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  1. Spot on. A fair few years ago I couldn’t afford the price of my ST, so I moved to a cheaper part of the ground that year. If you take out a membership you can see games for £20 or £25 in the Dolman, which seems reasonable to me, I also accept that some people can’t afford to watch all of them, but picking the most expensive seat in the most expensive part of the ground as if it is a typical price is nonsense. Regarding the point that the ground isn’t as full as attendances suggest, well welcome to modern life, if it is on the red button & you’re travelling a significant distance on a night, plenty aren’t going to turn up, even though their seat is actually sold.
  2. First clear evidence of the influence of Richard Gould. Excellent initiatives on membership & pricing. The Sunderland one is really smart, if people get into the habit of attending we have a chance of making it a regular occurrence. Well done that man.
  3. It is a superb accent, isn’t it? Never hear anyone on TV with either a Suffolk or Norfolk accent but I think it’s great.
  4. I genuinely have never worked out exactly what he’s supposed to do. Re Euell I think this is a good appointment, Charlton fans seem gutted he’s left, he has a track record of helping them produce plenty of decent youngsters, plus as @Merrick's Marvels pointed out, he was a striker & our current coaching staff didn’t include one of those.
  5. Sam Pearson didn’t travel, nor Saikou Janneh (obviously).
  6. GrahamC


    My take too, reckon we were looking in the region of £350k & now will accept less than half of that. Does seem a deal is not necessarily dead though.
  7. You’re spot on. Pearson also categorically stated he saw Naismith as a CB, not LB, when interviewed last week.
  8. Based on what? Wilson & Dasilva are wing backs, not full backs. He says he wants another CB, presumably to replace Cundy. That all strongly suggests a back 3/5 with wing backs to me.
  9. GrahamC


    Good signing, Millwall are certainly changing their approach a bit, broke their transfer record last week (still only £1.7m) for another midfielder too. Hull are now being linked with Jean Seri, ex Fulham, who cost them £25m, definitely a complete transformation taking place up on Humberside.
  10. Me too. Only caveat (as ever) is Williams, might have to be James, depending on how confident we are about his fitness.
  11. Same at my school, the PE teacher (Welsh) hated football, which he always dismissively called “soccer” and took no interest in it & even refused to teach it. Fair to say too that he hated me & I hated him, he was a big cheese with Bristol rugby for years, passed away at a very old age (90s) recently. As a result we were taken for it by a history teacher (Mancunian, Man U fan) but it was seen very much as the second winter sport.
  12. Brilliantly written by Ken Loach, brilliantly acted by Brian Glover. Absolutely resonates with anyone (like me) who grew up in the 70s, because loads of PE teachers were a bit like this.
  13. GrahamC


    Bobby Charlton? Arguably better than everyone on that list, though Best runs him close.
  14. He’s a smart, articulate guy who speaks 4 languages fluently & is about as far from the dim footballer stereotype as you can possibly get. His Dad’s story, an immigrant from The Congo who went on to become the first ethnic minority Mayor to be elected in Belgium is pretty inspiring, too. Seems clear he knows this isn’t a short term fix job, as despite parachute payments their financial position isn’t great & he’s managing expectations here. Very interesting appointment.
  15. Yep, his kid goes to Ashton Gate school. As for his departure, I might have this wrong but thought LJ got rid when he brought in Holden & Jamie Mac, no?
  16. GrahamC


    Will be very interesting to see how the new season unfolds for them over the next few weeks. Their Turkish owner is promising 10 new signings before it starts & unlike Cardiff who look to be shopping at Aldi, it looks like a lot of players with decent CVs are arriving, mainly it has to be said, from Turkey or having played in Turkish football. Ozan Tufan will be the first, 65 caps for his national side, had a short spell previously at Watford, cost Fenerbahce 7m Euros. 2 ways to look at this, there’s a month to go before the season starts & none of them are here yet, so high possibility they will need time to gel, but the impact of revitalising a club that was floundering under Allam might see them take off from the get go.
  17. GrahamC


    Not a fan myself but despite what several are alleging here, my understanding is that he wasn’t the player who was shipped out on loan for being late for training too often.
  18. FGR have already started, haven’t they? A few in from the likes of Torquay & Rochdale. Think one of them will survive, but doubt both will.
  19. Realistically staying up next season is a decent achievement as they’re minnows at that level. That having been said, FGR, Morecambe, Burton & Accrington all aren’t exactly Sheffield Wednesday either & so they have a fighting chance if he recruits well because there is always one club (it was Gillingham last year) that unexpectedly struggles. If Alfie May stays (not certain), their chances massively increase. I’d hope one or two, like Max O’Leary (as they currently have no senior keeper), Sam Bell, Sam Pearson or even Taylor Moore with Will Boyle leaving them, might be on his radar.
  20. GrahamC


    Curtis Fleming has more chance of getting a game for us.
  21. New Cheltenham boss, he still lives in Southville & maybe will take a look at a few that we have? Incidentally both their keepers left them this summer, so if the French lad does arrive it could be a very logical destination for Max.
  22. Jesus Christ, read some of the previous posts/threads on this & then work it out for yourself. Baker has suffered 2 serious concussions in short succession, so the medical advice is clearly that it is not safe for him to resume his career at present, more likely at all. He was last injured in November’21, this now covers a period up to May ‘23, so it should be pretty obvious where this is all going. It has also been pointed out several times already that there is a link with this issue & brain injury, so of course this points to retirement but as it appears an insurance payoff is not an option (or we would surely do so) that has to be Nathan’s call whilst he’s still under contract. As for “wanting him fit” I really struggle with you seemingly not being able to understand why that is not ever going to happen.
  23. GrahamC


    You’d think so. The only positive is his loan spell at Ipswich wasn’t too bad, so hopefully he’s come to the attention of someone else at that level, plus he & his agent must know now he’s finished here, so he needs to be in the shop window for when his contract finishes.
  24. Just listened, both @NcnsBcfc & @Davefevs were excellent, though I was very disappointed that Neil didn’t go for the 3 year contract suggestion for Chris Martin . Good attempt to explain FFP that probably could have done with some editing to remove the confused interventions of the host, though.
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