loss
  9. What a boring game, even derbies are boring nowadays
  10. What a pathetic night if "boxing" sky you are dying on your feet here! Im with you on that!
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