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  1. I think we can infer from that slip of the tongue that Keith is toast.
  2. Cardiff have reported Swanse to the Police & EFL for those 'swim away' celebrations!!! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58986108
  3. Starting to feel like the end of the GJ era, where you were just waiting for a goal to be conceded in the last 10mins
  4. Tommy Conway also does a nice job imo, but a decent addition to the commentary team for sure.
  5. We are doing a job on them here, nice work thus far.
  6. Was only just thinking that we lack pace, most certainly noticed in wide areas.
  7. My granny could have put that away, and she’s been dead 20 years.
  8. I think MM might have lost the plot, tactically, although I’m not sure these chumps are playing for him either.
  9. Possibly outclassed today, but then I suspect many decent enough teams will lose out to Bournemouth this season.
  10. Really impressive work & culture seemingly being devloped. More of this type of content, please!
  11. Bents will be on for a Prem move at this rate.
  12. Why do the rubbish ones never get injured…
  13. Clumsy from Rob, stonewall, but Baks has contributed to that
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