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  1. I This is all very worrying as I am in complete agreement, we have the nucleus of a very good team with a proven manager who understands what it takes to be successful. Last season was an aberration, apparently unfit players, horrendous injuries and players who were looking to move on. This season I believe we will surprise a few on here and will be disappointed if we are not in or around the play offs. If this is too optimistic for some ,hopefully can all agree that whatever our league position we play more attractive football and bring the joy and excitement back not the dull turgid displays that we have become so use to watching.
  2. Shame England weren't aware of this against Italy.
  3. Good point I should have given the price in old money as well as todays equivalent . Still cost 2 shillings (10p) to watch Tottenham , programme threepence (just over 1p) and a for some reason always had a seller of Percy Dalton's peanuts vending his wares which for some reason did a brisk trade. All relative as you could buy a decent house in London for under £10k
  4. Sorry to disappoint, in 1966 you could watch Tottenham for 10p (boys entrance ) and go anywhere in the ground, full price was 20p and seats behind the goal were 40p. " Who would have thought fifty years ago we'd all be sitting here drinking Chateau de Chassilier wine?"
  5. Poor man's Groucho Marx or someone involved in creating a new identity under some sort of Italian witness protection scheme.
  6. Very droll 2 particular highlights " Dubbed by many the Anfield of the south , well at least by me and probably another bloke" "What Anfield doesn't have is a view of Clifton suspension bridge, correct me if I'm wrong"
  7. Highbury was a great ground to visit, the North Bank was a thing of beauty a large low raking terrace with a corrugated iron roof which just amplified the noise.
  8. So true , he might even get us promoted and then what could we moan about. He is a very good player of which we have yet to see the best. In style he reminds me Ngola Kante breaking up play, constantly nicking the ball in front of the defence and setting up attacks. If we concentrate on what he can do as demonstrated by his performances for Hungary and play to his strengths rather than put him in the team then play him on the wing or in goal he will have a big impact this season
  9. Agreed the results made the tournament very enjoyable, we showed glimpses of how good an attacking team we could be in fleeting moments but overall left with the impression that we played to conservatively.
  10. Decent to watch ? I must have viewed a different tournament, far to negative and in the Scotland game we were booed off, there were many positives to come out of our matches but being decent to watch was not one of them. Italy showed it is possible to be entertaining and win ,
  11. The penalty misses are a distraction from the way we went from looking a very good side at the start of the match to a rudderless ship by the end. Whose fault was that, the players not being good enough to keep it up or the manager not being good enough to change tactics and players mid match? Probably a combination of both. No doubt in my mind that the best team won.
  12. We have never lost in a major final. So I for one will be watching quietly confident history is on our side, there maybe the odd moment of anxiety but all will be forgotten as we eventually triumph .
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