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  1. Been listening to talksport all day, please make it stop!
  2. I think a lot of people including myself are now eating humble pie on that one however it’s worth noting, under Johnson, generally that was all he did
  3. Best city I’ve ever been too, enjoy
  4. That is a surprise and also a shame
  5. Red hats all round for the Sunderland game!
  6. I did think we had capped away ticket sales and it was lower then that unless I imagined it?
  7. Let’s be honest about this aswell, either Norwich aren’t assed and were happy for them to go, or Ipswich have just chucked money at them im sure a facilities manager and a PA is of no concern anyway in footballing terms
  8. Only watched 30 seconds, as with here, has far too much control over all aspects at Ipswich and it will end in tears
  9. On a side note the security at the entrance for Liam Gallagher at the etihad was literally non existent
  10. He’s ultimately gonna make the World Cup, but sadly for him now anything other the winning the World Cup he’s gone after it Assume as near St. George’s park and most recent game was behind closed doors which again assume Wembley wouldn’t have been cost effective
  11. That’s some punishment I have to say
  12. Ah ok my mistake, on the hanger was just the shirt and shorts as far as I could make out , feel and see!!
  13. Just been in the shop (after having a shocking experience on the website, or so I thought as I seemingly couldn’t find anything…) and there is literally nothing for my lad who is 18 months, who I was hoping to buy a few bits for holiday holiday aside, other then a £40 kit (which now doesn’t include socks and I swear it used to?) there was not a thing in there for any occasion, really was shocking needs sorting
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