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  1. Can you get on any train because the 10.30 is cancelled ?
  2. Played pool with him many many years ago in wedlock’s which was the star back in the day great bloke and good at pool get well soon buddy ……. Angus
  3. leader


    Robins tv Needs a decent presenter
  4. Why our game surely there’s better games ,now the crowd will be a lot lower, modern football my ass
  5. 100% magger1 and get rid of the wobbly glasses
  6. What’s the song the lads sing about David Bentley
  7. Sad news I heard the news on the train last night coming home from Peterborough John was one of the East End boys in the 70,s RIP my friend (Angus)
  8. You’ll be a mess when the Reds get hold of you Blackpool in the 70s
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