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  1. Isn't Joe Bryan's sister a pole vaulter? Not sure if she has taken part this time round
  2. I met some Rotherham "lads" on a train a few seasons ago: we'd been at Burton (Tammy Abraham anyone?) and were heading up to Scarborough to join the rest of the family. Rotherham had been away at Villa. There were a few Villa fans (shirt wearing, quiet, respectful) on the train and one of the Rotherham lads was picking a fight with them. I had to intervene by just pointing out that there were lots of families around. They were fine with me (probably because they thought that we were "proper" fans and I was talking with them earlier saying that some of my wife's family were from Rotherham and still supported them) but it could have turned ugly with some of the Villa fans who weren't asking for it at all. They are a bit edgy...
  3. My niece (from Bristol), now has citizenship I think in Canada having moved over there about 3 years ago. She lives in Toronto and loves it. My eldest spent a couple of years with his (now) wife in St Catherine's between Toronto and Niagara and I think he had hoops to jump through. Would you like me to ask them?
  4. Kevin Betsy - remember him?
  5. Good morning all. After all of your kind words when my wife died in March, I'd like to update you as to how life has been since. 4.5 months on, I still cry most days remembering her. However, following some support from the hospice (who have been brilliant to both me and my youngest), I am looking back, not on the cancer years - which had been my focus - but on the 30 years of good times that we'd shared before the disease took hold. It's not always easy as I still rail against cancer and why it took such a brilliant person out of our lives, but the pain is getting a little less. I also heard back from the Cancer hospital as to the extent of her cancer which was shocking - she didn't stand a chance which broke my heart when I read that. But it helped because it confirmed that despite it all, everyone had done everything in their powers to try to save her. I also have a puppy who is a lovely focus now. And, we are all/have all got memorial tattoos which in essence is a tattoo with cremation ash included. I know it sounds a little bit macabre but I physically carry a bit of her around with me forever now (as well as her wedding ring which I wear next to mine). Incidentally, one of the penguins in the picture is slightly out of kilter so we need to work a little on the beak. Talking helps, it truly does. I have been blessed by the support of some great mates including @BS4 on Tour... whose weekly texts and visits have been a blessing. I don't ever want to forget Andrea and always want to talk about her. And if any of you are ever in a similar position, please reach out to me if you need to. I may not profess to be an expert but I have been there and I know the journey and how bleak it may look at times.
  6. I don't want to come over all @BS4 on Tour... here (Fnaar Fnaar), but isn't it Sheffield Wednesday (singular) as opposed to Sheffield Wednesdays (plural)? Sorry for being pedantic....please ignore me....
  7. I've just given them a call. It would appear that the offer has expired. Oh well...
  8. I was proud and privileged to attend Martin's funeral yesterday (in Tooting). There was an excellent turn out with a significant proportion knowing Martin (Tinners to many of you) from his time supporting City. His brother gave a touching eulogy that crystallised the evolution of Martin's love of the City (and to think, that it could have all gone wrong - his Dad was originally a Cardiff fan). Afterwards, many of us raised a glass, shared stories of how we met the great man and just what a lovely human being he was. A fitting tribute I think. Cheers Martin.
  9. Just watching that now. They meant so much to me and my late wife because they sang Don't Dream it's Over which is the song we got together to. And the name of my new scooter...and one of my next tattoos
  10. Hi Sean, so sorry to hear about Martin and for you and your family's loss. We have met a couple of times in the Orchard although it would be unfair of me to expect you to remember. Would it be possible to let us know when/where the funeral is as I would like to pay my respects. Many thanks Jon
  11. I did, he laughed mid-song which I think had something about falling in the lyrics - irony.
  12. What a great night. Although I cried, again, I can truly say that it was the best entertainment I've had at the Gate since we beat Man Utd in 2017. Can we sign Brandon Flowers?
  13. I cannot convey how sad I was to have heard this yesterday evening. Like many, I first met Martin whilst living in London in the 80s. He found out that I'd gone to his school (QEH although 10 years apart), knew his cousin (Dave Perkins - German teacher and ex-Bristol scrum half) and that was always the opener in any conversation we had. When the boys came along (I have 3) and I started taking them to games, Martin would always engage them in conversation and seek their opinions like they were adults. Their sadness at this news was just as deep last night when they passed the news on to me. Every home game, in the Orchard or under the South Stand, we'd chat and if we didn't, one of the boys would say "didn't see Martin today". When we moved to Wales, the conversation was invariably about how he had family in the Rhondda. I know that I am dealing with my own grief at the moment, but when I heard this (at a 60s reggae night in Cardiff), I had to step out of the pub and I cried. A lovely man. A truly lovely man.
  14. https://paulwellernews.com/2009/09/22/paul-weller-catches-youth-football-match-in-bristol/
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