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  1. The only positive from today is that Lee Johnson is no longer manager of Sunderland, 2 games , 2 defeats, another awesome season awaits!
  2. LoyalRed


    Exactly, best game of tennis for a long time
  3. LoyalRed


    What a talent though, that winning shot ! Wow
  4. I’m not back, just wasting some time
  5. You belong there based on your old material
  6. LoyalRed


    Piers Morgan denies he was having sex with his wife during his hayday though, I think at the time Gazza was this countries hero in terms of football, but good old Piers comes across as very English/British
  7. Just noticed there are 2 episodes of this on iplayer now, could be wrong but was sure it was just a one off when I watched it originally.
  8. He wasn't forced into wearing it - That is your opinion.. Summarized in the first 30 seconds of this video.
  9. Let's not turn this into a covid discussion, Le Tissier was sacked at the time before a lot of his covid tweets had come out. See @Simon79 post above which clarifies this. Le Tiss didn't want to wear the BLM badge but was forced into wearing it and then decided not to wear it again.
  10. Gary Neville also voices his political opinion on Twitter as does the climate preaching Gary Lineker who travels all over the world. I am sure everyone can choose not to agree with a persons opinion but does that give their employers a reason to sack them @!james?
  11. Likely because Le Tissier has only recently put a video/story out saying he raised the query at the time he was sacked.
  12. For Sky Sports, it is acceptable for an employee to gob on a 14 year old girl as the Carragher/Neville relationship works well and is popular.
  13. I think we are in agreement that he is our best keeper, so surely we wouldn’t let him run his contract down. If he doesn’t want to sign a new contract then we have to cash in.
  14. Exactly time to cash in, Bentley is an asset and was benched for a while last season also.
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