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  1. That's the decider for me, l can just about take the rest!
  2. Maybe not but, the linesman dolman side should have!
  3. A big problem for me sat in the lansdown stand. Not looking forward to Wednesday night
  4. It's a 50/50 ball with covid, l know who l'm backing, put the **** into the stand!! All the very best Nige.
  5. So sorry to hear, l enjoyed his well thought out matchdaý threads. RIP Hav.
  6. Effing horrible, hate black shirts, just don't stand out. Never understand the logic of not being instantly visible.
  7. Same year, same game as me. Open end. Loved it! Edit Charlton!
  8. Could it be possible that in some way he profited from each transfer?
  9. Get well soon Steve, Thoroughly enjoyed your time at the gate.
  10. We got Merrington from Burnley, he was injured all season and never actually played a game for us, if my memory serves me correctly.
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