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  1. Reminds me of the Protect & Survive public information film from 1976 which warned that a nuclear catastrophe could occur at any moment.
  2. You, and also Rich in the post above, make extremely good points and it is noticeable that no educated discussion like this takes place on the Rovers fans forums. Sensible business folk, especially landlords, know the high risk of dealing with a football club which is why UWE were insisting on financial guarantees from Nicholas (backed by the Sainsburys money) and wouldn’t negotiate with Dwane Sports unless a cash bond was going to be put in place. Any deal at the Fruit Market will be no different so if the Al-Qadi family cut their losses by taking the Mem sale proceeds it will surely be a requirement of the deal that they transfer their shares in Rovers free gratis to credible new ownership which is capable of creating a viable business at the stadium and therefore be able to pay the rent.
  3. A lot rests on the timing of the points deduction which is something Mr Hani Al-Quidi would have to accept.
  4. I beg to differ Coombsy. The winners would be Rovers supporters who would have learned a valuable lesson about delusion and blind faith. A fresh start in a new realistically sized rented stadium with no debt and capable owners would be just what the doctor ordered.
  5. This is the whisper of what could happen gleaned from my friend Ernst and his brother Young
  6. We may find that Hani Al-Quidi is cleverly extricating himself and his family from Rovers without Wael Al- Quidi having any idea of what is going on. And the club renting a stadium at the Fruit Market will be under completely different ownership.
  7. I am adamant that this is what is happening
  8. The Supporters Club have always had a close relationship with the Academy and Development squad so when the training ground was announced they offered to finance some equipment there which was to be specifically for Development squad use. But, as our manager has bluntly pointed out, the training ground is too small to include the Development squad so there is no need for that equipment. Even so, it appears highwayman TG has told the Supporters Club to stand and deliver £ 50 000 to the football club to be spent on whatever it sees fit and that apparently includes coach travel to Scunthorpe. Very easy to make lovely gestures with other peoples money.
  9. Not if the cost of travel to Scunthorpe comes out of the £50 000 donation which has been demanded.
  10. Yes. It sounds like a lovely gesture from a lovely bloke to personally pay for supporters to travel to the game but to the best of my knowledge that is not what is happening.
  11. It would be a very nice gesture if that is what he had done.
  12. Stendel withdrawn. Not under starters orders.
  13. Mention of "The Fox" always stirs memories of that harrowing journey back from Dunkirk. Mind you I'd started off much too early in the Beaufort Arms at Hawkesbury Upton.
  14. Amanda Staveley was devastated that she couldn't get her hands on Rovers. "Oh Uncle Bert" she said. "Why didn't you pull it off for me ?"
  15. This chap became very upset when he was accused of being Mr Al-Quidi’s puppet. Mr Al-Quidi said “what’s got into you ?” Gashead81 said “your hand”
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