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  1. With your username you'd be better off keeping quiet.
  2. You're getting boring now, time you went for a lie down.
  3. No, considering all the baggage that came with Johnson.
  4. 55 years supporting, never been so pleased to see the manager/head coach go. Eff off.
  5. Condensed version... Football used to be great, now it's shit.
  6. Exactly the same for me, then 25 minutes on hold only to be cut off. Typical shambles I have come to expect.
  7. Back on sale from 10am today, 16 April.
  8. Just pointing out, that of the twelve Championship teams that played on Wednesday, two played on Sunday. The rest played Saturday apart from WBA who are playing tonight, the reason being they are on Sky.
  9. I saw them at Bath Pavilion in June 1969, I remember them playing Albatross. Blimey that makes me feel old, that's nearly 50 years ago.
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