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  1. I’m not sure if he prefers it or he gets asked to, both are predominately right footed & Kalas played on the left of 2 at the Euros, though clearly with Atkinson & Baker both left footed he’s pretty unlikely to do so for us.
  2. Starting line up for Exeter; O’Leary Simpson Kalas Moore Pring Nagy Williams Bakinson Scott Bell Wells
  3. Me too but I think Swansea are going to be the surprise strugglers. Fans are unhappy with the Americans, all the loan players (Woodman, Guelhi, Hourihane) have gone, Ayew too, Grimes is linked away as well. Whether it is Terry or Jody Morris they look in some trouble to me, as opposed to Cardiff who have the stability of big Mick & his uncomplicated style of play.
  4. Possibly, but Wells has an acceptable scoring record at this level & if we work hard on not being a Christmas club in our defending & actually have a midfield (Williams, James, King) that contributes to stopping the opposition this time around that won’t be so big an issue. Worth pointing out Millwall scored 1 more goal than us last season & finished 11th.
  5. The bigger implication for us is this makes Craig Shakespeare ever leaving Villa even less likely than before.
  6. Fair comment. I actually think we are only short in 2 areas, we have no cover at LB with any experience at this level at all, plus whatever people’s view of Fam, he hasn’t been replaced meaning we really only have 2 senior strikers, plus Weimann who could do a job there. At LB it seems clear now Pearson is expecting Pring & Nurse to compete to back up Dasilva & up front, who knows? If no one else joins then Weimann, Conway & possibly Semenyo are the back ups. Otherwise I do think we have enough cover, Max in goal, Baker & Moore at CB, Vyner at RB & 6 midfielders for presumably 3 places.
  7. You don’t need a supercomputer to work out that sides with parachute payments have a huge advantage & in most recent seasons 2/3 promoted sides go back down. Pretty sure the year before last all 3 did & last season it was 2/3 with Coventry pretty close to it. Predicting the next Barnsley or side on the slide (us, last season) is far tougher. If we finish above 14th we’ll have done well. @Merrick's Marvels bit harsh on Kalas, his last 4 seasons; 47, 24, 46 & 39 appearances, pretty decent.
  8. Few pictures on the Weston Twitter feed, didn’t recognise any of the young lads involved, but I’m sure others would.
  9. On a slightly related topic, anyone know if this is likely to be on the red button or doesn’t that exist for this season?
  10. Turned them down, effing hilarious. Their fans are starting to fret, Woodman, Guelhi, Hourhane, Ayew are all gone, 3 signings so far who are either unproven (PSV reserve player, Wigan kid) or a gamble (Walsh).
  11. No time at all for that lot & pretty obvious Barton is odious but not sure we can throw too many stones after employing Danny Simpson.
  12. Depends who is fit. Today was Williams’ first 45 minutes in absolutely ages, HNM appears to have a knock, too. James is a cert, if the 2 above aren’t fit enough to start (or last 90) in a fortnight I’d go James, Nagy & King.
  13. 40p in the schoolboy’s enclosure (none of that gender neutral stuff back in 1976) to watch top flight football. No one will beat that.
  14. Seems completely out of character to me
  15. Agree, whatever people think of Gregor this is pretty poor on Pearson’s behalf & rather childish.
  16. Thought that, too. Others got time v Pompey but those two didn’t.
  17. Regarding the OP, I admire your enthusiasm. Palmer’s career so far though is littered with loan spells that go nowhere & a real prospect of someone not fulfilling his potential. I don’t think he’s lazy but his time with us so far has been a disappointment & whilst you can make excuses for him if you like, where is his responsibility for this? I actually thought his comment last week about being the fittest he’d been in 3 years said more about him than about anyone else. Let’s hope we finally get to see a decent return on our investment, I remain to be convinced we will. As for “creativity” that can come in many forms, James should certainly improve our set piece delivery, Bakinson (now that’s someone who IS lazy) is a superb passer of the ball & Weimann’s work rate & clever running creates chances for others. More than one way to solve a problem.
  18. It could be for numerous reasons; Minor knock, Pearson wanting to take a proper look at Max, because he needs to be convinced he could step in, maybe there has been an offer. It will all come out in the wash, as long as he’s playing by Villa it’s a non story.
  19. Seems pretty fitting to host games against Sutton, Harrogate, Salford & Stevenage next season. Not quite at the level of Morecambe, Cheltenham or Accrington yet.
  20. I think that’s pretty fair. As for being a softy I think he segments his life into personal & professional, outside sport he clearly has interests that are somewhat at odds with his sergeant major work persona. I actually really enjoy his interviews & as someone who has been accused of this in work, also think that he just needs to tone down the clear irritation when dealing with Gregor. Gregor (who I like) for his part has to think about reading the room a little bit more, repeatedly asking the same questions day after day isn’t smart, nor is ploughing on when it is obvious Pearson isn’t going to add anything further.
  21. Any Argentina v Brazil game, even at club level, is pure hatred. Remember when Brazil lost 7-1 at home to Germany & Diego was filmed leading the singing..
  22. Difference surely being they returned to Pearson who they had success with & in King’s case, although I am no old softy, it is obvious our club means more to him than your usual signing. Also possible that our offer to James was the best he had anyway & that King won’t exactly have been inundated with them after a couple of disappointing years?
  23. Was with you up until the LJ bit, he’d have still signed for them if they offered him the most money.
  24. He went there for money, I doubt he gives a monkeys who the coach is, if he did he’d play under Pearson.
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