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    A living legend.
    In the past often seen in Stringfellows handing out signed photos
    That was a lucky escape! I nearly got sucked into a social whirlpool there, diverted from my lofty ideals into a life of debauchery! The flesh-pots of West London have been cheated of another victim! Eve has proffered the apple and Adam has slung it straight back at her!"

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  1. Just for clarification do you mean hare pie. Having just googled hair pie a term I admit I have never heard of, let's just say this seems the most appropriate response.
  2. No UK-born babies were named Nigel in 2020, according to ONS*. The Farage effect? or is big Nige a relic from a bygone age, no Wayne's either but Oliver is the most popular https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulat...dandwales/2020 Strange how you can almost guess a person's age by their first name. * Apparently 1 or 2 might have been. Min 3 required to show on official records.
  3. So the Op suggests that you take any spare tickets to West Brom away on the assumption that someone from Bristol has travelled up ticketless or have i misunderstood. I would have thought the answer to such a predicament would be for a willing buyer and seller to sort prior to travel with of course the over riding legal principle of Caveat Emptor coming to the fore.
  4. I think players should be made aware of what data is collected about them, and like a credit report, if the data is wrong, it could have a negative effect on the individual.
  5. Sorry perhaps I have failed to make myself clear, my original post started from the assumption that all managers are of a relative equal standard and it is more by luck than judgement whether they are successful. Phil Brown is a good example he must have had something about him to reach a play off final and keep Hull in the PL but since then his magic seems to have worn thin. So the question remains was he a good manager or a bad manager who got lucky. (Agree outfoxed was not the correct choice of words ,events conspired against us that day)
  6. Just playing devil's advocate, but are most managers in reality all about the same level and once in a while more by luck than judgement stumble across the right formation to suit their players. Phil Brown had enough about him to outfox GJ at Wembley and their they both are until yesterday managing in the 5th tier. Was he a good manager once or as subsequent events have shown just a false dawn In PB's case I think his ego was the problem and his reputation never recovered.
  7. A bit left field, but as a boy Donald Bradman use to throw a golf ball against a wall and bat it with a stump; so when he got older to hit a cricket ball with a full size bat became easy for him. Pretty sure that constant repetition at a young age hones these skills rather than any inherent DNA ,it's just that if your father is a footballer he is more likely to encourage you than if he was say a motor racing fanatic.
  8. Nearly 20 minutes long and is the match at Filbert Street
  9. To be honest I'm not sure it does i reached my zenith at differential calculus and it's been downhill from there better off leaving it to the young guns. "A utilities company is researching the cost of household gas and electricity bills. They have analysed the data from hundreds of households and found that the median cost is £66 and the interquartile range is £21. The range is £27.50, the cheapest price was £47.50 and the upper quartile was £74. Represent this information with a box-and-whisker plot."
  10. Hands up who knows what box plot /whiskers are, I'm guessing nothing to do with multipack cat food.
  11. This thread just reminds me how rubbish some of today's chants are, that one about "Every where we go" should be banned sounds like a bunch of hooray henry's attending a rugby match. Much prefer to hear that old school chant to the tune of Bless Em all which carried a bit of venom.
  12. For once I am in complete agreement. "Players lose you games, not tactics. There's so much crap talked about tactics by people who barely know how to win at dominoes." Brian Clough "Players lose you games, not tactics. There's so much crap talked about tactics by people who barely know how to win at dominoes."
  13. 20 pages of moaning knee jerk reactions to any defeat? Would be managers who know in an instance where NP is going wrong. Financial experts who can tell SL a thing or two about finance And Robbored
  14. Left Chelsea for AC Milan then signed for Tottenham for £99,999 did not want to be the first £100k player. On such a sad day fitting that Spurs play Chelsea .
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