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  1. No-one is ignoring that, it's a glaring problem for whoever is in charge. But I still say that I have seen nothing from Pearson to suggest he is the right man for the job.
  2. It's all very well coming out with a flippant comment like that, and I do understand the sentiment, but I'm still waiting for someone to tell me exactly what Pearson has done to show that he is the right man for the job.....because I still can't see it.
  3. Why? Genuine question, as I have seen absolutely nothing that tells me he is the right man for the job.
  4. Yes, I'm very happy to give him credit for playing the youngsters, what I was getting at, is he is very lucky to have the quality of young players available to him. It's very unusual to have a talented group coming through at the same time.
  5. Still to be convinced TBH. On the one hand, I recognise all the difficulty's that he has had to face...and is still facing. But I do think that he has been incredibly lucky with the crop of youngsters that were ready to come through.
  6. I was stood directly in line with it, in the east end. I could be wrong, but I'm sure there was almost an exact replay of that goal the following year,?
  7. Total clickbait. They are as bad as the Daily Express!
  8. We're going to have to live with Covid for, I suspect, a very long time. So we're going to need to learn to live as normal a life as possible. The vaccines should allow us to do that, and I've had 3, so I'll be there.
  9. Nice reply. OK, "hoofball" is probably not the right term, as they do at least try to direct their long punts upfield, but it is still a style, that by it's very nature is set up to fail more often than not. In answer to your last question (and please let's not turn this into an LJ thread! ) I accept that he kind of lost his way towards the end, and it was probably the right time for him to move on, but I would have more confidence in LJ keeping us up this season than I do in NP
  10. Someone previously mentioned that, how they train to play is totally different to how they actually play on a matchday. Surely this is something that should be addressed by the manager? I can only assume that he is actually happy to see them play hoofball, which for me is very worrying as it doesn't work! Like him or not ( I do ) when LJ was here, I could at least see what he was trying to do, and how he was trying to get the players to play, but I am at a total loss as to NP's plan/style/direction. And this is after 9 months. NP's pre Bristol City record shows that he can be/is a good manager, but is he the right manager for us at this point in time? Before you ask, no I don't know who else we could get to come in and do a better job, but I really worry that we are going to sleepwalk to relegation.
  11. Fair points....but surely the role of a Manager is to, well......manage
  12. Your example is from a static goal kick, where opposing players have had time to sort out their positioning etc, so of course I can see the issue here - although I think good coaching can teach you to move and find spaces. Generally we are quite good at closing down to try and stop the opposition from playing it out, yet they still manage to do it....even the so-called "poor" teams But it's not just goalkicks. Even if Bently has the ball in hand, it's rare that he will look for the quick throw/pass to one of our players. Generally it's just "wave them all upfield to one side of the pitch, and kick long".
  13. (1) Statistics are fine, as long as you don't fall into the trap of dressing them up as "fact". (2) The thing is, the players aren't 11 year old kids having a kickabout, they're professional footballers. If their manager tells them to play a certain way then that is how they should play. If they ignore instructions and carry on doing the wrong thing, then I think it's only right to start looking at the manager.
  14. I appreciate the more in depth reply. However, please don't try to sway me with statistics. I know what I see on a match day, and yes of course there will be occasions where the ball is played out, but there is no denying that the general trend is to kick it long. I totally get the confidence and weak mentality argument, but in my opinion a good coach/manager will get around that.
  15. I'm clearly missing something, because I just can't see it.
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