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  1. Presumably it wasn't the training ground that sold it to him!!!
  2. Was thinking Brian Wilson myself.
  3. A penny for LJ’s thoughts.
  4. Explains why Jamie Mac didn’t get the Yeo gig.
  5. Could even argue GBH given he's had a need for stitches, it was pre-meditated, and the alleged assault was directed at the head. Flip side, no weapon & very quick incident. But yeah, I suspect a charge of ABH or a charge that is eventually pleaded down to an ABH, at least. Guilty plea at the earliest opportunity, knock a third off any sentence, clear CCTV evidence (+ a witness or two) militates in favour of that. Probably passes the custody threshold, even with an early guilty plea.
  6. I wonder if the EFL will start coming down on the clubs harder, not that I can evidence it but feel as if there is more of an 'edge' to the play-off invasions of late.
  7. Good shout for a pen that!!
  8. As a great man once said, these things take time!!!
  9. Do you get to watch the first half or second half of games?!
  10. The Hammers answer to Cole Skuse!!!
  11. This is quicker than his old man's demise!!!
  12. How many head injuries in this game
  13. Always the amusing thing when teams time-waste in a 1st half, with only a narrow lead. Good chop that.
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