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  1. I see you have had a lot of negative feedback to this post. I as most fans were overjoyed when Nap was appointed but you are right, the results for a manager of his pedigree have been pathetic so far. Fingers crossed he turns it around and I hope he had not lost his mojo. I do think he will turn this around but will take time.
  2. A win is long overdue
  3. It’s appearing on vipbox but that can be sometimes hit and miss
  4. To be fair I valued Palmer above Paterson but now I do wonder when Palmer will step up, been a while now and he’s not really done anything
  5. Have we tried it ? Gregor wouldn’t do that :laugh:
  6. Our last win was on 13th March, no wonder everyone is a bit down.... that’s a hell of a long time to wait for another competitive win.
  7. Like most kids today, it’s probably from the bank of mum and dad
  8. I would like to think you were doing that before the pandemic also and haven't just started this practice based on government advice.
  9. For 2022 these look like reasonable times to watch the games, thought they were going to be in the middle of the night
  10. Might be hard to judge GS in Qatar, it will be very hard to see any European team doing well in Qatar in that intense heat. Saying that, I can't see him staying on after the WC anyway.
  11. We may have missed out on Maguire but we made up for it with Taylor Moore
  12. Was quality although his time here will always be overshadowed by his tweet
  13. Marcus Stewart Was so excited so finally see him at BC, what a wasted opportunity though
  14. Bristol City FC Leicester reserves
  15. KALAS !!!! Got to keep him
  16. Exactly, if he had been alone when it happened he wouldn’t have been alive. Was horrific to watch and I thought he was dead as the CPR was taking ages. The BBC should have cut away from it, he’s a very lucky guy
  17. Agreed, there could be an agreement in place as this European championship is being played in multiple countries. It would be unfair of us to fill Wembley to 75% capacity if other countries can’t do the same
  18. We have 3 known centre-backs in Coady, Mings and White although I guess Shaw has played in that position before.
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