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  1. Unlikely I know but given the general toxic atmosphere amongst the fans, maybe he’ll decide not to take the job. What would the club do then, having rejected actual qualified candidates?
  2. Not as confident as you but would love it to be true....
  3. Just feels like we’ve sacked Dumb and replaced him with Dumber.
  4. I really have no idea if this guy is a reliable source or not but just a slight rekindling of hope...
  5. I wonder. It is certainly possible we’re still negotiating with CH(hence the time taken) and using leaks to Gregor to big up Holden in case the talks fail?
  6. I think if the pilot was totally unqualified and had never flown a plane before I should be allowed to cancel...
  7. The best post I have seen on the subject and exactly how I feel. It’s not because I feel the club is badly run, or controlled by bad people, but just that they keep making the same mistakes in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
  8. History suggests otherwise...
  9. Hughton as Director of Football with Holden as Head Coach might be bearable...?
  10. Fair enough. It was only an idea. Funnily enough I am not normally the kind of fan who gets angry but this whole process has annoyed me and many reasonable fans so much. And yes, I do feel lied to and yes, I do know no Head Coach has been appointed yet. I would like Hughton, would accept Cook, I would even accept Lowe who at least has experience and promotions on his CV. Just gutted that a huge opportunity looks like it is going to be wasted, just like when Millen was appointed.
  11. I know that many of us would not want to give up watching City no matter how appalling the Head Coach, but instead who would join a merchandise boycott to show how disappointed we are at being lied to? I would normally buy a home shirt at least each season, many others buy much more?
  12. Perhaps they feel they owe it to Holden to tell him he hasn’t got the job in person?
  13. What I don’t get is this idea that due to the financial restraints caused by Covid, we need to appoint a failed assistant coach as Head Coach. Surely a proven coach with the ability to get the best out of the players we have is what is required, probably more than ever.
  14. The only possible justification for appointing Holden is if Lj had done a brilliant job and been poached by a PL club. But he AND his coaches did an awful job with the resources they had. If Holden had no part in that, what was he doing at the club?
  15. I could believe a Chris Hughton DOF appointment with Dean Holden as 1st Team Coach. Dean Holden as Head Coach would be ridiculous.
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