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  1. The only thing I'm pretty sure about is that City fans (speaking very generally - and including myself), are not good at picking managers. I wasn't very happy with the Cotterill appointment, was underwhelmed with GJ, but was excited about McInnes, SoD and Coppell.
  2. Used to live less than a mile from the ground when I was at Aston University. It's more Witton than Aston I think. Not a nice area. Fortunately the university isn't there either, or I might not have escaped there in one piece. Perry Barr dog track and the Crown and Cushion pub were my (only) favourite bits of the area. And Villa Park, maybe the best ground in the country from an architectural perspective. 1-1
  3. I think that's actually WBA. Oldham is apparently the coldest though. Jason Roberts scored his only City goal there in a 1-2 win for us on the way to promotion under Ward. (Goodridge got the other that day) 1-3
  4. They watered both ends at ht, though the end we were defending 2nd half was watered a lot more and was basically waterlogged at the start of the 2nd half. Not sure why they did this. Orient played some decent football at times so it probably didn't help them.
  5. Got 1 spare ticket for tonight; will take face value or even a bit less. I'll be in the Leyton Technical Pub, then Coach & Horses before the game to exchange. Message me if interested.
  6. Plus we were unbeaten in 4 matches last year against Championship/Prem opposition...
  7. Yep, Charlton look like they'll be a very good team and I'd expect them to win the league. However, over the 8 or so years we were in the league below, we probably spent the sort of money and made the sort of signings that put a little fear into the likes of Colchester, Luton, Southend and Rotherham, only to see them finish above us time after time. Now, the gulf between the top and bottom will be far bigger in the Championship, but as mentioned above, good organisation and team spirit can make up for a lot, and it's not like we don't have some gifted players ourselves...
  8. After yesterday I'm feeling pretty maganimous towards everyone, so yeah, c'mon Yeovil. Wouldn't even mind the gas going up at the moment, though realise that's a step too far for most on here! Obviously we want to be the top West Country team (though realise that's not exactly the greatest achievment in the world!), but there's also a good argument I think that if West Country football is strong, that will benefit us, as it will make the region seem less of a footballing outpost and more attractive for potential players.
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