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    Quite the reverse, apparently..
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    Now been confirmed by James Piercy the story some of us had already heard, that he’s training with the U23s & also that Ipswich aren’t interested in taking him back. Looks like the best solution (unless someone will take him off our hands for good) is that he joins someone on a season long loan until his contract runs out. The relationship between him & NP has apparently got even worse since his return, he won’t play for us again.
  3. Think that has probably reduced their appearances on Sky next season by 80%.
  4. Certainly was & too brave for his own good on occasions. I think that this suggests we must have explored the insurance option but for whatever reason that’s not possible but this effectively signals the end of his playing career.
  5. With regards to their personal life, where they go on holiday, who their partner is, etc, I do completely agree with you. In Baker’s case though him being “off sick” impacts on his availability to play football, which is the reason we are all on here, so that’s a bit different. However there is then a world of difference between Semenyo’s shin injury, Benarous’s ACL & the situation with Nathan. I expect the club (or NB) will clarify the situation before the season starts, it seems very likely that as he hasn’t returned to training & we are now over 6 months since the last incident, he isn’t going to be able to play again, beyond that I’m not sure too much needs to be said. I am baffled though by those who post on here & elsewhere questions asking “is he back in training” or “why not”, because unless they are deliberately being mischievous or are stupid it is very clear what is playing out.
  6. Clearly the case. Pearson has made it very obvious that the issue with Zak & Taylor is that he doesn’t think they’re quite good enough but it is Tyreeq’s attitude that he cannot stomach. I guess he’s training with the younger players. As for what happens I expect all 3 will be at new clubs by the time the window closes.
  7. That’s nothing. Steve Cotterill is the Archbishop of York..
  8. Tipping us to go down (with Reading & Birmingham) on Sky this morning. Thank **** for that, as there can’t be a pundit who knows less than him, he said Rotherham would survive (ok then) but then had to be prompted because he clearly didn’t know their manager’s name. Absolute *******.
  9. Only until Bale joins Cardiff, then that will take over.
  10. Because you think I always disagree with you , you’re spot on here. The new owner is looking to splash the cash after the parsimonious Allam era. It is a tough first game & they’ll be a much changed squad from last season. That having been said, it is a mad league & anyone away first up would be tricky.
  11. Whenever we play Sunderland it will be tough. They have a very good manager with a decent track record at this level, are probably going to spend a fair bit & will have the highest attendances in the division. I see them as finishing top half easily & to be honest don’t think it makes a bit of difference when we play them. The other 2 promoted sides are going to have a completely different priority next season & in one case staying up would be a huge achievement.
  12. How much do you want to bet?
  13. Delighted if that’s the case. My gamble of booking a holiday which crosses the first game of the season (which badly failed last year, only home game I missed), will then have paid off.
  14. They have given him 2 years (not 3) which suggests our offer was only one. Been told by people I trust that he was told earlier this season we were letting him go, though we changed our mind. Not surprised he jumped at the security of a couple of years with a club that should be in the promotion shake up.
  15. Or Louis Carey.. On a par with signing Naismith as highlight of the summer so far.
  16. Great book. Don’t fret, there isn’t a chance in a million that they mention it. Rovers are the lovable family club, every non Bristolian’s favourite underdog. No way did they ever fleece the rugby club, treat them like shit and force them out of the ground they owned & then stole (50% of) from them.
  17. Me neither. My recollection is it was about 50/50, despite what is now being said.
  18. Moore cost less than half as much as Palmer, was on half the wages of Palmer & has actually started more league games for us. Not even close. Hunt was a free transfer we offloaded within 18 months, again no comparison.
  19. In terms of value for money, no one is remotely close.
  20. I could be wrong of course but I think it all depends on Kalas. If he stays we have 4 senior central defenders, Klose, Naismith, Kalas & Atkinson plus Towler & Idehen. Whoever we signed in those circumstances would be coming in as 5th choice at best for 3 positions, hardly an attractive prospect. If Kalas goes (my hunch is not) we need to replace him, otherwise I don’t think we do.
  21. That was a direct reference to Klose. By far the most interesting bit for me was him pretty much confirming we would continue with 3 at the back (& wing backs) when he said we wouldn’t be changing much from last season. Makes the recruitment of Kane Wilson much more logical.
  22. Think this actually might be one of those occasions where someone has moved because they genuinely just want to play. I’m not sure he was ever going to be the answer long term but he did an ok job for a few games, was on very low wages & has got himself a good career move. All the best to him. Despite the Post obsessively writing we have 11 centre halves, we have nothing of the sort, so unless Kalas leaves as well (Baker clearly isn’t going to be able to play again), with Naismith, Klose & Atkinson on our books & Idehen or Towler filling the 5th spot, I think we are ok there.
  23. Good luck to him. Probably a League One player but didn’t disgrace himself during his run in the side. Helps clarify the CB position a little, too.
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