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  1. I ain’t giving away my age but my first car was an Austin A30, it cost me £7 (seven)
  2. Would absolutely love it if they don’t even get in the playoffs and thug Barton is found guilty
  3. A bit controversial but, would supporters like to see a City team continually struggling in the Championship or be in division one and see us winning a few games? For me, I want to see my team playing attractive football and winning, something that’s been missing at Ashton Gate for some considerable time, I know that isn’t a given even in League one but it probably increases the chances of that happening.
  4. All i wish for was that other teams points deductions don’t effect our position, all I hear from my Gas supporting mates is “ you’re lucky that Derby and Reading have had points deducted “
  5. Don’t kid yourself in thinking that if we played Rovers now we would win,,at this moment in time we are not worlds apart
  6. I disagree, if we played them now I wouldn’t like to predict the outcome. we are a team in free fall and they are definitely improving
  7. If we assume Peterborough and Derby are all but down, Derby 16 points behind on same number of games, Peterborough 19 points behind having 2 games in hand on us, Barnsley look like the only worry. leaving out their result today they had found a bit of form lately, with 2 games in hand on us and we still have to play them it may not be as comfortable as some may think. I will be happy when we are mathematically safe.
  8. https://www.transferleague.co.uk/bristol-city/english-football-teams/bristol-city-transfers some names that I had forgotten about, others may find interesting
  9. I can remember when we had floodlights all around the pitch and they all were turned on individually
  10. Only 4 teams in the top 4 divisions have conceded more goals than us
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