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  1. Even if we lose, not a disaster with this committed second half showing.
  2. Chalobah gets a second (deserved) yellow card and it’s a totally different game.
  3. Am at their game tonight, v Cov. 0-0 at halftime, they were already wasting a bit of time in the first half. Their right sided centreback (Edwards) looks decent, a real prospect, JCH a slight handful, Norburn (or was it Grant) a real clogger and very lucky not to give away a pen. Sammie S on the bench. Cov will be a stiff test in a few weeks, O’Hare a real gem and Gyokeres looks to offer something at all times. Robins has got them well drilled & well oiled.
  4. I think, if anything, and if it is actually possible, he is getting worse?! All joking aside, does he need some professional help?!
  5. Surely that kind of win % must nearly be negligent
  6. A good bulk of people said, pre-season, that we are a mid table/average side and it appears that the crowd aren't wrong yet.
  7. 21 red cards in last 4 games seems somewhat extreme from the ref, according to those on comms.
  8. Plenty of keepers make a handsome career out of playing a handful of games a season for 10+ years. Seems different to outfield players in the sense that you can gain a sustainable income and succeesive contracts from being specialist backup.
  9. We keeping Curtis on? Welcome back Simmo!
  10. Joe Williams decent on comms! Carrying a heavy cold though.
  11. Positives: HNM, Pring Negatives: JD, didn't look like scoring
  12. I presume Downsy hasn’t been to Lewes before, given that pronunciation
  13. Food vouchers arrived yet?
  14. Bingo on the ‘but do they count the season tickets sold but not in actual attendance’ comment.
  15. This didn’t age well, 10 mins into the new season…
  16. Nige not a fan then, and those thinly veiled critiques were aimed in Ty's direction potentially.
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