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  1. What is surprising is they had Neil Harris & Warnock before him, so not sure what they expect, not exactly switching from Pep or Brendan Rodgers, is it?
  2. Pleased for him as he took a gamble in joining a club that was in a real mess when he did so (another summer signing from Exeter backed out of his transfer), has got himself a run of first team games & (admittedly at L2 level) he’s clearly doing well. Jojo is 25 now & let’s face it, realistically was never anywhere near the first team bar some time on the bench because we needed to include him as a home produced player, so it was good for him & for us that he moved on.
  3. @Mr Popodopolous to be fair to Halilovic & Dann, they are free agents who were without clubs prior to this, so if a better offer had been out there, they’d have taken it. Sone Aluko was training with Derby in exactly these circumstances & then joined Ipswich because they offered him more. Rahman & Drinkwater, both on loan from Chelsea look incredibly suspicious though, the latter is rumoured to have a year left on £100k a week, Chelsea surely cannot need 8.5% of it that much..
  4. Bit obscure (but liking the tangent that this thread has taken), Wolfgang Flur, out of Kraftwerk, one of music’s most influential ever groups, wrote the worst autobiography that I have ever read. Written by someone with such a high opinion of himself, you were only the ******* (electronic) drummer mate, Florian Schneider (RIP) & Ralf Hutter were the 2 actual geniuses. Bit like if Ringo had reckoned that McCartney & Lennon owed all their success to him, I never finished it, but what a complete tosser.
  5. Yep, that’s him. Not so much “glass half empty” as thinking someone has pissed in it. Absolute tosser.
  6. That was my guess, plus Weimann’s capacity to be the striker replacement if either Martin or Wells had picked up a knock. I won’t lie, I was surprised, as I’d have had him in front of Palmer or COD, which explains why he is the manager & I’m not..
  7. What a strange world we live in. On Twitter I saw Jah Wobble, former bass guitarist in Public Image Ltd and all round good bloke, congratulate them but wisely point out it is finding the model that fits your club, not copy their somewhat unique one. Wonder if he’s available to start doing Football Focus? Far better insight than ***** like Jenas & Savage..
  8. Totally this. I’m sure it is because it takes more effort to disprove, so a home attendance of barely 6000 looks shit for a City the size of Bristol (well, because it is) but this Walter Mitty bollocks about 2000+ away fans to Outer Mongolia is more of an effort to show as a complete lie. Bullshitting myth, sums them up.
  9. They changed years ago. Man U players can’t be offside if their manager says so, they are entitled to a penalty every single game (sometimes 2, again, depending on their manager’s view) & it’s unfair if the opposition try to put their player off when he’s taking it, apparently..
  10. 100%, I also think if he had booked Reed for that dreadful kick at James it alters his game, makes him less likely to fly in. The Mitrovic shirt pulling (on Atkinson?) was so blatant, incredible it was missed.
  11. There was someone sat behind me yesterday (an idiot, they said at one stage we should bring HNM on) repeatedly slagging him off. I genuinely don’t know what they expect, again yesterday he won loads of headers, directing them (like the sitter that Wells missed) into the path of team mates. We know he lacks pace but he battles away up top & his fitness has been a revelation for someone who is 33 soon & missed the second half of last season.
  12. Yes, he was. But they got away with a blatant red card, so should have played half the game with 10 men. As Nige rightly pointed out afterwards if Silva wants to winge about one, he can’t ignore the other.
  13. I’m absolutely delighted he scored yesterday but let’s not get carried away. When he was fouled just before the 90 minute mark I reckon it was almost the only other time in the game that he had touched the ball after coming on. Just after that he was sleeping to a second ball, allowing Seri to have a shot that was deflected on to the bar. He seems a decent sort & the gesture at the final whistle was lovely, but I cannot see how we incorporate him into the side (or why we would), as he is far too inconsistent & gives us too little too often for me. None of this is a criticism of his effort, it is just the player he is.
  14. Agree, what a totally ridiculous post. There’s a reason Norwich, West Brom, Watford, Fulham are on a cycle of promotion & relegation & it’s called parachute payments. The players quoted here that we signed in total were less than Mitrovic was alone.
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