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  1. Glad we haven’t gone for him, he’s an absolute crackpot (from someone who has worked closely with him)
  2. Tend to agree, however don’t forget heaton, who was just unfortunate to play behind the worst city defence I have ever seen!
  3. Most games have up to 300 people in attendance including scouts in premier league games!
  4. Are the club allowing fans to have flags over seats? One thing we do have is a superb cross section of fan flags so would be good to see these around the ground
  5. Not disagreeing and know it’s been discussed on another thread but Christ what has happened to Nagy? When we signed him his first few glimpses were superb
  6. Remember the fleetwood performance for Southend well wasnt that the infamous grenade drop in the dressing room by GJ after the game? from memory we never looked back after that defeat
  7. May have changed? I know my dad has some stories to tell about the hen and chicken and I just can’t get my head around them when you look at it now!
  8. I was only young before game was in Pizza Hut I think with my dad when a large mob of city got marched down the road by police we left at 4-2 and couldn’t get out the car park as car was blocked in, we were stood outside car while my dad had a few fags (he was fuming!) we heard a faint cheer and assumed nothing will always remember my mum calling all excited, we had no idea what happened and assumed we had lost maybe 4-3 then she told was what happened, gutted didn’t even come close was also lively outside whilst game was still going on so we weren’t the only ones to miss
  9. That Blackpool game, remember it and was there but rarely gets mentioned, in some temporary away stand on side of pitch that was literally falling apart, were we not 3-0 down at half time or something?
  10. My only memory of this game (as a young lad) was hi ho silver lining being chosen as our club anthem before the game
  11. Same boat, if anyone has a spare let me know, happy to pay/donate
  12. Which again, if that’s correct JL said they chose this game so they could plan this, what on earth did they actually plan? even a few weeks ago, the SLO (not blaming him) was on here asking about ex players, even at that point I thought hmm, that seems odd and also abit late (goater, jacki etc, don’t know where based but some may have needed to organise travel?)
  13. The more I think about it what on earth was that was in corporate today and we were told/asked to be in seats 15 mins before for the celebration it was embarrassing
  14. The bounce literally kills the atmosphere after we score it’s so bad
  15. At least, a walk around the pitch absolutely rubbish
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