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  1. 10,000 season tickets sold. Phenomenal vindication of the rebrand, and the whole approach that the club has taken.
  2. Where to start - although I’ll caveat by saying that we’re two games into a new season and who knows how it may end. Its easy to say that there is too much negativity, but you’d have to have the patience of a saint to at best not be underwhelmed and and worst utterly despondent due to the downward spiral of increasing velocity we’ve witnessed since “that” Wolves game. It had been clear long before now that recruitment was painfully inadequate. It’s been clear that large portions of the squad were at best mediocre. Good starts and winning streaks papered over the very obvious cracks and dare I say if it wasn’t from some very notable performances from key individuals over the last 2 years, League One would be a reality now. The slow yet avoidable car crash we’re witnessing has huge parallels to the last relegation, right down to the desperate cost cutting and listless leadership. People will point to unrealistic expectations, and I would agree that any expectations for yearly promotion battles are misplaced, but certain senior individuals at the club have to take a huge slice of the blame for stoking such expectations. Things need to change, and fast.
  3. To add to this: Would a shy and humble person go on camera and dismiss fans/customers criticism as “noise” and how you need to “block out that noise” ? Because that’s the opposite. Would a shy and humble person in a senior position at ANY company troll it’s customers on social media and expect to be in that position for very long?
  4. Yes. SL decided he didn’t like how his taxes were being spent, so left day to day control with Junior (I think as CEO, can’t really remember) Unfortunately for Jnr, this coincided with a real down turn on the pitch and a cut in the playing budget; which after a prosperous few years on the pitch (relative to recent history) wasn’t well received on the terraces. Jnrs response to fan criticism of Millen was to say how the club needs to “block out the noise”. While yes you’ll probably do that privately, but saying it publicly was a red rag to a ball, and eventually SL needed to take him out of the firing line.
  5. Let’s not forget the Chairman’s role in this mess. 2nd time the house has seemingly burned down while he’s been given far more responsibility than he has talent for.
  6. Nicks hunt for the spawning ground of the plastic chair leads him to wild scrub land on the outskirts of Bristol. "The chairs will be mine" he said, with a sinister laugh"
  7. “I found out yesterday for the first time that we only have 3,416 seats here, and the way we are going that isn’t enough to accommodate the following we are gathering." How on earth can the chairman not know how many seats a football club has? SURELY that's a huge part in financial planning when setting prices. Unbelievable.
  8. I can't read it either. It just seems to be a collection of morons - the other sag forum seemed to inherit the more eloquent posters.
  9. The policy of signing older "names" has been proven to have been a failure. Bristol seem to have learnt from this, so I would be disappointed if we go for Stringer, even though the guy has been a fantastic player.
  10. I'd love to fly a drone over the Minimal on a match day playing "mind the gap" on a loop - the meltdown would be apocalyptic.
  11. I don't know. Maybe they've decided not press on without land ownership, maybe they've acquired the land in principle.
  12. Apparently quite the kerfuffle yesterday, with the Chairmans office and its surrounds sealed off as the negotiations got the critical stage. Something with substance will soon be announced, but as ever, the devil will be in the detail.
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