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  1. If they had any morals (ha ha!) this would be a sackable offence, even without his shit results.
  2. We know it’s been poor but to me it is the complete lack of perspective (I do know how many games since we won at home, before anyone replies). We had limited funds this summer, chose to run with a much smaller squad & have just played 2 sides who have been in the Prem recently & have the huge advantage of FFP. What was expected by these posters after we were the worst side in the division for ‘21 (statistically worse than all 3 of the relegated sides) I really have no idea.
  3. Any names you can think of? I think he fully intended having Conway around the squad this season but he’s been injured.
  4. Think that the step up from L1 is big & as strikers who have done it often show, they don’t make it. He clearly has potential but marking Dominic Solanke or Callum Robinson is a country mile away from facing some bloke from Shrewsbury or Crewe.
  5. Maybe he’s discussing the game with the players, eh? Does this really matter? Does he do the interview in the end?
  6. Wow, that’s ******* awful. They were also unbeaten in 3 going into today’s game. Their “crowds” are going to be around 5000 in the depths of winter when the opposition bring a 100 or so.
  7. FFP… By the way, although football is strange, I doubt very much we are planning to sack someone who is currently being allowed to remove the previous coaching set up.
  8. Clearly out of favour. Personally (though I fully accept unlike the coaching staff, I don’t see him in training) he’d be in my squad before either Bakinson or Simpson. Versatile, got a few goals last season, but it’s looking like he’s on the exit list.
  9. True, but I sort of think anyone in charge for 5 games or less doesn’t really count statistically. We seemingly appointed Holden on that basis, 5 games, 1 defeat. Madness.
  10. He doesn’t. Roy Hodgson’s record was worse.
  11. Pretty sure @Kid in the Riot suggested that this was the case at the time & also pointed out that inconsistency with Holden, which suggested we weren’t convinced from the outset.
  12. If they signed 3 year contracts when appointed (as was rumoured) then just North of £60k a year would mean this is the sort of figure that they’re entitled to with 18 months of that left if we now sack them. Never understood why we appointed both & certainly in Downing’s case, as you’ve said previously, unlike Simpson there didn’t appear any obvious connection to Holden, suggesting that he was an Ashton appointment.
  13. Great shout. Truth is from the promotion winning side you could pick loads; Sweeney & Drysdale, Gow & Mann, Sweeney & Tainton, Drysdale & Whitehead. When we were kings..
  14. Exactly my view. As an outsider Simpson filled me with slightly more confidence than Downing, too.
  15. The strike partnership that fired us to the top flight, one was the hardest working player of my 50 years of supporting City, the other a centre forward who would have played for England. Good friends off the pitch, too.
  16. Looks like King is out for some while & based on his career with us so far only a super optimist would expect Williams to play the majority of games, so certainly due to running with smaller numbers we will be stretched at times. Opportunity for the likes of Janneh, Conway & Bell, though.
  17. He’s already replaced one of them, hasn’t he? Fleming had never worked as a coach with him before & the one that keeps getting suggested (Craig Shakespeare) is at Villa.
  18. I deliberately avoided this by suggesting it should be AD’s full name..
  19. Completely this. Once it was confirmed Fleming was not only staying but was being given a position that placed him above Simpson, Downing & Cisse in the hierarchy, it was obvious we had too many coaches & someone would leave.
  20. GrahamC


    Pearson didn’t slag any players off, he made the comment about passengers & it is my inference that this relates to the 3 I mentioned, because in my opinion, they all contribute very, very little.
  21. Wales is the land of free money, it all comes from the English taxpayer, previously the EU too. Free prescriptions for all, free bus travel 7 years earlier in than England, capped tuition fees. Who do you think pays for all that when Wales is not a net contributor to the UK economy? When I was a Civil Servant I saw how European Social Fund money was distributed, Cardiff got 20 times as much as Bristol. Money earned in Bristol now gets spent on Cardiff.
  22. GrahamC


    They certainly aren’t a possession based side, so I’d be surprised if it isn’t more even than that, but they are a very tall side, agreed. That sort of tactic actually worries me less than clever movement, as our 3 Centre Backs are all decent in the air.
  23. GrahamC


    In the absence of Semenyo he would certainly offer more pace, which we lack. Can’t see him starting but agree he is worth putting on the bench. Think the starting line up will be very similar to Forest (as none of the 3 I mentioned actually started) but HNM in & Martin out with Weimann & Wells up top, maybe.
  24. GrahamC


    Let’s be honest, you would have to be mad to expect us to get anything but I wonder if tomorrow might see Nige reach the end of his patience with certain players? Williams is out, I’ve no idea if there is any possibility of either King or Semenyo being back & Vyner appears completely out of favour, but as the consensus is Palmer, O’Dowda & Bakinson are the ones he’s referring to when he talks about passengers, could Janneh, Bell or Sam Pearson make the bench?
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