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  1. I haven't had time to read all through this thread, but wasn't ST holders only for them? If so the club will at least have all their details
  2. I’m not saying Max is perfect, there is a reason he has been number 2 for so long and hasn’t been able to break into the team. My understanding is Bentley broke some rules or something, nothing to do with his playing, or supposedly not. Max has come in and on the whole performed well, giving Pearson a headache about when to swop them again. I just don’t think he has done enough to be dropped. But obviously I don’t know the severity of Bentleys ‘crime’, or his form and attitude since.
  3. Exactly. I don’t blame the stewards but when the match is so heavily policed they are there for a reason, surely it’s criminal damage at least. There must have been arrests made but it should never have been allowed to get that far.
  4. I think it would be very harsh on Max to lose his place, what has he done wrong? Very difficult to know if Bentley would have done any differently. Yes play your best players but if they are out of form (or broken some rules) then their place is lost until they can force it back.
  5. I agree. They both look lucky to still be playing Championship football.
  6. They well may be, and just moved their cars last night so they don't have to de ice them. It was unusual to see so many cars on the roads so my aim was purely to advise people who are looking to park there. I'm at the ground now but had a lift to the park end of the ground so don't know how it is now
  7. I’ve just been near the stadium and although I’m not 100% sure I am pretty certain lots of the residents in the Raynes Road area have got together and parked on their road and the surrounding roads instead of their drives. There is still street parking ( yes I know it’s early) but much less than usual. The streets are usually empty a couple of hours before the match. Lots of cars are staggered so it’s awkward to get through, especially if another car is coming from the opposite direction. I remember once before the residents got together and did this, so it wouldn’t surprise me as it’s Cardiff and a early ko. Obviously the situation may improve by the time we are all looking for parking, people may go out to work, shopping etc but it certainly looked staged and deliberate to me. Just a heads up for those who park in those streets.
  8. Yup, watched the first half on the coach travelling back. Arrived at the start of HT
  9. It's HT but I made it! Bears I understand are winning so I might just see a bit of happiness today
  10. Pearson came over and clapped the fans after the match, I've only missed one away match and I've never seen him to that. He also waved the players to come over and do the same
  11. Two great Semenyo goals which will sadly end up being losing goals
  12. So noisy here, but think KO has been delayed
  13. Looks like it affected turnstiles so people piling in now
  14. Announced a technical issue....and lights back on!
  15. Think we might have a power cut here. Speakers still playing music but lights and screens gone off
  16. Ha ha don't worry, plenty are here singing about Cardiff getting battered
  17. Which would make sense as his twitter name has 87, the year of his birth. Must be pretty horrible for his wife and family to have to deal with this if they really have nothing to do with this. The link states a woman was involved in the alleged offences too. What is wrong with some people? It’s sick enough someone rapes another but to have someone to help, and that someone being the same sex as the victim is just beyond my comprehension, eg the Maxwell woman.
  18. A very impressive and mature performance from him today.
  19. I think they have limited the size of the crowd by the price they are charging. Like I said unless we sell some serious tickets tomorrow it’s going to be small. I’ve no idea how many Fulham have sold though so that might boost the gate.
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