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  1. A HUGE backward step from LJ in my opinion. What a massive waste of a great opportunity to push on.
  2. I would imagine this is pretty much spot on..............
  3. Whatever terminology is used, what relevance is a person's skin colour anyway? As long as people do continue to make reference to it, whether using the correct current "acceptable" word or not, racism will not go away. Whether Hughton is a good choice for City or not, has absolutely zero to do with the colour of his skin, so why mention it at all?
  4. Not so long ago, we were very much a yo-yo club between the Championship and League 1. Personally, I believe we are now an established Championship club and don't see any danger in us being relegated any time soon. So in that respect "the plan" is definitely working. The question is, will that plan take us to the next level? If the belief within the club is yes it will, then for me LJ is a perfect fit. If however, the belief within the club is that a different plan needs to be in place to get us there, then LJ may need to be sacrificed.
  5. That's it in a nut shell for me. Too much time spent worrying about the opposition instead of maximising our own strengths. Stop trying to be too clever Lee.
  6. If you find out, please post on here as that is how I'm hoping to do it.
  7. among other things, she was a City cheerleader back in the day.
  8. Couldn't get a ticket, so watched it looking over the wall at the back of the away end. My worst ever memory of football. walking back to the car afterwards to the constant rendition of "Goodnight Irene"
  9. Didn't realise that.........thanks
  10. Had the email as well, but quoting an old debit card number, so I won't have actually received anything..............
  11. Easy solution......get rid of VAR and stop trying to make the game of football 'perfect'.
  12. Is Blasphemy OK these days.................?
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