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  1. Official England travel but isn't it pretty much one and the same now? Not sure.
  2. Just got my email confirming I've been unsuccessful for all 3 groups games. Hopefully they're holding out to give me my ticket back for the final!!
  3. This may or may not work very well....... if it causes issues for people to see I'll delete it
  4. Email was received about an hour ago detailing everything. It's a long email so make a cuppa and settle in
  5. I have/had tickets to every game bar R16 so I'm caught between being annoyed and well, just a bit meh about it all. It's been rumoured for a while this would happen so I guess I've gotten used to it. Not going to be the same anyway so don't think I'm particularly fussed. Unless of course we win it and I've lost my final ticket
  6. It's a tricky one isn't it and ultimately some clubs will probably be annoyed which ever option is taken. Do they get 2 weeks of matches in and reassess when next set if tiers are announced? The other thing we've discussed is when does the first game take place. If it's straight into it on Saturday 5th then you'll have team's who have gone 4 weeks without training and then going straight into a game. Not ideal. Tier 2 clubs in theory can't open their bar though so loss a lot of income from that even if fans are allowed to watch.
  7. Western league been suspended till at least December 18th. No fans, no bar takings no chance of restarting
  8. Was a decent game. Both teams created a fair amount of chances with Heath keeper pulling off some good saves and Heath being a little unfortunate with blocks and woodwork. 221 there which was good to see.
  9. What's wanna know? I was there
  10. I disagree but then I would. Very good turnout though.
  11. Tbf, the club shop were very quick at responding and then Jerry contacted me and has sorted it all. Appreciate most of you won't care but thought I'd share a positive story
  12. Emailed the address provided by View From The Dolman and they responded straight away with the below Thank you for registering your interest to collect your Crowdie. We are currently looking at a way for you to safely collect your Crowdie from the stadium. There is chance for your Crowdie to stay and watch a few more games, so if you would like to leave them in the stands to enjoy more football action, potentially collecting them later into the new season, you do not need to respond to this email and will be made aware when the Crowdies are available for general collection. If you want your Crowdie back now, please let us know and our team will give you more details on when you can collect. Thank you for your support, Bristol Sport Team On the basis I've not been able to find mine on the very very few pictures the club have done, I think I'll collect. A bit disappointed with it all tbh and I don't think the club have done much to acknowledge those who have paid for one. Mind you, I don't know what I was expecting when I did it
  13. Thanks for that info. It's a shame it's been left for someone on a forum to notify those who paid for them.
  14. arrytheb

    Fans cutouts

    Hi Jerry, Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, is anything happening with the fan cut outs once the season is over? I'm a little underwhelmed that I've paid £25 to effectively have a copy of a photo that I already have emailed to me. I realise a display has been made but the fact I've no idea where mine is, or what it really looks like, is a shame. Thanks
  15. Me and a mate used to run a karaoke session at a pub in Fishponds about 20 years ago. One Thursday Scott Murray walked in with a mate and did a rendition of something (can't remember what). Let's just say his footie was better than his singing . He and his mate we're making their way up fishponds road for a few more drinks so I warned him about the many Gas who frequent fishponds.
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