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  1. Just wondering who got it in the end? Hughton? Allardyce? Hoddle? Only some on here were saying it definitely wasn’t going to be Dean Holden in the top job & Jamie Mac wasn’t sacked, either.
  2. Said many times before Radio Bristol are bloody lucky to have him. Played the game professionally, dipped his toe in management & is an articulate, excellent interviewer. May have played for the few, but as he loves to say, top man!
  3. Not read any of this anywhere else. Thanks.
  4. Stockholm syndrome. We are stuck with him, he isn’t going anywhere (& nor are we).
  5. 100%. Too late now, clearly but if you follow this argument then this was the time for a McCarthy or (gulp) Warnock type, with a proven track record of success with limited funds. Our previous model simply isn’t going to work in a Covid world, plus how is it logical to argue we are cutting costs by sacking LJ, Jamie Mac & apparently several others, only to then employ other people at additional expense as replacements?
  6. They are, mate. Don’t know if you remember Josh Low of the blue few, well Joseph is his son..
  7. I don’t think they do at all. They are deluded, when G McG said Holden was offered the head coach role they were so desperate to defend SL & Ashton they invented a scenario that could never happen & slagged off those who said it was fantasy stuff. 3 posters in particular, but I won’t name them, just look at the past few days.
  8. Look, it’s all been done to death. One side (very few) want to give SL & Ashton a free pass because of Covid, deliberately omitting the fact it was here well before we sacked LJ & that the Talksport interview says the complete opposite of what we are about to do. Small time, uninspiring, controlling, lacking in ambition. Making exactly the same mistake we did with Millen. Is that a response you approve of?
  9. Odd though, because apparently Hughton was still coming in as manager/ DoF, wasn’t he? Some seriously deluded types on here.
  10. Fair play to the OP, he got it spot on.
  11. The Holden one still could be, there is no way of knowing until the new man gets the job. No way the McAllister story is, firstly because unlike the way Gregor writes a lot of his stuff there was no “I understand that” at the start, he just said he’d been sacked. Secondly because as has happened when he was wrong (or fed duff info) about Korey, the individual would have come out & corrected him.
  12. If Holden takes the job I think it is highly likely that Korey will get a new deal.
  13. Interesting. Seems highly likely to be the sort of assistant Holden will bring in. After some searching I did manage to find a connection between the 2, as well.
  14. It wasn’t mentioned at all. I think there is a hell of a lot of 2+2=5 on this thread. I got the distinct impression it was about who Holden’s assistant would be, so not a DoF or any of this crazy “Hughton is still going to be involved” nonsense. Ashley Williams could still be employed on the coaching side, but to me no way could someone who is already at the club be described in any way as “exciting”.
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