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  1. This thread just reminds me how rubbish some of today's chants are, that one about "Every where we go" should be banned sounds like a bunch of hooray henry's attending a rugby match. Much prefer to hear that old school chant to the tune of Bless Em all which carried a bit of venom.
  2. For once I am in complete agreement. "Players lose you games, not tactics. There's so much crap talked about tactics by people who barely know how to win at dominoes." Brian Clough "Players lose you games, not tactics. There's so much crap talked about tactics by people who barely know how to win at dominoes."
  3. 20 pages of moaning knee jerk reactions to any defeat? Would be managers who know in an instance where NP is going wrong. Financial experts who can tell SL a thing or two about finance And Robbored
  4. Left Chelsea for AC Milan then signed for Tottenham for £99,999 did not want to be the first £100k player. On such a sad day fitting that Spurs play Chelsea .
  5. Sad news to hear that the great man has passed away. For people of my age an absolute legend
  6. Maybe I'm a tad biased as grew up supporting Spurs and also saw a lot of the Arsenal when they did the double, including their lucky win at Tottenham to clinch the title. As you say their modus operandi was to have a mean defence and snatch a goal through Radford or Kennedy hence the 1-0 to the Arsenal chant. Even their most biased fans would not call them entertaining but they loved them as they just ground out results and kept winning. Looks like we will have to agree to disagree
  7. On the contrary the question is quite ponderable. Arsenal won the double in 1971 by being boring and winning games 1- 0, if City won the league and were boring I'd take that. Arsenal fans certainly enjoyed taunting the opposition.
  8. You've gone all Kevin Keegan surely we should keep the duck and get rid of the monkey. "I'd love to be a mole on the wall in the Liverpool dressing room at half-time."
  9. Marvellous news, it's interesting to note that Leylah Fernandez tonight's opponent has beaten 3 of the top 5 ranking players in her run to the final, yet Raducanu is odds on to win. Should be a good match .
  10. When we do break this run I suspect some poor hapless team will get hammered, an alignment of an early sending off ,rank bad defending and exceptional attacking play from us . Today's the day 4-0 City * *This assumes we are not the victim of some curse or have upset the footballing gods, as a result destined for all eternity never to win at home
  11. Just found this on the internet and thought you may find it interesting. For those who aren't that bothered just scroll down to the Jimmy Greaves goal, a thing of beauty. https://www.johnbarber.com/tottenham-hotspur-1960-1961-the-double-year/
  12. Thanks but none of the links work for me, all I get is this "XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it" which is ironic as similar comments have often been made about my attire.. .
  13. So they made a loss of £5m and have losses bought forward of £95m making losses carried forward of £100 m, astonishing for 3rd division side. if this was any other business they would cease to trade, perhaps you would be good enough to provide a brief answer as to how this is allowed to continue and how they meet the basic audit requirement of being a going concern. Thanks in advance
  14. Have to admire Everton ,they still run out to the Z cars theme not sure many under 60s have even seen the show but still popular with supporters. There is a lot to be said for not following the latest trend and giving the club its own unique identity.
  15. Just for clarification:- Troll = to intentionally do or say something annoying or offensive in order to upset someone, or to get attention or cause trouble. Controversy = a disagreement, often a public one, that involves different ideas or opinions about something.
  16. Seems as though a local BBC journalist must be reading this site, and just for a laugh to brighten a dull day posted on the Bristol news under latest updates the following headline Flint completes Bristol City move I nearly fell off my chair on clicking on the story however it is dated 11 June 2013. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/england/bristol So not exactly latest updates , how soon will they inform us Mafeking has been relieved Posted at 12:59 Flint completes Bristol City move Read more
  17. Sorry, The George is in Knowle . In the scheme of things not very important, but in this era of fake news one does what one can to be a beacon of light and honesty.
  18. I've heard it ,can confirm our postman told me that his milkman heard it from a bloke down the pub who was told by his neighbour who apparently knows someone who overheard a conversation at Tesco by the club's a senior analyst who was stocking up on bog rolls . As good as on the OS in my book
  19. Falkirk v East Stirling for me, i was informed by the locals not for the faint hearted as a real passionate rivalry. Reality freezing cold, a crowd of less than 300 and football that would shame the Dog and Duck.
  20. Excuse me. Are you the Highlights from Swansea Match thread. **** off! We're the Swansea highlights Match thread
  21. Just read the bias allegations in wiki against her :- "accused Kuenssberg of being biased against the Labour Party and its leader Jeremy Corbyn" " overly interrupted Johnson and was displaying bias against the government." She seems to me to do a fairly decent job if she has upset both Labour and the Conservatives .* *Not quite sure how we ended up here when discussing the lack of football highlights on the local news
  22. How have you arrived at that conclusion? Her remit is to remain neutral and she goes to great lengths never to disclose her politics. As an aside my brother in law can't stand her as she's too left wing . Just interested to know what makes you think she's a Tory
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