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  1. To my mind, keep it hierarchical and not parallel. If you try to keep the clubs in the National leagues, it’s way too complex. Make it actually the top two divisions. Two leagues of 20 teams with promotion and relegation. Playoffs for promotion into Second division each year: neutral tournament. Qualifying for eight countries, champions of each country, bottom 4 in EUSL2. Two European cups. One with EUSL teams + domestic clubs, one with only domestic clubs. EUSL clubs out of domestic leagues entirely. Maybe allow them in domestic cup, but would rather not. I’d actually prefer this to distortion of current setup.
  2. I'm finding them infuriating. I pay monthly. Haven't been able to use the app for four weeks (keeps telling me to buy, then tells me I already have a subscription). Log in to webpage and it crashes every 90 seconds. I'm glad they don't have a phone line because if they did I'd be acting like a massive asshole to some poor helpdesk bastard right now.
  3. If you're asking questions rather than answering, should it be so daunting?
  4. Chris Moyles / Piers Morgan?
  5. I like the fact that his tactic in 50:50 headers seems to often be: 1. Stand still. 2. Opposition player bounces off you. 3. Find football somewhere near your feet. Don't want to put too much pressure on him: a season is long. But very promising.
  6. I hit the "next unread topic" button, obviously.
  7. FFS. Nobody avoids the scores for MOTD any more?
  8. Seems to me that the elephant in the room is why he isn't capable of playing in a different role in a structured, well- coached formation, after three years with the club. Albeit he has learnt judo.
  9. Is it fickleness, or is it different people replying? edit - Just saw you’ve discussed this. For what it’s worth, I think your assumption that it’s the same respondents is probably incorrect.
  10. Yep, I’d enjoy all of those. A collection of games involving Bristol City (a few subbuteo team pitches with loads of teams in classic kits to pick from, plus I had an FA Cup board game from when I was a kid). Loads of ideas.
  11. If they had decent archive footage, plus an ability to sift through news articles, and spoke spoken words from fans talking about their favourite matches, that would be enough for me. Will be all about whether they get a proper curator. A room with all the former city shirts (or a selection that changes every three months). An ability to search for a player and pull up a highlights reel or collection of match day programme notes. A few interactive things for little kids like a skills circuit (kicking a ball, shooting a basketball etc), designing your own shirt, or doing your own press conference. Training ground routines. You could do loads with a decent space.
  12. I noticed that difference between the players as well. But do you not think this is a sign that the coaching / motivation method isn’t working?
  13. Ha! I’d call it giving him until the end of the season, rather than doing what Birmingham did with Rowett.
  14. I think he’s giving him until the end of the season, which I think is reasonable. I’m not saying I won’t have LJ. I’m just saying I can’t explain to anybody what he brings to the table. And I do think that with this squad, we should finish 6th or 7th because we lose out on the last day.
  15. We wouldn’t get ten points with the current squad and manager. The fact is that I still don’t see the value LJ brings to team structure or coordination. I don’t think he should be fired, but I look at these players and think a great manager would have them top two.
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