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  1. The word “legend” is used way too much for players, in this case this man was a LEGEND
  2. I can remember seeing him play for Watford at the Gate very early in his career
  3. Definitely the best one yet
  4. Now watch the Italians go down
  5. The life and crimes of Joey Barton And people still want to give him “another” chance https://www.eurosport.co.uk/football/scottish-premiership/2016-2017/the-life-and-crimes-of-joey-barton-but-is-he-football-s-biggest-bad-boy_sto5860687/story.shtml
  6. Always knew when he was about to come on from the subs bench, see him drinking his Red Bull, I used to say to my son “Wilbs about to come on”
  7. fanjita


    Will it be pens or away goals?
  8. Rule 2, ignore rule 1, I’m a member at Knowle, this is my 5th season
  9. Know exactly how you feel Spoons, my first season ticket was 1986, and like you I’ve got used to not going to games, as you said, “more to life than Bristol City” and some of the joke footballers.
  10. His body language says he never wanted to be here,,complete waste of money
  11. Just a thought,,has Wells given us any more than what Matty Taylor would have given us?
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