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  1. Mange tout Rodney!! :laugh:
  2. In all honesty you ain't coming across any better
  3. Amazing that people can get this worked up and angry, chill people! If I was outside looking in I'd be tipping us for relegation as well.
  4. I'm not surprised at all, he's a washed up has been (all be it a good one) whose voice went years ago and the tickets were ridiculously expensive. Note to club The Killers were not like this that what happens when you book a relevant band for today!
  5. They were all on Radio Bristol, usually post match after a bad result Let's be clear though, at no point in this thread did I say it was wrong, just used as comparison to Gary Johnson who RR has a personal gripe against
  6. Plenty of examples if you look back through the threads from last season but off the top of my head at different points during the season, Tanner, Bentley, Pring, Baginton, I'm sure there's more
  7. And throws players under the bus on a regular occurance!
  8. No different from.any other sport, players just chase cash, it's a job
  9. Do you know anything about football? Genuine question with that quote above!
  10. Hahaha, Harry Kane airshot to clear, 0-1 Hungary!
  11. Your confusing Southgate with someone with balls!
  12. A direct reflection of the "coach" boring, slow and predictable
  13. You got this Scottish Red, from someone who fought it last year. Stay strong and positive mate, thoughts are with you x
  14. Could this be the occasion to raise an item regarding a memorial garden or tree?
  15. Hahaha oh how the misguided shout! Ever been to Madrid? You'd struggle to find many owning up to being Real fans. It don't just happen in UK
  16. My mate said the bars were fine, the pitch side one was full on serving for the whole gig. I think he's telling you porkies! I parked on a friends drive and was home in Portishead by 11.15pm
  17. but they can do that now! so why put the price up?
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