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    A living legend.
    In the past often seen in Stringfellows handing out signed photos
    That was a lucky escape! I nearly got sucked into a social whirlpool there, diverted from my lofty ideals into a life of debauchery! The flesh-pots of West London have been cheated of another victim! Eve has proffered the apple and Adam has slung it straight back at her!"

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  1. Anyone else want to rise to the bait? It is the humour and off the wall comments which make this forum .
  2. Presser , no it is a press conference, using this does not make you appear more knowledgeable or in the know
  3. Well it started badly, it tailed off a little in the middle & the less said about the end the better! But apart from that, excellent!
  4. An odd sort of NTTDS thread. A cry for help? We shall probably never know.
  5. Always ready to be of service ,googled Glynn Riley and Coronation Street and guess what came up, this particular thread from 2018. https://www.otib.co.uk/index.php?/topic/196522-question-about-glyn-riley/
  6. Hopefully someone without a computer /mobile phone, access to the internet, can advise but I'm not holding my breath.
  7. Singer a little hoarse ?
  8. At the last count 10 new topics appear on the first page on the forum. In view of the fact he never engages in debate or posts likes etc on other peoples comments; what is the general consensus for restricting new topics per day or perhaps creating a new sub forum. I have nothing against NTTDS but his monopoly of new posts is a tad tiresome.
  9. Certain irony that my old mucker who started topic "City Media dept. Poor English Grammar" shoots himself in the foot, it is were not we're.
  10. I went to the Doctors last week and he said I've now got to have a pacemaker, so I've a got little Kenyan bloke comes everywhere with me now.
  11. This surely is a landmark day in the long and illustrious history of OTIB ,NTTDS has discovered the technology to create a poll. Over the next few football free months one can only imagine what tortuous choices we will be asked to consider. Favourite colour wheelie bin ?, Most atmospheric railway station north of Birmingham, worst value for money the BBC or NHS.
  12. Pep Guardiola a poor mans Danny Wilson ,he has one job win the Champions league, despite unlimited resources hailed as a tactical genius he has failed to deliver . Will the Man City board be as brave as SL after the Brighton debacle.
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