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  1. What’s going on with Bentley? Is he injured or does he want out ?
  2. No I hadn’t see that, I saw there was a documentary on how the police handled it last night which I have recorded as well.
  3. Not specific to Prime or Netflix but would recommend Four Lives with Stephen Merchant on BBC1, some really good acting and a true story - catch it all on IPlayer https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7428760/
  4. Exactly my point on the match thread and someone said wtf am I talking about ... nobody is disputing he’s the best midfielder we have however he is a calamity at times when he could safely pass out of defence but opts to pass to an attacker free in the box from the opposite team (dumb stuff).
  5. KP is good, just needs an actual run in the team
  6. I thought he was onside and just needed a quick pass which Weimann opted against and took the ball to the right, it’s about being clinical and passing it straight away. Shouldn’t be conceding 2 at home, makes it difficult there I said it
  7. Great player but always seems to have a mistake in him, explains why he’s playing in the championship.
  8. Massengo showing how good he is at trying to lose us the game again
  9. Ok , fair point ... anyway I’m gonna shut up now
  10. You are optimistic, I haven’t seen a shot on target yet in the second half.
  11. And a striker ? Haven’t we got Wells on the bench.
  12. Is this game actually on sky or not ?! It says it’s on the red button but then it shows the West Brom game
  13. How many times could we have said that this season ? Winning or drawing at home with a minute to go or in injury time and then we throw it away ? Pi$$ poor as per....
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