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  1. This forum is blooming hilarious
  2. I think (and I've not fully read the article) that if it changes to 5 subs, and let's be honest, it will, then it should be restricted to 3 changes plus an additional at HT if that makes sense? So can change 5 players but have to make the changes in a maximum of 3 stoppages during 90 mins game time
  3. I think it would come down to how confident the ref or assistant ref is that it came from the bench. But that is a potential issue
  4. Would rather not say tbh. Have been assistant manager at two clubs and have had to manage at both due to the actual managers having disagreements with officials in previous games.
  5. And that's a fair point and especially in NLGs where fans can be literally be stood next to a managers. It does appear from his statement that he's accepted it likely did come from the dugout. As someone who's been in management in Western league, I'd be making it clear that if I'm to get booked for someone saying something, I want that someone to be me and not someone sat on the bench behind me. (That's a lot of 'someone's')
  6. So he's upset with the ref because he, Lee, doesn't know the rules of the game. Then at FT went and told the ref he has no respect for him (because he was rightly booked according to the rules of the game), swore at the ref, then got upset because the ref, rightly, basically threatened him with a red card rather than actually sending him off (initially). And now he's trying to justify it instead of holding his hands up and accepting full responsibility. Brilliant.
  7. Hamburg mate. Was against Frankfurt (I think). We got chatting to a frankfurt fan in our hotel on the day of the game and he was trying to get us to meet up with him and his mates after the match. He's a police officer but said his wife and bosses 'let' him have a month a year of 'fun' where he meets up with other fans. We were sat right by the away fans and he was the bloke who was there with the loudspeaker thing getting everyone going. We decided against meeting him. Edit - he was a good bloke tho and gave our Stag a signed vintage shirt from their record signing player.
  8. Went to Berlin many years ago but probably didn't get to appreciate the city as much as I should have. Hertha could be a good shout tho
  9. Anyone got any recommendations on European grounds/matches to visit once travel restrictions are lifted? Not discounting the main obvious grounds of the big clubs but also happy to have other recommendations. Ideally flights from Bristol on budget airlines. I've relatively recently been to Hamburg which was very good. Would like to go to some of the German grounds (been to Schalke old ground but new one is possibility). Anyone got any thoughts or stories if trips?
  10. For risk of being 'whooshed', that's sort of my point. A very vocal number of fans want and expect those sort of questions to be asked tho.
  11. It's funny isn't it, most of last season there were numerous people in here complaining/moaning that they didn't have every detail of every injury a player had. You only had to look at the questions being given to GM when he was asking for questions to put to NP during media briefings and pretty much all anyone wanted to know was who we signing and when's (insert name) back from injury. He then asks those type of questions, gets a short sharp shrift from our new gaffer and now he's getting stick for poor journalism, NP is right to ignore him and he's a rubbish journalist. Imagine the meltdown after our 1st game when we haven't signed another striker, we lose 1 nil and GM first question is 'why didn't you sign another striker' People are a funny breed.
  12. Some absolute belters milling around the ground. Prowd to be English
  13. You need to download the NHS App, not the track and trace one, and it should link your result to that if you use the same details to register (your NHS number etc) Once you've got the app and your covid pass shows, you'll have the option to download a PDF copy. I'd strongly suggest doing that as the mobile data network around the ground is over subscribed so loads of people were struggling to get the app to load. I had downloaded a copy so was fine.
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