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  1. Just saw the highlights, was genuinely expecting to see a few thousand gas there poor by them
  2. Yer agreed and apologies I’ve only skimmed the thread, in that sense her attitude towards the job was strange and it’s certainly not beneath her as you say!
  3. AFC Wimbledon would beat the womens chelsea team about 10-0 that’s not to say though however that she can’t do the Wimbledon job or indeed do well at it
  4. Yep just to echo that came across well, both commentators mentioned it aswell
  5. Haven’t read the whole thread so apologies but saw this post and thought worth a reply a huge part in his decision making process of taking the job was his health, if he’s not feeling up to it I’m led to believe he will 100% walk hopefully he gets better and we can try and see this through
  6. They are trying to create some phases you can see that, sadly (and I’ve just edited my post) we really don’t have the players good enough to pull it off
  7. For the first time this season ( in the few games I’ve watched) and in my uninformed opinion, you can actually start to see signs of what we are trying to do going forward and how we are trying to play reason for edit, sadly the players we have just aren’t good enough to play the pattern and style Pearson is trying to get across it would seem
  8. I know someone who is very close to one of the recently departed coaches, and the highlighted part above in bold is very true whatever we think of there abilities, they also (so I’m led to believe) had huge question marks about us aswell, pre Pearson that is
  9. Some people in section 82 could do with revisiting the old chants thread on here from a few days ago and get them going
  10. Apologies if already mentioned, but the Cornubia is a great boozer sadly not been for a few years so hope all is still well there
  11. I was with someone who knows him personally the other week, and he pretty much said the above
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