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  1. Thanks mate really appreciated but it's for my son and I don't have the e-mail! But many thanks for your kind offer
  2. i don’t have a printer and the library here is closed!
  3. hi all, stupid question, do you have to print out the tickets or can you scan your phone?
  4. I'm quite happy with this would be beneficial to 4 or 5 others as well who are never going to make it with us
  5. Ciao in Denmark street is a terrific friendly Italian. Cracking value as well
  6. please enlighten us bs4, what are these missives because on a football side he has got so much wrong over the last 10 years
  7. have to earn respect, these people are the scum of the earth
  8. your confusing gregor with someone who has inside info!
  9. looks like we have this years whipping boy
  10. yep, sort of agree with you there davefevs, although as pearson proved there wasn’t a lot in reserve and this season we are still relying on them
  11. interesting what you thought after Deans first 6-8 games.? hindsight is wonderful and it was pearson who very nearly took us down as he was unable to buy a win!
  12. not really, not a lot better than last season and we know how how that finished. maybe better than derby?
  13. They offer nothing to society, how they are allowed to roam the country tax free baffles me
  14. Well they trashed portishead football pitches so you should know
  15. That's all for me, quite possibly the worst stream I've ever seen!
  16. i would say the expected goals for bcfc this season is very very low!
  17. care to tell us why you never renewed before all this came. to light? maybe you need to bang your head a bit harder!
  18. iceland don’t charge delivery at all. most delivery charges are around £2.99 less than a pint!
  19. the app has an expiry date, although automatically updated when expires the aperture copy has no expiry date. all was explained further up the message
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