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  1. Winning. OG. Correction, given to Jannah
  2. They have had staff isolating for the past week or so. They might return and be pinged again, which has happened before.
  3. Many sent out yesterday and are arriving today. Not seen this mentioned, just a heads up. Ignore if you are already aware.
  4. FAO @Riaz deadly adjective 1. causing or able to cause death. "a deadly weapon"
  5. Totally agree with you. I wonder how many will enjoy going back to normal at AG then go and hug elderly relatives or vulnerable others soon after. It seems a huge lunge to go from not even being able to attend matches for 16mths to no restrictions, just relying on peoples sense and goodwill. And lets me honest are emotional football fans generally the most level headed and reasonable people? As inconvenient as it maybe, it does seem to need some middle ground here.
  6. I’m thinking the same. But I’m also thinking Blackpool will be the same
  7. Personally I’m disappointed by this. Surely they have a duty of care to their fans? Their employees have to do a LFT twice a week. Also they state this: “Fans are advised to purchase match tickets in advance of matchday to avoid unnecessary queuing, and to arrive early to reduce congestion at the turnstiles” So they realise congestion isn’t good, but are perfectly fine with people having to sit with no distance between them and no protection of a test? I wonder what other clubs are doing?
  8. Just announced, no vaccine passport of negative test result needed. No social distancing. Asking people to wear a mask whilst moving around https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/ashton-gate-protocols-for-aston-villa/
  9. RedM

    F1- British GP

    Great race by lewis to take the win, but I think we missed out on a decent battle between him and Max which was a shame
  10. Dirty move by Lewis. Glad Max is ok
  11. Really interesting, obviously I knew colour blindness existed but never had any experience at all. I never knew it was so varied, I thought people either saw certain colours or they didn’t. I guess it is similar to that white/blue/gold dress thing that swept the Internet a few years ago, everyone is different. i certainly didn’t realise it affected so many people. More males than females if I remember correctly?
  12. A possibility, but I think it’s more likely he will be playing elsewhere.
  13. I think you are exactly right, my thoughts exactly. I like Kalas but also got to admit he’s in the expensive luxury category. I’m not sure if luxury players are the way we are going now. More home grown (or at least younger players) with a sprinkling of wise experienced leaders to guide them. Kalas although Captain didn’t appear to lead.
  14. For such a new partnership I thought they had a good understanding. Sometimes players just click and look right together, that’s the only way I can explain it, and they did. Without going overboard as it’s early days yet, and with Bakers injury prone history, I wouldn’t be unhappy if this was our CB pairing. But where does that leave Kalas...
  15. RedM

    robins tv

    Been mentioned several times how hard they are training, double sessions each day. lots of we need to work on fitness.
  16. RedM

    robins tv

    0-0. You arent missing much
  17. Im watching on a windows laptop with chrome as the browser, hope this helps someone
  18. RedM

    robins tv

    Steve again thanking Mark Ashton! Mentions Richard Gould Ribbon cut so players now walking out
  19. RedM

    robins tv

    Steve and Marina just about to cut ribbon. Bloody hell Steve is speaking and they are playing Little Mix over the top
  20. RedM

    robins tv

    Tinnion also saying lots of togetherness, naming young players we are bringing on. Academy staff stepping up to another level. All working together etc , etc. Tinnion can see light at the end of the tunnel
  21. RedM

    robins tv

    Ribbon cutting ceremony soon to open HPC
  22. RedM

    robins tv

    Praising Tinnion for bringing in youngsters, development plan. Good experience players have joined us. Again mentions 'the next couple of years'.
  23. RedM

    robins tv

    Talking to SL, glad to be back after 16 mths. Praised MA for leaving a legacy. Good we are playing top teams in our friendlies. Focus over next couple of years to get to Prem, we have all the infastructure. Bristol City is a rollercoaster, he cant wait for season to start
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