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  1. The relevant offence opens the gateway to applying for the banning order, but the prosecuting authority aren’t obligated to apply for the order in every case of a relevant offence having been committed. There exists a discretion so each case will be judged on its own facts as to whether or not this ancillary order (application) is appropriate in the respective context.
  2. Most likely depends on whether he is found guilty or not. ABH (s.47 OAPA) will be a relevant offence for the purposes of the Act, and I believe he has antecedents regards football (training ground) related violence, albeit from many years ago. Whether that comes out at the trial or, any, sentencing stage will be one for the lawyers/bench. If convicted, the real debate is likely to be around whether the banning order is needed to prevent violence or disorder. It's really interesting actually as there could be an argument that this is an employment context, not strictly football related. Query whether it would it be proportionate to slap him with a (for argument's sake) five year banning order if that means he can't then earn a living for that period of time...an order targeting JB in that way is going to impact him far more acutely than your common or garden football hooligan (which is really who the legislation is going after); maybe he should have thought about before allegedly hitting out, but if I was the CPS lawyer I think I would save all the hassle/resources and inevitable appeal etc. and not make the application for the Banning Order, in the event of a successful prosecution.
  3. As we saw with Metab, doesn’t really matter what was announced.
  4. Morally - most definitely in the wrong. Legally - very much arguable that they are in the right (given how far away they were from a fully ratified transfer).
  5. You forgot babestation and the big screen
  6. Just can't quite climb away from that relegation zone can they...
  7. Fairplay to this Gashead, an amazing innings - RIP. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-46768687
  8. There might only be one league between us, but they look like they are a generation behind us now in development terms.
  9. This will likely be as successful as when they threatened to load up their trolleys in Sainsbury's and then abandon them in the aisles in a 'mass' display of Gas disobedience. It was all hot air.
  10. Very sad for all concerned, it's a miracle he's still on this planet tbh
  11. The Christopher Waltz lookalike in that family always gets me
  12. So...is the 'stand' in use or not, today?!
  13. You don't need a 'victim' to prosecute; it certainly helps...but the CPS can, and will, prosecute in the absence of a supporting testimony from a complainant. Aside from Domestic Violence/Abuse cases, however, I can't think of (m)any examples from my experience. What I am not clear on, regards the above, is whether the potential police focus is on any unlawful behaviour by Henbury Gas and/or the original alleged offence. Two sides of the same coin, but important to delineate.
  14. Still getting that weekly Gas newsletter :/ good jape mind you, whoever set that up!!!
  15. Are they all still threatening to boycott Sainsbury's and leave their filled up trollies near the check-outs that has been my favourite of theirs through the years...and, oh my, I imagine that it hit Sainsbury's where it hurts #ProfitWarning
  16. Where are our old friends Skuse & Gerken in this one, no sign of either in the IPS squad?!
  17. Anybody see in the national news today that the blue few were one, of a small number of football clubs, that couldn’t muster enough cash to pay their employees the minimum wage (probably the footballing staff to be honest). Times really are hard!!! No wonder they can’t afford a stadium rebuild if they are struggling to scrape together £7.50. Definitely the gift that keeps on giving; they are a professional outfit, yea?! [someone cleverer than me will be able to link to the bbc news article]
  18. Had the utter misfortune to be on the 1930 back from Paddington to Temple Meads tonight - what delightful creatures our blue cousins are - as I am sure the young families who had to witness their oafish behaviour would testify to! BTP were on & off the train at every stop but were quite frankly impotent in dealing with the blue few (only a dozen or so thankfully). To label them Neanderthals would be doing a disservice to cavemen - no wonder football fans get a bad name!!!
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