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  1. Fun and games on match days away fans coach takes a wrong turning
  2. Ok pezo is any one on the train to Wigan on the 13th August
  3. Anyone on the train to Wigan
  4. Will stay a 1500 on Saturday 13th August
  5. 1960 for me 7yrs old with the old man and uncle up in crackers corner moved around the ground enclosure east end park end dolman block a&b happy days and season ticket on the way up the city
  6. Put the smiths on the juke box that will sort things out
  7. I’m fed up with his name buddy
  8. I’m just saying it’s a city forum not Lee duckingJohnson up the Gers
  9. No interest in Lee Johnson why keep putting it on here (he ruined my club)
  10. Remember singing baaarrristol at new street then the Zulu’s arrived carnage
  11. We are the city and we are the best
  12. And a few of our songs don’t mention city
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