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  1. Wow, that truly is disgusting. It's actually surprising as well as well.
  2. Excellently put (sorry to hear you have first hand experience of the damage caused by this sort of assault). Sykes' challenge was worth a red card. Studs or not, it could have caused a serious injury. Freeman's reaction, for reasons mentioned above alone should also have been shown a red. He also knew what he was doing, and by doing so could easily have gotten another of our players sent off, so there's another reason for the red.
  3. Unfortunately I think that VAR happening at this level is only a matter of time, and the FA/EFL are just waiting for the right time to insist on it. Unfortunately for them, VAR in the Premiership is still far from perfect. A better solution, is that the referees at all levels are trained to the same standard, and have to have some sort of consistency, because what Ref A sees as a red card, Ref B sees as a yellow, whilst Ref C isn't bothered and tells the player to get up. Pierluigi Collina. There was a Ref that was fair, competent, and very rarely made the wrong call. He also looked like someone that could handle themselves, unlike some of the wet farts that do the job over here. I'd personally like to see some ex pros take up the job once they retire. You're not going to argue with the ref if it's Roy Keane running around with a whistle, as he's quite likely to turn around and headbutt you!!! Why is there not a league ranking for referees? Make the mistake, lose points, get relegated to a lower level. Promotion and relegation just like the clubs. Yes they'll all at some point make mistakes, they're human. Make them accountable though. The standard of refereeing in this country is awful.
  4. Nick Hunt could manage the sags. That works doesn't it?
  5. Doubles up as that. When they're out of loo roll, they just grab another rag off the rail....
  6. If you've got sky q, it usually comes up as an option, sometimes if you record the "main" match, it will ask which one you want to record. I'm down here at my parents until tomorrow, so won't be able to check until I get home, hopefully around later afternoon. Haven't seen it mentioned anywhere yet though.
  7. Pretty sure I read on here that the toilets are in that area, so you can actually piss and, *ahem* empty your bowels over the tote end. I don't know if that is actually correct but fair play to the City supporter in the planning department that got that passed if it's right
  8. We're down in Bristol at the moment for a few days, and the wife wanted to go to IKEA today. I forgot they were playing, and definitely didn't realise they were kicking off early. We got off the m32 at around 11, and went straight around to the blue and yellow building. Left there about 2 after grabbing something to eat across the road, and didn't see any traffic at all. I still hadn't realised that they had kicked off early until I got back to my parents, and saw the scores on sky sports. If there were over 8000 there, then very few of them went anywhere near Tesco/IKEA.
  9. Height, build, probably a more natural fit in that respect at the back. Then you realise he can really play with the ball at his feet, he was probably moved further forward because of it. I'm guessing.
  10. Didn't say it was the OP, but there are a few that are clearly thinking along the lines of Warnock should be our manager.
  11. Knew there was a reason I've pretty much left the forum alone since the weekend. Open it up this morning and find this whopper - Warnock should manage us. Jesus H christ.
  12. Would have probably started with Henbury gas then to be fair!! Maybe? Wouldn't surprise me.
  13. Wasn't there something about the facilities being used when they weren't playing, but all profit went to UWE and not the sags? Same with sales like food and drink, sags saw no money from it? Or was that one of their many other supposed new stadiums?
  14. It's a bit like the name Huntley - everyone over a certain age is definitely aware of the name, even if they aren't aware of the full details. It's an unfortunate oversight, that as soon as it's been pointed out, will probably result in the west stand bit dropped from the name.
  15. If your after the highlights package, it is now on ITV4 (basically the old Quest programme but without Colin Murray). Alternatively Sky are usually pretty good with highlights, but that can be anything from about 1 minute up to 10..
  16. It can/does carry on down the chain, so long as every transfer is bigger than the previous one. For example, if he signs for Leicester in 2 years time for £15m, Peterborough will get cut of the profit (assuming they've added one which I suspect they have), we get a cut, and then so do Colchester. If however he moves for £1m, then nobody gets anything as the fee is lower than the previous one. Stand to be corrected, but pretty sure that's how it generally works.
  17. He ran into the centre circle, pulled down his shorts and took a dump in the middle of the pitch. The referee didn't realise and stepped in it.
  18. So did they all just sell up and move? No property developer buying all the houses to build a huge shopping centre? I'd have just had an extremely large explosion happen to wipe everyone out.
  19. That's almost as bad as Rivaldo for Brazil in the world Cup, when he was waiting for the ball back to take a corner!!
  20. Also it may be worth pointing out, that the bigger fees we received - Webster, Kelly, Reid, Bryan etc, were for players who were clearly playing a level below where they could/should be. I would argue that a blind man with his arms tied behind his back could have negotiated as good a deal(s) for these players. Yes Ashton was good at getting deals done, however was that because he was so public with it when it was done - "I've done this, I've done that" etc etc. What about the Engvals? I'd argue that put Gould in the same position with the same players to sell, as well as the same market conditions (pre Covid) and he would get at least an equal amount in the sales column. Gould has overseen a a few departures of Ashtons vastly bloated salaries as well - notably Palmer to Coventry. Leave Ashton in charge of getting rid of him, and he'd probably still be here.
  21. You talking about Neighbours, or.........
  22. We considered adoption before, but due to this working and only having a 2 bed house, it's not an option at the moment. That being said we may well do if/when we have a bigger place as there are plenty of children out there who have a shit time of it, and we can give them something they don't currently have.
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