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  1. Pasta loco honourable mention for my old time fav souk kitchen
  2. Agreed , I have a friend who has recently absolutely raided the Everton online store for his little lads, all discounted and also made by Hummel I was actually quite shocked at how poor the online shop was, infact it was bloody useless
  3. On the subject of kits and apologies if I’ve missed it but does anyone know why last seasons kit is unavailable to purchase online? was hoping to pick up a discounted kit for someone that was all!
  4. On a similar note are they planning anything for the euros?
  5. And isn’t that what most wanted... Pearson with complete control!?
  6. No different to our records after international breaks the more time, more options he has the worse it gets no coincidence his best time here was when he was choosing from about 13/14 players (when Diedhiou was injured and Reid was up top)
  7. I always found it odd Ashton said he had been made the biggest contract offer we have ever made
  8. We had an awful (amazing!) afternoon on this stuff in Brussels, there was 3 of us and the bar were doing buy 3 get 1 free, and we played games and loser had to down the spare... needless to say one of the lads was in an awful way a few hours later
  9. I’m led to believe, that despite maybe making the final say on a lot of things, Ashton pulled the wool over Lansdowns eyes on various issues/things at the club Not helped by Lansdowns covid enforced time away from the club as said numerous times now this club is well rid
  10. Ipswich are actually screwed with this mob turning up
  11. Whatever happens with Rolls at Ipswich, this club is well rid absolute catalogue of errors from him and those who worked under him
  12. If there was anyway you could bet on this I would be lumping all I had on it!
  13. Pearson isn’t temporary, the deal is done Rolls is going Ipswich, with his mate
  14. From what I understand... Rennie is as good as done and will be in place for next season
  15. You heard it here first btw, or some could guess this anyway Rolls will be at Ipswich next season
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