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  1. I dunno, I can see how it might appeal to both parties. He's done a good job at Rangers (quality of league not withstanding), he's a big name in the game to attract players and “buy in” but probably attainable and from his point of view Newcaste are a realistic stepping stone if he one day wants to manage Liverpool, by which time Newcastle will hope they will be an attractive enough proposition to whoever the big boys are by then.
  2. I'm not so sure, I thought he was seething in his interview afterwards but at the same time he's probably mindful of not going too hard on the players in public when confidence is fragile.
  3. I don't think it's anything as clever as that, there are simply a handful of posters who claim to support the club but don't actually like it or anyone associated with it, that's irrespective of who the manager and players are at any given time. They don't get any enjoyment from it, find it impossible to say anything positive even after a good result and it really does beg the question as to why they're here.
  4. Why are you asking this again? You were told the other day.
  5. Is there anything you like about the club? If not, why are you here?
  6. Yep. Same as the suggestion of Russell Martin the other day. It'll be someone else by the weekend.
  7. Or even if we'd just hung on to beat Blackpool and Luton but drawn at QPR and Pboro instead of winning those games late on. I guarantee that there'd barely a murmur of discontent, aside from the odd few who never have anything good to say.
  8. As I said last night, people seem to have convinced themselves that the home form definitely won't improve but the away form will definitely get a lot worse.
  9. The commentator on the Sky red button said as much, that it wasn't just this season and last but has been going on practically since the rebuild.
  10. It's interesting that the good away form definitely won't last but the awful home form definitely will...
  11. Deffo jizzed his pants in injury time.
  12. I'm genuinely mystified by the accusations that they didn't care and weren't putting effort in.
  13. Back again with another login eh? Defeat always brings you out doesn't it?
  14. We could lose every game 5-0 and we'd still never be as bad as some on here like to claim.
  15. Goal was against the run of play, not complaining mind. Could do with an extra body in midfield.
  16. So if we win the next 2 away, but don't win either home game, potentially picking up 8 points in 4 games if the home games are draws, you'd want a change of manager? Just checking I've read that right.
  17. Bath Leeds are actually in the 3rd tier now, went down last season.
  18. It might, yes. But he'd have been up against it from day one and certainly wouldn't have been afforded the levels of patience that would be needed for him to implement his style. Whereas Pearson is being afforded that time because he has the track record, and even he's still got people getting jumpy and questioning whether he's the right man seemingly every time we lose a game.
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