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  1. Doesn’t it also exclude the one where he was strong enough to hold off Flint & hit a venomous shot that the keeper saved low down, too? Baffling.
  2. Just about make a case for Rolando Aarons but even if you did, he is very much the exception & his career has veered all over the place since & he’s still yet to settle down anywhere. These sort of articles get written in the local press over the years, “Will City come to regret releasing (insert name)?”. We almost certainly never hear from any of these players again.
  3. They have about 4 or 5 others lined up to take the ones they get by diving.
  4. Yep, a cynical lot & Jones seems a piece of work, too. Nige said last week we don’t draw enough games & I’d be happy with gaining 2 points this week. Even a single draw would add to the tally, I’ll be absolutely amazed if we won both, our away form has dipped as our home form has improved & with a small squad available these are 2 very tough games.
  5. Just like the season under SOD but change Albert for JET, the only 2 occasions when we were genuinely a one man team.
  6. Think there was a spell under Wilson when he had spent all the money we he had on Lee Peacock, so Phillips, Carey, Coles, Hill, Doherty, Burrell & Aaron Brown were all around the first team at the same time, but that’s the only one I can think that comes close.
  7. 8 of yesterday’s squad were produced by us. I know Pring had a spell early on at Cheltenham & Semenyo was at SGS before we signed him, but that’s splitting hairs. Amazing achievement, I’m sure there are a few other Championship sides doing similar (Derby? Millwall?) but ours in terms of both volume & quality is doing exceptionally well & personally I’d rather see a side with so much local representation in the Championship than a side with barely anyone British in the Prem.
  8. Guess so, the final straw for me was the Fulham cup game, we had 9 subs, several were unavailable or rested & he still doesn’t even make the bench then. Doesn’t seem to be in the training videos, either? Taylor Moore & Owura Edwards are out on loan. too.. I don’t think Gregor knows anything, so this is just a guess (from someone who seriously suggested Dwight Gayle!), a deal until the summer with a clause of another year if he plays a % of games (or is on the bench) seems far more likely.
  9. Wiltshire Constabulary covers Swindon?
  10. Take your point but if you look at the bottom 5, with the exception of Derby (& no one knows what will happen there), all of them are in abysmal form. Cardiff are even worse at home than they are away (they have lost 8 of their last 9), Reading are imploding, Peterborough even make us look good defensively (atrocious away, too) & Barnsley are one of the worst Championship sides in memory. We hardly need any more points to stay up, we are short of players I admit & might have a poor run at some point but we’re as near as dammit safe already. No chance of top ten in my opinion but steering well clear of trouble whilst blooding so many youngsters will do me.
  11. Too right. He doesn’t have a great reputation but got the vast majority right yesterday.
  12. Pack did that twice on Martin. It didn’t work, basically they’ve appointed their Holden & the bloke who lasted 5 minutes at Preston, haven’t they?
  13. No, he’s not. But with Tanner injured & Simpson seemingly impersonating Lord Lucan the only other option (bar Scott, who is needed in midfield anyway now) is to play Vyner there, go to a back four & play Pring alongside Kalas with Jay back in his natural position. We are transparently a right sided defender short & with seemingly no prospect of Moore being recalled, have to bring one in over the next 8 days.
  14. The few had 6 booked, is that a fine these days? Radio Bristol social media & Barton were knocking one out over their performance but apparently their goal was a mishit cross & both sides had almost identical shots on & off target so a draw seems fair. This is fourth division football, of course.
  15. Was amazed pre game to see that so many of the police on duty around the ground were Welsh, wearing jackets with Heddlu on, WTF was that all about? Bet when we were over there none of them were Avon & Somerset.
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