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  1. Conceding 5 at home to Bolton. Its soon going to be time for a rigorous recuitment process.
  2. "Seriously gaffer, Gregor McGregor is his real name"
  3. Money isnt everything. A team with one on the world's richest owners finished bottom last season.
  4. Marlon pack, Jamie Paterson, Barry Bannon
  5. I don't recall big protests from man utd fans when Bury were put into liquidation from a scumbag owner or Wigan went into administration when the owner was losing a bet. Both clubs on their doorstep I do support the cause from afar and hope its the start of a fan led revolution against modern day football.
  6. Bengals are my nfl team too, although i normally end up following the teams ive backed to win the superbowl at the start of the season just as closely and as im sure you will appreciate its never the bengals. Will follow this thread closely as never really got into mls though because of times and tv coverage i probably should.
  7. This will be the first full week without a midweek game for pearson. Gives him a good chance to start getting some philosophies accross to the players. I expect quite a different starting eleven for birmingham
  8. As someone above pointed out you can get it on sky sports app but i cant get it on sky go app. They are two different apps.
  9. Poor old gregor. Stepped up to the plate recently and this is his reward
  10. 2/7 now How short did Hughton get?
  11. Can see him being announced tonight at this rate 1/2 Now
  12. Pearson just gone odds on favourite
  13. Im thinking the same Its happened too quickly to be a large volume of bets, either a tasty bet although you cant have those on this sort of market or a bit of info Gettng interviewed in morning? 6/4 now Im getting excited
  14. Pearson into 7/2 now with Skybet - Clear 2nd Fav and into 2/1 now. Big gamble going on
  15. Of course, a bookie isnt going to go to high odds wise on a request. I just love the randomness of it. A very small city link would be that we signed perrera the right back from benfica whilst he was manager (i think) so ashton would have had dealings with them. Also has championship experience although as an assistant.
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