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  1. Until he goes missing for 5 or 6 games. His ability was never in doubt. An in form Paterson is a great player at this level. Unfortunately an in form Paterson is also quite rare.
  2. From 2 divisions below? Doubt it very much.
  3. Agree 100%. We are in the middle of a rebuild, and at least we now look decent at the back. What we need is to now start focusing on the forward options, and start getting the right players for the rest of the positions. King isn't a long term answer, and James can't run the midfield by himself. Williams' injury hasn't helped things (again) but I don't see how or where players like Palmer or O'Dowda fit in (and in the case of the latter, it's not upfront!!) Martin was overplayed last season before his injury, and had probably played more than he expected to at this point in the season so far. Realistically if we can finish midtable this season, we've done very well. January will be interesting, because I don't see where the money is coming from, however it's blindingly obvious we are short of at least 3 first team signings. If somehow we can get these players in, we may be able to transform into a team that can actually create chances and keep goals out. For me, the main issue last night was that we tried to be too clever. Taking off all your strikers and leaving O'Dowda as the most advanced player, you were always going to make Forest think that there was something there for them. Especially as we have form for being soft later on.... Hindsight is a wonderful thing, especially because we should have had a penalty, and could have been an extra goal up if Wells hadn't hit the post. However, when you go in for a tackle like that in your own box, 90 minutes into a game, you need to make sure you are getting all of the ball, and only the ball, because you're opening yourself up for the attacker to go to ground regardless of whether you touch him or not.
  4. Yep. We'll probably get a last minute winner in the final game At least if we're going for it we might pick up form after. Maybe. Hopefully......
  5. Agreed. Ours looked to be a definite. That one looked like he went looking for the contact as soon as he got the ball.
  6. Definitely looked like it, but can't rewind on the red button so
  7. This is currently going one way, and it's not the way we want! Really hope the gameplan isn't to sit onto a 1-0 lead for 45 minutes.....
  8. Probert aside, are there any that have gone that we are that fussed about? Most of them are all Ashton cronies/family anyway. Congrats Tinman the youngsters are in good hands.
  9. Can we stop arguing about sag attendances and get back to the reason we're all here please? Let's carry on ripping the piss out of them.....
  10. I always said I'd build a new school, because the one I work at is old, everything needs replacing, and it's badly designed. One condition though would be that certain people would have to go as well, because they're useless, lazy, and would ruin the new place. Standard stuff as said before really, family, homes, cars, and make sure my son was set for life. First thing I'd do, I have to be honest is hand my keys in at work, and tell them to get cover sorted because I'm off!! I'd also buy a City shirt for every under 16 in Bristol. That would really get on the nerves of the dozen or so bitter deluded sags still around
  11. Yep, because the roof is pointing up the noise travels up and away from the rest of the ground. Is a bit in that maybe, but think it was more of an excuse as to why it's so quiet at times. We've since witnessed at times how loud the ground can be, especially when there's something to cheer about! As for moving the away supporters, it will never happen, and why should it. The facilities are all there, it's self contained, and unless we put home support in there with away fans, the segregation sorts itself out.
  12. I'd be worried to be fair. The coach would have got back so late most would have missed their bedtime by at least 6 or 7 hours. Their teachers won't be happy when they doze off tomorrow in school.....
  13. Yeah, signed in the few hours that Rene was there...
  14. Always trying to one up us aren't they!? Well in this instance - good luck to 'em, they can have that award! Wael done saggies
  15. Excellent read for first thing on Saturday morning Currently at £770...
  16. "With Wael Al-Qadi, we’ve got an owner in place who has got the resources to bring those glory days back to Rovers, the same way Steve Lansdown has done with his couple of billion pound fortune to Bristol City." 1. What glory days? 2. Couple of billion pound - the only couple of billion pound thing Wally will ever achieve at Roverzzzz is debt.
  17. Taz


    Bristol Post. Enough said.
  18. It's not a bad idea, in reality you're probably only going to be putting in players who are really at the end of their regular playing days (at first team level anyway). Having the experienced head at the centre of your team could help bring on these younger players so much, especially the likes of Simpson/King who have played at the higher level as well. Can see why some may have concerns initially though.
  19. It does write it's own story really doesn't it
  20. Had a banging roast I was going to upload as well
  21. Would burn quicker than Eastville
  22. Yep. Doing something with Black Sabbath I think...
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