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  1. Bear in mind its a cup game of course, not sure what the format is, ET and pens or straight to pens. Could make a difference to those who have connections to make
  2. Not in time for Wednesday. My guess is Coventry will forfit the tie or the tie will be played on the 2nd round date, probably at AG.
  3. I guess there are a few options. A bye, I think that happened in Covid times when teams couldn't fulfill the fixtures? A rearranged game,at Coventry which looks unlikely as pitches don't grow overnight and fixture congestion. Or perhaps a neutral venue or the game switched to AG, but that would surely be too soon for it to happen on Wednesday.
  4. I thought that is what William's was meant to be? I understand that he hasn't been fit almost from the moment he arrived here, but I've not seen a lot to suggest he is the controlling midfield player with a nasty streak people were raving about?
  5. I can see both sides of this. We did get a fancy box and a keyring this season as our gift! But also a £10 on our ST cards would probably have meant the price going up even more to cover that. But for those saying it's 'only' a tenner it works out about 18% on an adult shirt, so not bad. In some peoples cases it might mean the difference of getting a shirt or not?
  6. Thank goodness. I thought I was the only one not on board with all this Lioness stuff. I cannot watch women's football. Good for them but I'm sick of hearing about it now People are shocked when I say this as I will travel the length of the country to see City.
  7. I'm treating Hull's winner as a freak goal, and hoping lightning won't strike twice. But you certainly aren't wrong about the difference in halves on Saturday against them. For large periods of the first half it seemed only a matter of time before we scored again. What got me was for all the control of the game we had, we just couldn't kill it off. That worries me more than conceding a dodgy penalty or a freak goal. Obviously it is only one game in. But Sunderland with a large following, possibly the largest we will see at AG this season, will be confident and a stiff test. We need to find that bit of toughness, both mentally and physically that we had been lacking at times last season, resulting in the late goals. I do think we have players now that can deliver this, Naismith for example, but have they formed enough of an understanding yet. Early days and one game doesn't make or break our season.
  8. Anyone watching the cricket just starting on BBC2, no pyro no party! So much coloured smoke you can't see across the pitch. All fully legal of course, as they have been let off by the organisers. Same effect on anyone with breathing difficulties in the crowd I would imagine?
  9. Agreed. I started going to matches regularly in the early 80's. My memory of those days was the great atmosphere, all made by the fans. No pyros needed. You were squashed the Eastend like sardines as they say, all standing of course. You got there early and sang. Many came armed with the obligatory loo roll or had spent the hour or so tearing up the Evening Post into confetti-like pieces. When the teams RAN out, no nice hanshakes back then, it was mayhem and I loved it! Regarding the ban that was issued. I think the club has to be seen to be proactive on this and there certainly had been warnings only days before. I guess their licence issued to hold matches needs them to be upholding the law and preventing where possible these breaches. And yes there was at least one sniffer dog at Hull. Also as I have said before, we seem to have got a reputation for flares/pyros. I have heard this often from stewards and security both home and away.
  10. We were the better team for much of the first half. They then realised which players to target and how much of a foul they could get away with and got a grip of the game. Very surprised how bitter Hull fans were towards us. Yesterday was my 4th visit since the playoff final and yet the worst for objects being thrown at us. It took a lot of Police to hold them back at times. Strange lot, I think most of us are well over that Windass game by now and moved on, they it appears have not.
  11. I don't really like it, but if we had VAR in the Championship Hull would never had been given that penalty.
  12. Yes. I was glad for HT they were pushing us hard!
  13. Players all here in plenty of time, empty coach has arrived too. No drama
  14. Same for me. I have managed to redo a couple, eg old and new Middlesborough but some eg Walsall I'm yet to do new. I think I'm at 57 of the current 92 with City. No new Championship grounds this season for me though
  15. I had no idea it was still being broadcast, must be 30 years or more since I last watched it.
  16. My predictions in Red Bristol City F.C. 1) What will be City's final league position? 11th 2) How many points will City get this season? 63 3) Will City score 60 (or more) League goals this season? No 4) Will City concede 60 (or more) League goals this season? No 5) Who will finish as City's top scorer? Andreas Weimann 6) How many League goals will City's top scorer (whether the player named in Q5 or ano.) get? 17 7) Who will finish as City's 2nd top scorer? Antoine Semenyo How many League goals will City's 2nd top scorer (whether the player named in Q7 or ano.) get? 12 9.) How many academy graduates will make their City debuts this season in League or Cup competitions? 4 10) Will Duncan Idehen make 15 (or more) League appearances for City this season? No 11) Will Joe Williams make 25 (or more) League appearances for City this season? No 12) Will Stefan Bajic make 10 (or more) League appearances for City this season? Yes 13) Will Antoine Semenyo still be a City player on the last day of the season? Yes 14 Will Han Noah Massengo still be a City player on the last day of the season? No 15) Will Tomas Kalas still be a City player on the last day of the season? No 16) Will Nahki Wells still be a City player on the last day of the season? No 17) Which month will Antoine Semenyo make his first on-field appearance for City this season? September 18) Which month will Ayman Benarous make his first on-field appearance for City this season? October 19) Will City sign a striker either before the end of this window, or in the January window? No 20) Who will be City's player of the season? Kai Naismith 21) What will the Official attendance be for the first home game against Sunderland to the nearest thousand? 25k 22) What will City's Official average League attendance be this season to the nearest thousand? 21k 23) In which round will City be knocked out of the F.A. Cup? 4th 24) In which round will City be knocked out of the Carabou Cup? 2nd 25) How many City players will be sent off in all competitions this season? 2 26) Who will be the first City player to be sent off this season? Naismith 27) How many penalties, in all competitions, will City be awarded this season? 3 28) How many penalties will City score? 3 29) Will any City player score a first team hat trick this season? Yes 30) Will Nigel Pearson still be City's manager on the last day of the season? Yes Young City players: Bell, Conway, Towler, Kadji, Owers, Palmer-Holden, 1) Which of these 6 will make the most appearances for City, in all competitions, this season? Conway 2) Which of these 6 will score the most goals for City in all competitions? Conway Gas: 1) Final League position? 18th 2) Average League attendance, to the nearest thousand? 8k 3) Will Matty Taylor score against Rovers this season? Yes 4) Will Marlon Pack score against Rovers this season? No 5) Will Tyreeq Bakinson score against Rovers this season? No 6) Will Joey Barton still be Rovers' manager on the last day of the season? No Welsh Rivals, Cardiff & Swansea 1) Will O'Dowda score for Cardiff against City? No 2) Who will finish higher, Cardiff or City? City 3) How many points will City get against Cardiff 0,1,2,3,4 or 6 ? 4 4) Who will finish higher, Swansea or City? City 5) How many points will City get against Swansea, 0,1,2,3,4 or 6? 4 Lee Johnson's Hibs 1) What position will Hibernian finish in the SPL this season? 7th 2) Will Lee Johnson still be Hibernian manager on the last day of the season? Yes Ashton's Ipswich 1) Will Ipswich be promoted this season either automatically or through the play offs? No 2) Will Mark Ashton still be there at the end of the season. Yes Steve Cotterill 1) Will Cotts lead Shrewsbury to promotion? Yes 2) How many points will Cotts' Shrewsbury take off Rovers 0,1,2,3,4,or 6? 6 3) Which club will finish higher, Shrewsbury or Rovers? Shrewsbury Old Boys 1) Will Bobby Reid score 7 (or more) PL goals for Fulham? No 2) Will Josh Brownhill score for Burnley against City this season? No 3) Will Aden Flint score for Stoke against City this season? No 4) Will Kasey Palmer score for Coventry against City this season? No Championship 1) Which club will finish top of the Championship? Norwich 2) Which club will finish bottom of the Championship? Rotherham
  17. No, it's a genuine technical issue. Systems/phonelines not working. Nothing to do with train strike
  18. It's been a while Plymouth, I don't recognise the place. Tidy little ground now. My last visit was when Plymouth got promoted mid 80's!
  19. Aren't you just glad we haven't got Glasto this weekend! Yes the Daily Express etc are a pain in the ass with their constant warnings of extremes, whether its heat, snow, wind etc. When a genuine situation arises some people won't take any notice and get caught out. A bit of panic buying in the shops at the moment, drinks (especially bottled water) and ice cubes flying off the shelves.
  20. Exactly my first thoughts. Teams like that are going to iconic, it should be kept as simple as possible. It doesn't need to scream 'look at me'. I really don't like our home shirt much, but seeing designs like this I think we have been a shade fortunate as the ManU one is hideous, that collar, wtf
  21. Good points. Its a difficult position isn't it. Any other position can get rotated, whether starting the match or off the bench. A keeper can spend months as a sub without getting league game time. Often then the second keeper is sent out to get experience at another team, which of course is no good if your keeper gets injured or sent off there and then. I don't know what the answer is, if one is needed. Maybe being allowed to have a 4th sub, as long as its a keeper? Usually when a keeper is subbed during a match (which is rare) unless it is due to injury its seen as a negative thing, why not treat the position like any other and have good competition and equality between them? Yeah, probably a stupid idea, but stranger rules have been made!
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