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  1. Can’t stand reading , only a short drive or train journey, it’s a a dire experience in a soulless bowl. a reduced allocation these days. give me Elm Park any day !
  2. We’ll go with what we’ve got The markets inflated in January
  3. Why chase him after he already rejected us ? small margins ...
  4. I’m joining section82 in their silent protest at the Barnsley game
  5. 4 years of crap football , long losing streaks , no play off campaign in 4 years ! If your happy with progress being judged on finishing 1 place higher every year Or scoring a goal more than last season your the type of fan who the club love , take your money , believe the spin , put up with crap football , but hey , small margins......
  6. Can’t stand villa , always do villa on the train , nice short trip. Although we don’t play well or get results up there ! We want 6
  7. Would take howe or houghton any day over our bluffer.
  8. Exactly, that’s how we’re in with a play off shout !
  9. Er not this boring football again ?
  10. Not just out , but out , out !!!!
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