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  1. Yep, it’s guesswork. As Owura Edwards has shown, we aren’t averse to loaning players out, but until we know all the senior outgoings & arrivals we won’t be in a position to decide on much of this. That having been said I think it is unlikely that both Conway & Bell will be in the first team squad this season & the same also goes for both Towler & Idehen. A sudden injury or a surprise sale & even that could all change though. Owers appears to be far enough back in the queue to gain league experience elsewhere though.
  2. I suppose their argument against this is what does the latter figure then actually prove? People have paid for their ticket but then not turned up, but this could then be for a large number of reasons, on holiday, ill health, have something else on, it’s on the red button, have to work. From the club’s perspective they can’t sell the seat twice, so why are they sharing this information?
  3. Just published their accounts today, in the season they got relegated from the Prem, their Chinese owner took £5m out of the club as a loan because his businesses in China were “struggling”, he hasn’t paid it back yet. What a ******* shit show it all is, Birmingham are in the same boat, back story is the Chinese Government decided a few years ago that they could use English football as soft power, hence approved businessmen buying Villa (now sold), Wolves, Birmingham & WBA but they then decided to pull out. An absolute mess.
  4. Now confirmed, 2 year deal at Cambridge, all the best to him.
  5. Spot on. A fair few years ago I couldn’t afford the price of my ST, so I moved to a cheaper part of the ground that year. If you take out a membership you can see games for £20 or £25 in the Dolman, which seems reasonable to me, I also accept that some people can’t afford to watch all of them, but picking the most expensive seat in the most expensive part of the ground as if it is a typical price is nonsense. Regarding the point that the ground isn’t as full as attendances suggest, well welcome to modern life, if it is on the red button & you’re travelling a significant distance on a night, plenty aren’t going to turn up, even though their seat is actually sold.
  6. First clear evidence of the influence of Richard Gould. Excellent initiatives on membership & pricing. The Sunderland one is really smart, if people get into the habit of attending we have a chance of making it a regular occurrence. Well done that man.
  7. Only just seen this, very interesting. Can’t believe that his brother would have given FGR a glowing reference either, seeing as he barely featured for them last season & was then released. For all the stick Scottish football gets, for a lad who was on loan at Colchester last season to get the opportunity to face Celtic, Rangers, the 2 Edinburgh clubs & Aberdeen is a very big step up for him.
  8. It is a superb accent, isn’t it? Never hear anyone on TV with either a Suffolk or Norfolk accent but I think it’s great.
  9. I genuinely have never worked out exactly what he’s supposed to do. Re Euell I think this is a good appointment, Charlton fans seem gutted he’s left, he has a track record of helping them produce plenty of decent youngsters, plus as @Merrick's Marvels pointed out, he was a striker & our current coaching staff didn’t include one of those.
  10. Sam Pearson didn’t travel, nor Saikou Janneh (obviously).
  11. GrahamC


    My take too, reckon we were looking in the region of £350k & now will accept less than half of that. Does seem a deal is not necessarily dead though.
  12. Good move for him to get a League One club after his loan at Shrewsbury didn’t work out. Best of luck to him.
  13. You’re spot on. Pearson also categorically stated he saw Naismith as a CB, not LB, when interviewed last week.
  14. Based on what? Wilson & Dasilva are wing backs, not full backs. He says he wants another CB, presumably to replace Cundy. That all strongly suggests a back 3/5 with wing backs to me.
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