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  1. So on that basis sacking Bielsa was right, then? Burnley improved under Jackson from the latter Dyche games, but not by enough.
  2. Pray for the media, they would have loved it, talked about nothing else for weeks.
  3. Honestly I don’t get the “second club” thing, (I admire Athletic Bilbao but they’re not my “team”) but I can live with that, but it is the huge numbers I see in their shirt in BS3 & presumably across the whole city, far more than I do in ours & massively more than the few. Nauseating.
  4. Would be ideal for them & he’s from that part of the world.
  5. We have also gained Watford & lost Barnsley, so not quite the full picture you’ve tried to paint, is it?
  6. I have no time for Man City but the Liverpool media love in, plus the huge number of plastic fans in Bristol would make that unbearable. If Burnley did go down then Josh is more likely to leave = possible sell on for us, think it will be Leeds though. Don’t care at all whether it is Spurs or Arsenal, don’t mind either of them.
  7. ******* dreadful side, just kick it in the air, foul & bring Akinfenwa on to wrestle people to the floor for the last 5 minutes. Delighted their shit “football” has stayed where it belongs, in the lower leagues.
  8. Never the case, but really hope they do. Firstly it is ridiculous that a club of their size (& anyone who doesn’t think they’re huge, knows little about football) is in the third tier. Secondly it would mean we don’t have to endure the prehistoric hoofball shite that Wycombe serve up as “football” next season. Plus it will end the Akinfenwa media love in, a bloke who has made a career for the last few years by coming on as a sub in the last 5 minutes & pushing people over. If he wasn’t the size of a bus as a limited lower division player he wouldn’t get any coverage at all.
  9. GrahamC

    RIP Tinners

    This is so sad, what struck me about him was his relentless positivity, both for the club but also the experience of being a supporter. I knew the face but having stopped going away years ago my major interaction with him was on Twitter where his views were as you would suspect, well thought through & always constructive. RIP.
  10. Port Vale (Burslem) is a pretty dreadful place at the best of times & I must admit watching it last night I did worry for this bloke, as very unusually these days Vale had no black players in their squad last night at all (Malvind Benning is one of very few British Asians in the game) & I suspected that he would be targeted by their moronic Brexity fans. People are criticising the likes of Vieira for his reaction but this stuff simply cannot be allowed to continue.
  11. This is such a huge myth. We actually only signed 2 players in the summer after the playoff final, Maynard (a brilliant signing) & Gavin Williams. GJ also sold Nick Carle to help fund this. The latter wasn’t anything special (a bit injury prone) but hardly a shocker in the vein of an Engvall, Palmer or Styvar. We finished 10th in that season and did so again the year after, this “decline” was actually our joint 3rd highest finishes in this division since 1980, the best was of course in 2007/8, also under GJ. The last season under him was when he lost the plot with a variety of random strikers but it is simply nonsense to claim he was largely responsible for the stuff afterwards.
  12. So a side that had got 3 points out of a possible 18 under Dyche & then get 11 from 24 after sacking him under Jackson & you still think it was that decision which means they are in trouble? Ok then.
  13. I thought sacking Dyche was mad, but they have definitely had far better results since, so that completely demolishes this argument. 5 defeats in the last 6 games under him, they were 4 points adrift from safety then. Now they are out of the relegation zone with 1 game left & won 3 drawn 2 & lost 3 since he went.
  14. Gutted for Glenn Whelan & Leon Clarke, next stop featuring in Soccer Aid?
  15. Not so much “argy bargy” more like an attempt by Clarke to throw a punch followed by moving his head towards him, a clear red card. I know he’s had some off field problems but no excuses for that, he’s a nasty piece of work.
  16. Seems incredibly lenient to me, though I’m no expert on what was the maximum sentence available for this.
  17. Couple of incredible decisions, even after that “tackle” how Quinn got away with deliberately punching an opponent in the face as he ran past him (only given a yellow) I have no idea. Mansfield defended well, Northampton looked punchless but they didn’t get a single important decision in their favour, either.
  18. Fantasy land to even mention Palmer, but Hibs players on £750 a week? No chance, that’s not even L2 wages.
  19. Spot on, but as someone has subsequently said, Vyner is a possible. He did well at Aberdeen, is versatile & has a great availability record. Would think he could be accommodated in their wage structure & although he’s not had the happiest season here, I genuinely think they could do a lot worse.
  20. Re LJ I posted this before, he played 4 games in 2006 for them, so he’s hardly their record appearance holder, is he? I am no fan of that lot over the river but if we appointed someone as our manager who had played that few games for them it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest.
  21. Being announced today, apparently.
  22. @Davefevs Steve Nieve is a ******* genius. Seeing EC at both St George’s Hall off Park St & The Forum in Bath next month, can’t wait.
  23. Disgusting. The OP’s comment about it then reversing the result of 2 games played over 90 & 120 minutes is seriously bonkers though.
  24. Weird. We played very well after a terrible start & there is plenty to be enthusiastic about watching a lot of these lads. Actually thought we were the better side when we got back to 2-2 & looked the more likely winners.
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