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    Third Kit.

    However if they can make a few quid by issuing a "limited run" of 3rd kits, they will do it. In that respect, it would be worth it....
  2. Could be a great signing for the Gas, but then if they're expecting him to put a shift in, they'll be sorely disappointed! As for Pitman himself, did he really have no other options!? Signing for that lot, means he has one foot in the retirement home.... Also makes me laugh that they won't deal with us (they're loss entirely - can't remember the last time they had anyone half decent.....oh yeah Taylor ), but are quite happy to sign our ex players from other clubs who are, to be fair, a few years past their sell by date!
  3. So Pearson brings in a coach that he knows very well (from his playing days at the very least), and it's jobs for the boys? So you wouldn't want him to bring in Steve Clark or any of the other Leicester coaches/backroom staff at some point then?
  4. Would/could that be the same legal advisor that told anybody who was listening that the club had a watertight case against Sainsburys a few years ago? Yeah, I wouldn't count on the "legal expert" that they have to know the difference between a chicken and a cow!
  5. Exactly what I was going to add. Mixing up the players who you would deem "first 11" players with the rest of the squad, will show how well the younger/reserve players mix with the "first choice". Some players may have played themselves into contention, others have probably showed Pearson and the coaching team exactly what they thought beforehand - either not good enough, or not yet quite ready. The last friendly will probably be closer to the team that will appear for the first league game of the season, whilst others will probably still get minutes, albeit from the bench to ensure that certain players (thinking more along the lines of Williams) don't overdo it, or pick up an unnecessary knock.
  6. Always divide gas numbers by 4 to get the true attendance figure.
  7. Perhaps just like playing with tactics and formations in pre season, Pearson is trying different people in taking the armband to see who reacts better, and to see how the rest of the team react to each player "leading". I'd expect an announcement about 4 days or so leading up to the first game of the season.
  8. Well quite, if the alleged incident didn't take place, then the person (whomever that is) that made the call should be prosecuted for wasting police time. This won't just go away because his wife says it didn't happen!! The bloke should have been banned from having any involvement in football on any level, after the cigar events at Man City. His managerial career is just another example of how someone with a name can keep getting a job.
  9. To be honest, a good season for us would probably be around 15th, bearing in mind form (yes different season but still) and the relatively young squad we seem to be going with. If we have a good run up to Christmas, then the January transfer window could be interesting especially if we can add one or two good signings, but we need to be in a decent position/form for that to happen. The Pearson effect, added with a good run, could prove to be a very enticing proposition to someone looking for a new club. That being said, the Pearson effect didn't make a huge difference last season, but there was a lot of unhappy/uninterested players here. Personally, 18th - 15th going into Christmas wouldn't be a huge disaster considering last season, and at times it won't be pretty. If we were somehow able to get a really good quality signing or two in before the end of this window (permanent/loan), I think we could be mid table easily. At the moment, I think we're still a bit short in terms of both numbers and quality though.
  10. I live outside of London, but was coming home from a wedding yesterday afternoon when it started. Driving down the M11 with the wipers on full speed, headlights and fog lights on, doing 40mph!! Luckily from what I can see where I live, just a few local roads that have flooded, but it was really bad. Unfortunately I work in a school and have found a few more leaks than normal from my old roof(s)...
  11. Taz

    F1- British GP

    Racing incident all day. I'm sorry but it wasn't that many years ago when people (myself included) were moaning that the races were too boring and predictable. Why should LH HAVE to drop off because MV was close and cutting across him/trying to block him off. As a driver (professional or day to day) you should know the dimensions/width of the car you're driving. MV tried playing chicken at 100mph+. He either misjudged the dimensions of his car, or was just arrogant enough to assume LH would just let him across without a fight. It's racing, at extremely fast speeds. Let them race. Incidents like this are few and far between thankfully, however at the speeds those cars are equipped to do, accidents/incidents will happen. Good race from LH to pull it back and take the win, along with Lando Norris taking 4th place. Unlucky Leclerc, leading for most of the race but just not able to keep the pace to outlast the Mercedes. As a side note, it would be interesting to see what Lando could do in a Mercedes/Ferrari/Red Bull....
  12. As a goalkeeper, 98% of the time you dive one way or the other. So I agree, keep it low and in the middle and you'll probably score.
  13. Rashford's record from the spot is a bit hit and miss. Before Fernandes went to Man U, they tried pretty much every player taking pens and they were all fairly crap. England have done well, no actually better than anyone expected in getting to the final. The thing that bugs me, is why did we spend a large chunk of the game seemingly happy for Italy to play their game how they wanted!? The goal was always coming, and the game for us was crying out for a change from about 5 minutes into the second half because it was blindingly obvious that nothing had changed from before half time. Disliked him as a player, and dislike him as a coach. Far too "safe". I'm sorry but when you have a bench with the talent that we had on it, why do you only bring players like Rashford and Sancho on to take penalties? Pretty sure Grealish tripped over and crushed Southgates cat at some point as well, as I can't understand how he never played more either. I'm off to bed. Up yours Italy.
  14. They were out of contract though? Are you suggesting we should have signed them to a new contract just to sell them?
  15. TFG were absolutely abysmal shirts. The year we won the LDV trophy, the quality was probably the best/most durable (still wear those occasionally) although the red one that year was a very strange shade - more pinky when compared to others we have had over the years. That particular "thing" in the picture is the one time I've looked at a shirt and thought "who the hell in their right mind would wear that, let alone pay for it". Absolutely awful. Got a feeling that that was one of, if not the last season(s) they supplied the kits before we went to Puma? Tatty Frayed Garments. TFG.
  16. If he's given a position and told to stick with it, in the right formation he'll be a decent player. Let's be fair, with previous regimes it's been a case of who's playing this week and what position shall we shoehorn him into this week? We did have a bit of that at the end of last season with Pearson, but he didn't have much choice by that point due to the number of injuries and wasters around.
  17. Didn't want to be here for whatever reasons (injuries, fitness issues, broken promises maybe?) With that in mind I don't really care. Don't want to play for the club - fine the doors over there don't let it hit you in the ass on the way out. Yes he could go on and make a decent career for himself- good luck to him. In fairness though all he's really accomplished whilst under contract here was all the success he had whilst at Coventry on loan. In League 1.
  18. Don't care so long as they don't play like "pussies"! As for the shirt, it doesn't fit with the rest of the ones released so far, and compared to the rest it's a bit "bland". I personally prefer the away shirt, and even the 2 goalkeepers. That being said it seems like I'll be getting the home "mini" kit for the little 'un as it's (at least currently) the only one they do.
  19. Realised today after looking in the mirror, that I need a hair cut. I then realised that the last time I had a hair cut it was the week/end of the tournament starting. Hair gel is a wonderful thing, and a bit more will be needed than normal, because ain't no way this doo is getting a trim until Monday at least!!
  20. Not sure I can hold out another 15 minutes
  21. The better team lost, Italy were quite happy to let it go to penalties. Italy will definitely be an easier (not that it will be easy) team to beat in the final. Whoever wins tomorrow, will probably quite fancy their chances providing they don't sit back and let the Italians control the game.
  22. To be honest, how can they be "fine and proper" examples of people in their position, whilst someone (who shall remain nameless for this point) can oversee the sale of one club, whilst being "in charge" of another. Reeks of hypocrisy before you even start looking at the finer points of the past 12 months for both clubs involved.
  23. Shevchenko. Mbappe. Granted it's not a "traditional" strikers number, but it's used a fair bit. My original (slightly tongue in cheek) point, was that we're after a striker that can score goals - not be a target man, or make assists - one who scores. We have 7 vacant, the only lower end number. If there was a goalscoring striker out there who wore the number 7, then perhaps that could be a smaller pool to start a rumour from. It wasn't meant as a hugely serious post, but seeing as you put so much effort into it, you forgot to respond about Cantona, and I never mentioned Berbatov or Rooney because they never wore the number 7.
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