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  1. Better than Weimann at Bramall lane?
  2. Thanks - seems a little uncharacteristic then but hopefully not too much of a change required to be able to shake things up and get a goal
  3. Not there to be able to judge or to watch online but would be interesting to hear considering all the grumbles - are we really that far off the pace in comparison to all the other games where we have appeared mediocre but organised and still managed to sneak a goal in the second half?
  4. Definitely Kelly in for baker somehow missed out our best defender
  5. I think we should stick with what is winning at the moment, but would be fascinated to see how we would get on in the Chelsea mould of last season, with baker or bailey fit Nikki Webster. Kalas. Baker. Hunt. Brown hill. Pack. Elliason. Weimann. Taylor. Fammy. Too agressive?
  6. Who else are we getting? Answers on a post it... just seems people are willing to fire without reasonable alternatives. If people have viable/reasonable alternatives then him not taking us forward may have good grounds.
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